Kambwili Was Serving His Ego; PF Adopts Pres. Lungu For 2021

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davis Mwila says expelled Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili exhibited the highest form of indiscipline by walking out of a meeting that was being chaired by President Edgar Lungu.

Mwila held a press briefing Sunday morning outlining the charges that were levelled against Kambwili leading to the expulsion.

He said the outspoken former Chief government spokesperson had started under ground efforts to form a splinter group by visiting chiefs in areas that included Luapula Province.

Mwila also announced that President Lungu will be the party’s presidential candidate in 2021 as adopted by the Central Committee subject to the General Conference in 2020

“Hon Kambwili walked out on the President to serve his ego. His indiscipline was becoming intolerable,” he said.

Mwila says the MCC reconstituted itself into disciplinary committee and meted out the punishment on the Roan MP.

He explained that Mwenya Musenga had other charges before the disciplinary committee where he was recommended for suspension before being jointly charged with Kambwili.

“The decision of the Central Committee if Hon Kambwili wants to challenge, he can challenge in court. As a party we are on firm ground. Those sowing seeds of discord are warned. They will follow the two. If you are PF, stay committed and defend party interest. PF will not tolerate indiscipline,” he said.

Mwila said PF was ready to face Kambwili in a bye-election in Roan.

“If we were scared of them being popular, we were not going to expel. If he is a man enough, he should not challenge the matter in court. We will meet in Roan and see who is popular between PF and Hon Kambwili,” he said.

Mwila put an end to speculation President Lungu will run for office in 2021.

“This decision to adopt President Lungu is important in consolidating party unity,” he said.


  1. EDDIE


    • arena

      Bafaula shani?So you want these chaps to be allowed misbehaving anyhow?Who are they? What’s so important in them ?Just because are pf founders?Forget .

    • shu shu shu

      How? Maybe Kambwili is the one behind the spate of fires that have rocked the country. Indiscipline should be nipped in the bud.

  2. Stop It

    chaona munzako chapita mawa chilipali iwe

    • mukenga

      That’s confirmed President Dr Lungu’s the PF’s candidate in 2021 the opposition should not waste their time to his illegitimacy for a third term as they wont win on that score. They should instead concentrate on looking at why the lost the last election. I think they lost because the referee in the game ECZ before and after the game lives with the ruling party. This gone on for a long time and it’s shocking we Zambians have just watched and letting our situation sliding into the Zimbabwe & Uganda style. This I think is where the opposition should fight to get an INDEPEDENT referee otherwise come 2021 it will be DUNUNA forward again. A sickening feeling but that what well get if dont wake up from the slumber. Let the ECZ be detached from the GRZ during elections and report to an organisation of Churches agreed by all parties. Such an organisation would be incorruptible in my opinion.

  3. Joe

    Good news, let him form his own party

  4. Munhtu

    You people if you want pf to continue in the next time elections of 2021 please leave the people like ck in the party for they are the people who can make it pass through,just teach them on how to have good behaviour give them chance to change stop killing the pf party by removing the people we know they can do something in future.

  5. shula

    we shall support doc ck in by-election

  6. commando

    If CK was serving his ego,why did he go flat out to campagn for PF and president lungu.You talked of CK being corrupt and that he acquired wealth corruply,these are the charges i want to hear not these rubbish or trash.CK has been used like a condom or toilet paper after campagning vigorously for PF only to be shown the exit door.Ba PF ngatatwapitile if CK had campagned for UPND.Mwebantu bakwe Leza someone update me what action has been taken against Kaizer zulu who strangled a foreigner and a police officer during the under 20 Africa cup of nations.This was a planned move so as to get rid of heavy weights with presidential ambitions within the PF.Let all zambians remember what happened in kabwe at mulungushi university when the PF was choosing who was to contest as president on the pf ticket.Winter,guy scot and now CK,bo Lubinda watc, is he afraid of being challenged at the convetion like Miles Sampa did.Bembas say the leg you heal the same will kick or trample you.Tafaula ba PF.

  7. Kaptain mwandy

    Kambwili minus Pf is equals to visionless leaders


    All people are agreeing that CK is one of PF founders and those remaining are just like brunches to the tree which doesn’t have a tap root. If that’s true then you should be careful because the tree is drying as sooner as kambwili is having a briefing the nation with the information he has. I’m watching

  9. Gigo

    Mmmmmm this is the cold war

  10. Warren wolfen

    Which goes around will come back around

  11. chitamawe

    Politics, the gateway 2 plot number 1. The issue ov falling by de way side iz non existent. No one

  12. chitamawe

    No one iz willing 2 go down. Its survival ov de fittest. Glad 2 b called ‘the first family at plot 1. We wil b watching bt save from Insecurity.

