MMD Die Hard Want ‘Violent’ Political Parties De-Registered

MMD Die Hard Youths Coordinator Gerald Chiluba has called on the Registrar of Societies to take a firm stance and de-register any political party which will be linked to acts of sabotage that the country has experienced in the recent past.

In a statement, Chiluba said the any political party found participating in the evil acts are to be considered terrorists and should be disbanded.

“As MMD Die Hards we want to urge the Registrar of Societies to take a firm stance of de-registering any political party which will be linked to acts of sabotage, as such a political party is a danger and nolonger deserves to exist as a party but as a group of terrorists.

“We feel if the Registrar of Societies intervened in this manner, we shall holistically deal with this devilish and savage behaviour which for the has engulfed our country Zambia,” he said.

Chiluba further accused some political parties of operating outside the confines of the law.

“The political environment has been very loose of let, politicians have been perceived to be above the law, some political parties are operating instead under the laws of Zambia but rather under the laws of their political parties, everything about politics today seem not to have any form of regulation, which is a public danger if no serious interventions are put in place.

“The Registrar of Societies Should be courageous enough to halt political parties that are operating outside the values of our constitution so as to restore calm and peace in the country. We understand that once the move is made it could be perceived differently by others, but this should not be an excuse for them not to do that which their mandanted to do under the law.

“It is our deep felt conviction that this is yet another time when the government needs to make radical decisions for us to preserve the peace and unity which we fought so hard to gain. This is indeed time for serious business, business of uniting the country and restoring of peace and order,” he said

He added that the objective of multi-partism was to fight using ideas that would improve the lives of people.

“The core objective of multi-partism was not to destroy or burn property, the intent was for us to fight and destroy each other using ideas that will improve the well-being of Zambians.

“We want to take this opportunity to appeal to the security agencies to expedite the process of investigations in order to reduce curiosity among Zambians. We also want to take this opportunity to challenge the Registrar of Societies to take a front role in overhauling the conduct of political parties,” he said.

Chiluba’s statement comes in the wake of calls by a number of stakeholders to have any political party found wanting in the recent acts of sabotage de-register.

EEP President Chilufya Tayali and former UPND Vice President Canisius Banda have also voiced their concerns regarding the acts of sabotage that have rocked the country.

In the recent past, Clement Andeleki shocked the country when he attempted to de-register the former ruling party which had 52 MPs, the MMD, for non remittance of annual returns and rental fees to NAPASA.


  1. lawrence chungu

    R u sure?what if it’s …?

    • hummer where it hurts

      If terrorizing marketers at munyaule by the PF main market body is violence,then mmd squeeze your tails tight.The swing you are calling for will brush through your alliance and you will be at the faulty side.Or you are indirectly calling for disengagement from your partner?. Which law agency are you inviting to mop up the mess,don’t tell me it is the police because they are already not willing to difusse the munyaule market time bomb.

  2. Awa na moyo

    Its vividly seen,those that announced armageddon.we want them so that they tumble again #2021

  3. Gabriel

    MMD r the founders of violence remember,the same cadres have just changed parties hence the violence can’t stop,William Banda was an touchable bcoz he had powers & these r the consequences of being corrupt

  4. UNIP Die hard

    Charge them all with treason and line them up in front of a firing squad. Most of our soldier have never killed any thing even a rat. So killing arsonist would be a good start for them

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