Today’s Picture: When A Zesco Employee Discovers It’s A Baboon Behind The Livingstone Blackout

Livingstone was on Sunday plunged in total darkness after a power blackout. Few would have thought it was a baboon behind the incident.

But before anyone could be accused of engaging in sabotage acts, a Zesco employee discovered the culprit.

See the reaction of a Zesco employee.


  1. Dora

    And of course it was a UPND baboon!

    • jairos

      how sure are you

    • jairos

      how sure are you?

    • Mulenga Rabbi

      What it was not upnd baboon any way we can’t say much

    • hummer where it hurts

      What is happening to our country even our cousins the baboons are annoyed. What surprises me is that they even have targets on which to defusse their anger.I wonder what animal is next in the sabotage tour and where.Let’s hope it is not the elephants heading for plot 1, kikikikikiki……!.DORA said the baboons are upnd cadres..hahahahaha…..kikiki.

    • obress choonga

      No! I think it was a PF baboon.

    • Chaplin

      Dora u have a beautiful name and it’s my sister’s name and how did you know that it was a upnd’s baboon

    • Wise D

      You are foolish then,
      The reporter have said that,the one behind the incident was a baboon and you are busy putting rubish on UPND.If you don’t have anything to say,just shut your blind mouth please.

    • Zephaniah Namuchana

      Why a UPND baboon?

    • KK

      Mind your language

  2. nigga

    think before talk I big fool fuseke which upnd are talking about u piece of shit people like came from a rotten sp

  3. Muhammad Ghaddafi

    And wat are u trying to imply coz it doesn’t make sense ure a grown matured for Gods sake to be writing such nonsense kindly write something dat will benefit someone not dat shit

  4. patro'sey

    low cheap china materials dnt blame pipo…

  5. Mulenga Rabbi

    What happened and what was it

  6. mengmoreler

    Ati upnd baboon!bt here n Zambia whch tribe z related wth da monkey family?z it nt da kumawa and bemba?so huz baboon was dat sure mwebantu!

  7. Jones Ngwira snr


  8. gold digger

    Even nature is involved in ARSON.what a shame my mother zambia,what has gone wrong

  9. JK

    pf cadres, can you take your relish

  10. Laban mutale

    Awe shure kusekafye
    Somethings are better heard than seen. Kikikikiki

  11. Chaplin

    Dora u have a beautiful name and how sure are you that it was a upnd’s baboon and Dora is my sister’s name

  12. Patrick muyuunda

    Gys wat is going on

  13. Patrick muyuunda

    Gys wat is going on in awa country

  14. B

    No its “PF” BABOON

  15. captain chanda

    Guys and girls we can just jock nicely than involving political party names and insults…just bring that baboon to me I do a very special brail. Me I eat together with my children. Can the zawa people handover that to me please. Relish.

  16. jaybobby

    ahh,,buh to my views I think tht babun is dora’s..yes..

  17. jaybobby

    that babun is doras pet..yes..

  18. avarice

    This Zambia thing… The lubemba royal establishment has distanced itself from their meat culprit!!

  19. Martin

    How can an animal sense to do such a dangerous thing,moreover high voltage thing for zesco!



  21. Shawn

    This is the same animal which burnt city market arrest it fast before it burns state house ?

  22. chanda

    new version of kanitundile

  23. Eliudy Youn Eli T

    It was an accident not what you are saying about political part

  24. Husayn


  25. chitamawe

    A commission ov inquiry comprising 17 carefully selected members ov THAPAZ shud immediately b constituted az a mata ov urgency. Results wl b a surprise in baboon presence at dat locality.

  26. mm

    Comment we need a good investigation wing in zambia.

  27. mwewa

    imwe bamulibwsnji mwativuta

  28. 1 Gadaffi

    take it to zambeef so that they can make nice sausages.

  29. hot diva

    Let’s just thank God the power is back.

  30. Isaac

    The world. We are in the last days.

  31. Kayz

    UPND Baboon my foot!!! Nsoni chabe ma pfailures.U’ve got nothing else to say MWANYALA…Just stop writing nonsense

  32. Emma

    Comment ba ZAWA should take care of their kids

  33. nini yanga ine ba chichi

    Rupia banda said kanitundila now its u guys in power,to dance kikokoshi release him u will be safe!!! hahaha,kikikiiii!!!!!!

  34. enock

    wara the ones in pain comit sucide upnd is gone

  35. elbee

    zesco is just showing to us their poor workmanship.How do yo leave live terminals of huge level of voltages bare naked like that.we have seen how transformers are properly insulated in other industries.zesco should be the ones to be setting examples when it comes to electrical safety.were are the inspector and ERB.and there even publicizing it on tv as if that baboon was the one at fault when its them and their poor workmanship

  36. Pafwenamwine

    Ruphia was baptised buy a monkey and his kid Lungu has been dribbled by a monkey. Something sinister here

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