  13. funwel

    Ku roan Ba pf takuli ichenu Ba mother f*cker tukaba lasa amabwe,rushing to tuma cases but no consideration to other works.f*ck u Davis mwila,Amos chanda ,Nathan Chanda coz I know these are the people mostly who are against Ba kambwili.2021 you are all gone

  14. ben zambia

    pf completely dead

  15. ray mulowa

    Comment bembas open your eyes widely,if ck is choped out now who can challenge ecl

  16. mt

    Being one of founders of the party dies nit mean you are wise. Quite alright CK may be a good mobiliser but in a group, you need to humble down n put the interest of the group first. CK does not want people from other parties but when sata apoointed people from other parties, ck recommended on grounds of one zambia one nation. Bane, ck promotes cadres to benefit from illegal land deals as benefits, for a civilised society, everything must be orderly. he pretends to be a voice of the people, e.g street vending…those ascalate theft, makes towns look dirty, ck has been in developed countries, there is no such clouding in towns…..we need sanity. CK is too pompous, believes knows it all, he is been finghting the party through the media instead of building it. when a party is in power, doesnt mean only its people are brain enough to be in positions, its zambia for all whether from chinsali, mapatizya, kembe, malambo….lets embrace one another for one common good…zambia. we never created this world, not even part of creation but we are benefitting from it, we never founded zambia, but we are benefiting from it, we never even invented cars but we are enjoying thm….leys bribg sanity in parties, tame cadres, we all need land….. some are silent cadres, dont shout slogans but we vote for them, we all need land. lets be equal n move on to avoid unplanned buildings for a smart Zambia. my opinion.

  17. Chipolopolo Arsenal

    interesting comments. Zambians let’s pray. … having surrendered ourselves to the Lordship of our Saviour Jesus Christ it’s Christ Himself who will raise credible leaders to lead this nation He loves. God uses the unexpected to achieve his ordained purposes and Zambia is in that God’s plan let’s put our trust in God that He will give us leaders after his own heart. God bless Zambia

  18. Handsam

    The adoption of president lungu as a candidature in 2021 is a wrong one its an indication of being dictator this is not democracy ba people….
    The other thing is the expulsion of junior king cobra Dr ck its indeed illegal a strong man like HIM very assertive and opinionated could expelled in such a manner awe ba pf apa pena mwa faula….
    This person really campaigned for HE ECLE he fought for this party….
    I think in my point view its an ignominious thing,learn to have tolerance ba pf.
    Yapwa pf nomba!!!
    Ck we ar behind u….!!

  19. Aziz

    Ba Davies mwila & ecl are like an headless chicken coz mwila was beaten in his constituency by an independent MP, ECL as they call him can’t campaign & convince crowds anyway even addressing & enticing pipo to vote for pf he cnt so i wonder y the rushed to chase a crowd puller who made them the way they are today.shame on you pf to come up with such judgement u will more than RB.

  20. gmn

    So president Lungu is going for the third term , why ?

  21. Dorifreinze

    Kambwili he will regret like sampa kumatelo

  22. umuntu

    and who is going to campaign for him 2021 because you can’t

  23. ngandwe kaunda


  24. kk1


  25. ck forever

    ck will rise again we get u

  26. mukenga

    Confirmed President Dr Lungu’s going for third term. Could be one the reasons dull/tribalist CK was expelled. But where are the Lawyers is this right – third term for Dr Lungu? I know ba Winter was looking for something from PF and he supported this when it was first brought up but now seems disappointed & wonder what’s his now. PF s going the same direction like UNIP & MMD. But what hope’s there for Zambian politics where any dissenting view is ejected and it end there. I wish we could take a leaf from our RSA colleagues who able from his ANC party able to critise him on national & International TV. There s no hope for Zambian politics unless we move away from Hero worshipping Presidents.

    • PF 4 life

      I wonder y some hypocrites fear 2nd term for Edgar Chagwa Lunga is it because they know He will win again or what. If they think he has lost popularity y cant they take advantage of the situation so that they can go to state house. Edgar lungu is not leaving state house ntime soon. Constitutional presidential term is 5 years and the 3 years was for the late president MHSRIP. We all know that He is eligible to stand nd wonder y u want to politicise. PF4LIFE.

  27. PF 4 life

    Good move by PF it’s better remove some roten groundnuts than spoiling all. Even Satan was very beautiful and powerful but they daughter him and threw him on earth. Who us Kambwili let him form his party. Mind u PF supporters like the party nd not the human’s. Unlike other party’s that worship their president. Let him rest or for his party and not taking advantage or the humble president. Thumbs up Central committee.

  28. PF 4 life

    Good move by PF it’s better remove some rotten groundnuts than spoiling all. Even Satan was very beautiful and powerful but they faught him and threw him on earth because he rebelled against God. Who is Kambwili let him form his party. Mind u PF supporters like the party nd not the human’s. Unlike other party’s that worship their president. Let him rest or form his party and not taking advantage of the humble president. Thumbs up Central committee.

  29. Bwalya simon

    Jehova is the one who will be the leader of ths nation and remember wat the bible say the kindom shall be against the kingdom let’s give powers to jehova he will control

  30. Sydney

    It’s better to kill a rat early before it finishes the bag of ground nuts

  31. makasa

    honestly pf banafaula,cos nt ven lungu’s popularlity cn b compared 2 kambwili.
    wat a white wash n 2021
    game s fo upnd

  32. Mpuya Justine

    Mmn Zoona

  33. Francis chileshe

    Even layers in the poultry, there is an elimination of good layers and bad layers so as to avoid the bad layers consume enough feed which is only for nothing! Being a founder of pf it does not mean that; ba chishimba can take an advantage of doing all sought of stupid, foolish, and useless behaviors in the party and being pompous. That’s yy is even becoming very stupid its because you pipo depends on him.
    Edgar lungu duduna reverse, tiye nayo. Ifyabupuba out, regardless of being something in the party don’t tolerate nonsense anymore,,,,,,,,,,,,,, those are to be good examples as leaders.

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