Kambwili Takes On Presidential Spokesperson: Arrest Or Leave Me Alone

Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili says the conflicting statements by police and presidential spokesperson Amos Chanda on the presence of a horde of police at his residence last Sunday smacks of deception.

Kambwili says while the Copperbelt police chief claims only one officer was assigned to his residence, a State House official had a different version of events stating it were actually ACC officers trailing him.

The outspoken PF founder has dared government not to waste time, but move in and arrest him if he has committed any crime.


Deception at its finest.

On Sunday morning I woke up to a horde of police officers right outside my house, this happened in full view of 3 other people who were equally shocked.

On Sunday afternoon I called the police command in Luanshya and asked them why they would deploy so many officers at my house and what would the reason be for such drastic action, the command refused and stated in. I uncertain terms that they have no idea of any such operation and that not a single officer came from them.

On Monday morning Copperbelt Police Commissioner attempted to cover up the unnecessary police presence outside my house. In order to do so and whilst intending to paint me a liar or lunatic the police chief claimed only one police officer was sent. One still wonders why a police officer would be sent to spy on me before I wake up. How come the command in Luanshya had no idea of what was going on under there nose ?

On Tuesday morning I received a warning from a junior member of the party Kamba. Warning me not to drag the PF through the mud, Kamba forgot that the police service does not belong to the PF and I did not address the PF because it was not the PF marooned outside my house, this kind of excitement and inexperience is likely to dent the image of the party because this scenario had nothing to do with the PF.

On Tuesday evening Presidential spokesperson Amos Chanda contradicted the police command on the Copperbelt and claimed not even one officer was sent and if the magic 25 we saw were from any government institution then it would be the ACC, the reason Amos Chanda gave was that the ACC has concluded there investigations and thus are now trailing me to further conclude their investigations, when have we ever heard the ACC following a citizen accused of corruption ? And if indeed the ACC have concluded investigations why would they still need to follow my every move. The bigger question is why is the presidential spokesperson getting involved in a matter between myself and the police, and why does he have a completely different version of events as compared to the police command.

It is quite clear that we are not running mad, the police did gather outside my house, they weren’t sent by the Luanshya command, but one was sent by the police commissioner because I was about to hold a press conference which I had no idea about. The level of inconsistency is alarming, I would appreciate if the police or the ACC could either leave me alone or arrest me.

Anyway “akanwa kamilandu kalaitendeka”


  1. Donald Trump

    Ba Amos Chanda nabo! Bamona kwati EBA head of govt intelligence. Some of these jobs should be done away with as chanda does nothing but bark at Lungus enemies

    • hummer where it hurts

      Was it not a day or two ago when a police spokesperson okeyed the use of Pf youths in police operations?. If luanshya did not send that hoarde and Acc can’t do that then who are they?. One kamba is confirming who they are by Pocking his nose in what does not concern the party.Guys trim your wings you are flying so high.

    • Chanda matafwali

      Every 1 is innocent until proven guilty by the court of law beyond reasonable doubts. So please let the due process of the law take it’s course!!

  2. JM

    Any way, this is Zambia political scenario.
    When Late Michael Sata supported Chiluba ‘s third term bid, I vowed not to vote for Late Sata. Because of mediocrity type of Rupia Banda ‘s leadership, I voted for Late Sata.
    History repeats itself, I didn’t agree with Kambwili when he was in government, but the current administration is worse than Rupiah Banda. So if Kambwili challenged the president today, I would vote for him.

  3. Truzedian

    I wouldn’t vote for him because he is one of the originators of tribalism in the country. Edgar didn’t talk about tribalism until Kambwili and Mumbi started singing

  4. captain chanda

    Too bad any way. Hon kambwili just take it easy, there many of us who are your people now what is happening and the different statements going viral is distabing us. Never should you leave PF. Continue being loyal to ECL as you pledged. We are Pf and every thing going on is being put in our record. Don’t distance your self from us. We love you and you should love us by not giving unnecessary stetments that can make us loose hope in you. Viva ck.

  5. fest

    zp are now pfool cardles even there actions are like of that of a cardle.any way since you were together during the campaign time and found ways on how you can steel hh votes you deserve it. you are against them because they didn’t give you the post you wanted from you’re vision less man.you’ve leant a lesson. thanks

  6. Monze

    We need politicians who are able to stand on the ground on issues they believe in like Kambwili, GBM and a few others. We are tired of bootlicker politicians who worship the presidency. Kambwili should be applauded for his stand. Lungu wants bootlickers. This is killing the country and democracy. Divergent views makes one grow up and not suppressing them. We are with Kambwili on this.

  7. abeutymukupa

    Amoss Careful you will cry like Ck


    Ba kambwili Baku chipata they say don’t insult the ground when u ar up in the tree coz one day you will need to come down,since the time you ceased to be minister you ar just too bitter (nakukambisisa )talkative today you ar pointing fingers at them,were you not dinning, dancing with them?there is no smoke without fire kapena muna chimwa ka.

  9. vern

    Ichikondo achiba chimo nga tachiipununa.

  10. vern

    Ichikondo achiba fye chimo, Teti ciipunune nakalya.

