Livingstone Baboon Faces ‘Sabotage Charges’ After Plunging Tourist City In Total Darkness

Zambian authorities may not be too far from nabbing culprits of recent alleged acts of sabotage after it was discovered baboons are part of the ploy.

Livingstone was plunged in total darkness after a baboon tampered with the transformer at the Zesco Livingstone Power station.

About 50-thousand clients in Livingstone and some parts of Western province endured a power blackout.

The baboon allegedly interfered with the ‘A’ station, B3 and B5 high voltage machines on Sunday morning resulting in a power outage in the two areas.

Zesco Spokesperson Henry Kapata said the power utility company is already on the ground working to correct the damage.

Kapata told ZNBC News in Livingstone that the power disturbance has nothing to do with load-shedding but just an accident involving an alleged curious animal.

He says the baboon has since been rescued from the high-power voltage machine and taken by the department of national parks and wildlife for resuscitation.

Kapata says the animal has survived the electric shock because baboons have highly insulated palms noting that a human being could not have survived in the same situation.

Recently, Zesco installations have come under threat with authorities accusing opposing voices as perpetrators of sabotage acts.


  1. wajimona

    Charge this monkey with trizon. We don’t want such monkey tricks

    • Lackson

      kikiki even baboons are behaving like human beings?

    • JM

      Let Kampyongo kill it . This monkey is a terrorist, Kampyongo won’t take it to the court for due process. Kampyongo will use any powers vested on him to kill it , extra judicial killings.

  2. Km

    Very bad.we are in the last days

  3. upostle

    Wow!!! the animal didn’t die ¿¿ 😉

  4. joe

    it, the end of a day, we are going to hear that, the baboon was plotted by UPND cadres, becz of hatred the pfools cadres, together with jemason & kampyongo

    • Chipsixo

      Yesss but how possible can a baboon be in a power station besides Livingston being a tourist attraction town

  5. job or yobo

    Wat offence is it gona receive….is it treason case or just to arrest it……let it come to the book


    Becoz of POOR FAMILY (PF)

  7. Drunken John

    May be Mukuni the grave worrier sent it.

  8. Kay

    I love my country

  9. shawn

    This is the same animal which burnt city market please do something about it cause Next it will burn state house lol.

  10. Patrick tamba

    Open up a animal jail where he is going to be the first culprit

  11. Chichi 2

    They have resorted to turning into baboons to evade the law. Straight from the grave yard.

  12. Lincoln

    This monkey has to be arrested….we do not condone such reckless behaviours lol

  13. Awa na moyo

    Idiotic comments.ZR pls next time bring us objective subjects

  14. Wc

    Thz is wat I was talking about,of all thz sabotage thy ar saying very soon the truth will come out.their ar just busy pointing figures on others eg opposition party.

  15. Nalumino

    Ba ZR You are insinuating baboons are UPND?

  16. Siliza

    ths animal deserve death nothing else.

  17. Emma

    Comment ZAWA take care of your kids.

  18. sulphate

    Wanders shall never end i guess everybody is wondering wat charge is he going to be given but ka treason wit malicious damage can do mweeeh

  19. brian hamooya


  20. choonga obress

    All the baboons should be given a non- bailable offence and should be arrested to help the police with investigations.

  21. Franktok

    Well I guess a light moment is in order seeing our leaders are for serious reconciliation (not the 18/10 which I consider more political than religious). The baboon saboteur is lucky to get off with its life and will have a long tale to tell its family and cadres. Please no more monkey tricks, almost damaged my radio.

  22. Kando

    @An Homo sapien wudn’t mek it. Kikikikiikiki

  23. TJ

    Since the baboon is not human,it can not be charged for treason.It should be released back into the park as it has a right to live in such designated areas of Zambia

  24. Kapey JR

    Where are we heading to if we constantly blame each other for everything happening but am happy that they identified the baboon as a member of the opposition UPND it’s probably upset that it’s president is be hide bars

  25. Newton

    Were are we going…. OMG Kam and get as !!!

  26. Beatwell ziwa

    Did the die after pluging zesco power station

  27. Mulenga

    Emma have respect, has your mother ever given birth to an animal? Don’t alow insults waumwa?

  28. Sj

    Pliz can this ZESCO installation be properly secured. Look how many household were in black out as a result of the Load shedding by the unsuspecting MERCUS/MAKAKAS?

  29. cambower signs

    My suggetion is this, that baboon should be atleast arrested for 2 years,7 month,4hours and 2 seconds

  30. Wisky

    The world is coming to an end.

  31. Joseph Mkhala

    So what is the way fend


    Ther’s samething which z happening in our nation plz.let us walk 2gether 2achieve these bad spirits.ok

  33. jarule

    Baboon in big trouble


    wow next it will be a bird cutting pole lines

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