Opinion: Politics Of Emotions, Stupid and Clueless Followers – Part 1

By Joe Mwansa Lombe Kaluba

l think our politics as a country are going backwards as opposed to taking steps in the future. In my opinion this is due to the fact that well can’t distinguish what l may call political ignorance from real politics. People take politics like a game or buying something from the street.

There is no smartness or political intelligence. Politics have become more emotional than reflective. Political parties have become dull than reading between the lines. Apart from that supporters have become more foolish and clueless than helping to provide checks and balances.

In line with this l would like to give my opinion on what is happening in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and other political organisations.

As the party in power President Edgar Lungu and PF must make sure they lead by example both as a government and a party. Politics of amapulukutu should not be exhibit. Politics of Chikubabe should not be entertained..

I believe contemporary politics especially in Africa must be based on intelligence and smartness. Many politicians make mistakes because of luck of this.

Political parties and individuals should have real political analysts who will in turn help them to read between the lines.

As the party in power l don’t think PF has this to the fullest. This is evident with what is happening in the party. I am no follower of individuals but party ideology and objectives. In this line l want to make the following observations and comments concerning a number of things happening in our politics.

Firsty l would like to start with the case surrounding the PF- Chishimba Kambwili drama. l want to categorically state that both PF and Kambwili exhibited what l may call stone age politics. No offence to anyone I am just stating what l have seen.

1. Chishimba Kambwili.

It is without doubt that this man helped PF and President Lungu win elections both in 2015 and 2016. He used his personality and as he claimed his resources. But l want to highlight that in modern politics you give what you have. That’s what he did.

But this doesn’t mean you are more important than others. In this regard CK and probably his followers may have thought that he is more PF than others.

He may have started to dream big. PRESIDENT one day. Which according to me it’s not wrong. But the timing might have been wrong. You can’t tell me today that some of the people surrounding President Lungu are not ambitious. It is all about timing. They saw that in CK then might have said this guy!!!

Rewind!! President Sata as Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Secretary General helped to prevent others from attending the MMD convention before the 2001 General Elections.

Tell me Sata was not aiming for that top post. He was. He was removing those close to President Chiluba. But in my opinion Chiluba played the big man. Political intelligence which President Sata learnt and it helped him become President 10 years later.

So you see politics need not only timing but intelligence. CK lucks that. If l where him I would have just concentrated on constituency work. Alas! Emotions clouded his head.

The other problem see in this is that if not handled with caution the so call Prince cobra’s political career might come to an end..He is a man of action yes but can he match that with political intelligence? I don’t think so. He is too emotional.

In Part Two I talk about PF and how they would have saved themselves from this mess.

The author is a PhD candidate-Political, Gender and Transnational Studies at the International Postgraduate Centre (IPC), Faculty of Social Sciences at Goethe University Frankfurt


  1. Daywalker

    Kambwili remains imature, frivolous and impetuous. He is neither greatly intelligent, greatly inspiring, greatly cunning or greatly charming. He is at best a loud bully. None of the qualities he has displayed are much use for a person who wants to be president. Lets not waste time debating these who rise was like thst of a winners of a political lottery.
    People must work and impure others to wirk and do better. Not these leaders who just inspire boxing and wrestling in aspects of human endeavour. Politics yabututu bweka bweka ukwabula amano yamu 21st century aweh Ba CK naimwe. Internet na social media abanenu ni business imweh paku leta amaselefye….aweh…..grow up.

  2. JM

    CK claims he is one of the founders of PF party. If I believe, Late Sata was recruiting jerabos on the Copperbelt for he suffered setbacks when he was organizing the party in its infancy. The MMD cadres were frequently attacking him.
    So CK when they were drafting the party constitution, he was a blind follower. Because the constitution of the party gives to much power to the president. Even at the PF convention nobody saw the democratic process of electing those chairs. They were all hand picked by the president.
    So when Lungu inherited the party , he followed suit. The Bemba says” Impyana ngo apyananamabala’.
    Lungu will be a dictator as long as the constitution permits him to be so . We have to demand the constitution that can curtail the powers of the presidency.

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