  11. Bjoe

    If the kambwili issue is not handled with the intelligence it requires I can see the Bemba vote split and that will make the opposition gain entry to plot 1. Please the authority concerned try to resolve this issue with an eye on 2021 resuilts. Do not pretend.

  12. CJMU

    Hey, ba muntu let us not be supporting just because is a friend and become against with someone coz is not a friend. Who ever comes in that position won’t satisfy every human being. Mostly families and closed friends will benefit, others will regret for the support they gave them. So all what i can say is, to stand on our feets and support anyone comes in that position. Teti awamye kulibonse and mind u the world won’t be fair to anyone else no matter how. Let us be wise enough not anything u involve politics. UKUTUMPA BAMUMPA MWE

  13. hummer where it hurts

    Was it not a day or two ago when a police spokesperson okeyed the use of pf youths in police opparations

  14. Friday

    Dr. Kambwili is a very mature politician.
    Don’t feel intimidated Dr. Prove your innocence

  15. Rasco

    Kambwili needs all the support that he can get. It is rare to have such characteristics. I know he may not go well with HH but he is in another class where he can change the direction of the SHIP whether recking it or leading it to dry lands. But this time around we need to change the Cockswine for the BOAT. If it means having it DAMAGED in middle of sea, let it be so. The captain is in the middle of NO WHERE, NO DIRECTION THAT CAN EASILY BE DETERMINED. BA TUBLULU ALL CONFUSED.

  16. NJIMBO

    The question at hand now is, when you see part of the snake in grass, what do you do? Do you hammer that part of its body or you look for the HEAD, since if you hammer the HEAD, you kill the whole snake, so that the wriggling body will remain wriggling for a while, knowing that with passage of time it will be still and die too.

  17. Clement

    Comment ba kabwili be strong like Joseph never give up

  18. mary

    let me also comment on SOE marketeers won’t be going to soweto at 04hrs, farmers will be bring their produce after 06hrs. marketeers will only manage to order at 08hrs reach home at 10hrs. sell their product until 18hrs because noone will be allowed to move after that. the rape will turn yellow, tomatoes will be rotten. minibus driver will have to wait until 06hrs, by 18hrs they have to stop moving because people will be afraid of being arrested. the bus owners will want cashing as usual. bars which open at 10.hrs when everyone is working will close at 18hrs. workers have 1 hour to drink beer. there will be loss of business to bar owners especially if you are renting the landlord will be on you. workers will resort to drink on duty while working a very dangrous move especially the life savers (medical personnel) there will be kafwafwa in the hospitals. lucky one will receive the attention they need many will die because there will be no-one to help them. hehehe let me end here the list of effects is endless. only the almight will resue my soul from this disaster

  19. Lemuelcmwanza@gmail.Com

    Get Out Hoe

  20. Mbayo

    Comment ndeloleshafye

  21. Joe

    When we say pf, it’s chipatepate party, at iyo. and, when you try to advise them, at ” form your on party. very IDOITS, pfools. leave CK alone

  22. Joe

    The president is enjoying his tenua he doesn’t care about it but MP wake up 2021 you be in opposition like upnd.

  23. Engineer 1

    Pf yena nomba tefintu. With team Dora siliti, Amos Chanda chimba, Mumbi phiri, kampamba Mulenga. Awe tefintu mwandi.

  24. chichi male

    iwe wale fwaya poor family # of now don’t cry webwawe

  25. abel

    Nt so had to resov

  26. abel

    Nt so had to resove

  27. kennedy luo

    Commen. But its only when people leave government when they sound right. When they are in government they support media censorship like ZNBC with impurity, they talk tribe at one time saying if Jesus stood with the Tonga he would lose in southern province and so on and so on. Give them power and what we are going through will not end. Let’s not have short memories

    • mukenga

      Kambili is one of the dullest persons in Zambia who openly supports tribalism and brings in name GOD into politics. I say he dull cos soon hes forgotten how he was treating those opposed the government. SHAME to institutions who honour such dull tribalist bend on dividing the country. Term DOCTOR has lost respect because of reckless institutions which honoured dull Kambwiri. Why not honour Muliokela and Dora so that we have DR Muliokela & MRS DR Dora Siliya Muliokela. Zambians lets avoid being misled by dull politicians like Kambwiri. I look forward to a day through inter marriages every Zambian will be one tribal so that people are voted into office on Merit.

  28. Ba Santo



    Isn’t Edgar Chagwa Lungu a lawyer?

  30. youngkayz mckelvim kmb

    dats y pipo lyk him they dnt knw wat exactly wat there job z


    Let’s see where we are going

  32. Christopher Silwamba

    United We Stand Divided Will Fall Work On Unit To Ensure The Dream Of The Great Man Sata May His Soul Rest In Peace. Chrisscy Sills.

  33. Brayo

    Linguine should be careful with Amos pantu mushebwa Aile namafi kubuko

  34. Yanda

    Let’s wait and see.

  35. Dj Du(BA MEGA )

    God is great

  36. kadoko

    Zambia wathu

  37. oracle

    Todays politics are useless no one to trust only players.

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