Pres. Lungu Appoints Yamfwa Mukanga PF Election Chairman

President Edgar Lungu has made minor reshuffles to the Central Committee with Mandevu MP Jean Kapata moved from heading the sub-committee in charge of elections.


*President Lungu makes Changes to MCC*

Yamfwa Mukanga becomes new chairman for elections while Hon Jean kapata becomes women chairperson of central committee taking over from Mrs Estella Phiri who has been appointed as Commissioner. Hon Nkandu Luo is now chairperson for education taking over from Mr John Phiri who is now High Commissioner To Malawi ….

The next central committee will sit next week on which the President has said all matters pertaining the Party will be tabled.

IPS. Kitwe
Kalumba Gift.


  1. George Mushani

    Congratulations Hon yamfya Mukanga, I wish you all the best and God guidance and all appointed ones.

  2. Awa na moyo

    Congrats to the team work hard the whole nation is looking up to you

  3. mkv

    that is being idiot for lungu to do that

  4. Truzedian

    Wasted opportunity! The republican president is supposed to devote his time to building the nation and not the part. He is the president for the NATION. So, who pays him when he attends such meetings? As a learned man of the law, he has an opportunity to leave a political legacy by drawing lines between state and party. Change the way African politics are conducted

    • hisroots

      You have very bad jealous my brother dont like that, as if you re related to the devil

  5. mwewa


  6. jairos

    but kwena that is being stupid

  7. Rasco

    I encourage Mr. LUNGU to have a serious look at his trusted people. Lungu is a good man the way I have known him, but the people surrounding him are very selfish individuals who want to exploit his goodness. This far they have ruined his character. I just hope this is the beginning of his realization that some individuals are up to no good. I have always wondered why LUNGU has become so indifferent all of a sudden, but it is all because of the people around him whom he took for granted to mean well and yet not. I can only advise Lungu to be serious with his reshuffles and put the PF in good hands. There are a lot of people in PF now who do not use their heads to reason but hands, this has led to some of the well educated individuals like LUO just loose their direction. KEEP IT UP SIR LUNGU, PUT IN KEY POSITIONS THAT ARE MATURE AND SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE OF THIS GREAT NATION.

  8. jINJA

    I bet Yafwa Mukanga is a good material for the position. I have my money on him, Why? At least he has the education and has high mingling capacity among other people from different backgrounds. I don’t want to talk about the one he took over from. Kapata is ……….. I think she belongs to that portfolios she has been given. People like the so called Fathers of this world, it is another mess, The Phiris of this world, it is a sorry sight, those political advisors to LUNGU, ow no, I wish he can get better ones, it is never too late. The character of Mr. LUNGU has been dented .

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