Tayali Back in Court Today

Political commentator Chilufya Tayali will be back in court in a case he has been sued for criminal libel by Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja.

Tayali’s case was adjourned on June 2 after Kanganja testified alleging that the remarks on facebook by the accused hurt his reputation.The accused pleaded not guilty to a count of criminal libel.

In his testimony Kanganja denied that the police worked under any interference in referring to the Mongu Motorcade Incident.

Kanganja told the court that whenever the President is visiting a province, the Commissioner of Police prepares an ‘operation order’ that is sent to his office for scrutiny and approval.

“Your Honour there is an operation order outlining the duties, who will be in charge, the number of police officers, places to be covered, communication and transport,” he said.

Kanganja told the court that he was therefore hurt when he read Tayali’s posting alleging that he bungled the Head of State’s security detail in Mongu.

“Due to this article there was an outcry where people asked me to resign,” he said.

“It was a clear indictment that I am to be charged with treason that is what the article was about. In other countries I would have been arrested and charged for treason.”

Tayali will open his defence today.


  1. Konks

    Wekoni cinshi cakulya? Mulomo

  2. Mpombo

    Tayali has big ears but I doubt if he has put them to good use He is not a political commentator but a political comedian

  3. OneNation

    That is why this boy has been very vocal against PF and the President lately. Knowing he is in hot soup, he wants to be labeled “political prisoner” by the foreign press when he is made to account for his carelessness.

  4. Doctor b

    Malibu yakuilombela

  5. HH Junior

    uyu wine Tayali is becoming big headed ayi? is he a real politician or a comedian?

  6. Shu shu shu

    All these chaps are lucky Chiluba (FTJ) is dead. He would have had them killed.

  7. skb

    Tayali , the political TIME WASTER. Always seeking political relevance through wrong headlines. I hope there is still some space in MUKOBEKO.

  8. Joe

    Tayali ni comedian

  9. job or yobo

    Surely this young boy with bigger ears so called tayali nichi ntomfwa baini….can this small head managed to rule this nation.uleikalafye pa nganda looking after your children.

  10. brue

    Tayali nimutende na mundetelele

  11. Haa

    Umulomo neiwe eukakulya

  12. Haa

    Umulandu mume boy

  13. Wise D

    Tayali,today you have openned your eyes now.You wasted your time copaining for brainless government.You even accused HH that,if he becomes a president,he will take some of you to exile.
    Right now HH is in prison,and who is taking you to exile?The same government which you campained for.
    Its ok forget about the past.I wish you good lucky.

  14. Rasco

    Good show Tayali. You were very correct with your observation. We expect the judiciary to really put on record how security of the country is working, because what happened in Mongu could not have happened if police did their work. HH would not have dared using the same route or starting off at the same time Mr. Lungu’s motorcade started off. I am not pre-judging Kanganja, but he is in it . Primer farcie case.

  15. vern

    Tayali-HH twin twit

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