Pilato Stands Up for DMI St Eugene Facebook Student

Musician and political commentator Chama Fumba, popularly known as Pilato has branded as stupid the arrest of 35-year old DMI St Eugene student Edward Makayi over a facebook posting allegedly insulting President Edgar Lungu.

The arrest has gone viral with international media organizations feasting on it adding, to the narrative that Zambia has been turned into a dictatorship under President Edgar Lungu.

Makayi has been arrested and charged with defamation of the President.

Below is Pilato’s protestation:

I may not personally say the words that Edwards said on President Lungu and whoever he mentioned but the arresting and charging him for defamation is stupid. The words used are not favourable but lets analyse these things before we subject the presidency to ridicule. Here’s a little analysis….
How is the name of the President defamed? What evidence is there to prove that the president was actually defamed?

The excitement by the police in arresting over expressive citizens will not and is not helping the president at all. Currently there’s a narrative that Zambia is sliding into a dictatorship a notion we keep refuting but such arrests will just fuel that notion. It must be understood that there’s a big difference between a bad act and a criminal act. For example, it is bad to fart whilst talking to the President but it is not criminal. It is bad to scream at the President but it is not criminal. It is bad to boo the president but it is not criminal. What Edwards said is bad….its non negotiable but was it criminal?

That arrest will only instill fear in the citizens instead of respect. If the police manage to instill fear in our people….a big section of our people will choose to be safe meaning they will not fully participate in national dialogues. Even those with meaningful contributions. If we become a fearful nation how much will a brave leader achieve with a fearful people?

Ba Police release Edward naimwe, if you dont like the F word thats your problem but please stop dragging the president’s name in your excitements. Such arrests are fueling the tension thats in the heads of our bishops now because everyone will have to think twice even on social media.


  1. joe

    its true. pilato, his wise than changwa

  2. Awa na moyo

    Seeking political publicity to bad to encourage such a behaviour

  3. Gas g

    Pilato don’t be stupid, how foolish enough are you? You did equally the same and they did forgive you. You wanted Lungu to forgive only not to others. Please tell him that Mulandu nichishupu

    • makasa

      naimwe ba Gas g,so u want pilato to suport dos unprofeshional bahaviour of pf police…no dear ts too much,pilato s dominant to wat hs complaing

    • Ba Sido

      I support u my man, anione anione anankhala pansimbi ya kupya

  4. makasa

    wel spoken pilato,police r nolonger ofering service 2 pipo,bt to de pf’s only …..infact pilato i hop u r stil to our side(upnd HH/GBM)

    • tokozan

      Comment hop u pipo u r nt jstt blmng ba pf jst bkoz dey hv arsted yo frnd bt involve enconomic too

    • dosh de mac

      I think pilato thinks like me

  5. smug

    Commentyeah just free him

  6. Inspector

    mmmm you have grown up this is the type of people we need, BRAVO

    • mususu uswezi

      Ba kokoshi bala isusha ififungo nibanga abala kakwa?.

  7. skb

    Pilato at it again! Honestly how do you compare fartting to insulting the President?The two acts are miles apart. What are you encouraging?

  8. Wise Me

    Silence is golden. The flipside of hatred is agony. Learn to love and enjoy peace. I wish this cheap talk could sooth that student who has learnt bad manners from you Pilato rather than from DMI University. Don’t you agree with me that people older than you deserve respect. They need to be taught manners in one way or the other.

  9. Gibson

    pilato u re playing a very important role in zambia, keep it up

  10. sakx

    Insulting is prohibited,u can be jailed for that.

  11. Bursted

    pi pi pi pi pilato tooo tooo wel said young man u il make a good lawmaker 1day?
    attention!! has any1 seen o heard of this ugly girl chichi ai? she next!

  12. Kundo Sina

    You have perfectly nailed it brother Pilato,f#*k these corrupt and stupid boys in iniforms…F#*k the monister of Horny Affairs,F#*k the Infester Deadly of Polish,His Excrement The Dead of Stench F#*k You Too,Nude Feace The Stupid Destitute Sparks Pearson of The Plunder Family F#*k you too. France Burger Former Freest F#*k you too…
    Three Hacker He Ndee Hitch Lay Mar From Jelly Now.
    Long live Dr Fully Red May Mbe,Tribute To Comrade Moo Table Nchitall,Keep Up The Good Work Leenda Car SawnNde,Rest In Peace Kiss Mbar Car Bwili…Lets Unite And Protect Our Country From This Emerging Dick Taker…

  13. vern

    To castrate, or not???

  14. vern

    Face to face!!

  15. vern

    Face reality!!

  16. Kalok

    A lot of archaic laws need to be repealed. Those dreadful stickers on cars that earns the Police income by false pretences (there is NO modern vehicle without reflective lights inbuilt), gathering for a meeting after asking the police for permission, etc. What are our MPs doing in that august house kanshi???

  17. Cili kuli iwe.com

    Ba pilato mmmmm respect boma ni boma let’s respect eldery people nishani??

    signed by voice of the voiceless thanks.

  18. Cliford H Kalonga

    Wise Words From A Wise Person

  19. kapili deal

    ba pilato thats the spirit i support..

  20. dj wizzy

    support the country

  21. Hamz

    Yeah itx tru, let de man b released….
    We ll jst b tokin lik dis @ dictatorship, 1 day it ll b seen publicly….

  22. dj wizzy

    I love the country

  23. dj wizzy

    respect our president

  24. Smart

    The end of free zambia .

  25. chanda

    Pilato am disappointed with you. Do you mean somebody can use any foolish language and it become freedom of speech? Critics are there in politics but not insults. If you are being used, you will suffer at their expense. Remember, luck of common sense is always punishable. It is still state of emergency. Maybe you want article 30.

    • Wc

      Ba Chandra mwsrifwa umutwe u ar still supporting wat z happening in thz country.

  26. V

    Let’s respect our parents please. Though the President is a public figure, he is our parent as well. In bemba they say “chindika wiso na noko nga inshiku shobe shitantalile” One insult to the elderly people removes one year from your life on earth. Be careful guys

  27. Peet:K

    Comment Loading…………………..

  28. uk

    A similar case happened in south Africa were a young insulted jacob zuma but he was not arrested.. Why? Zambia wake up

  29. King Sure

    i thnk Pilato Your Correct But Wrong To Others,BCoz Yo Words May Not Be Supported By A Majority Of Citizens Why? Where There Is Truth Evn Evil Minded They Add Some Useless Words And For That A @Post May Be Boring.

  30. zinc

    if i may ask,what exactly did the DMI student said which caused to his arrest ?

  31. sex smoker


  32. fest

    keep it up! pf is vanishing hh forward.

  33. Sichilima kb

    Their is absolutely no immunity for insults regardless of how bad you feel the presidents way of ruling seems unlikely to favour your interets.i personally is not in surpot of everything that has befallen our political atmosphere but we need to grow up use formal and grown up methods of expressing our views.let makayi post a statement full of F bombs targeted towards you pilato we see if you won’t take legal action against him.lets grow up bane,it’s just way too sad to a 35 year old fully grown man waving insults all over the media.what are you teaching us the young ones.

    • Jairos

      I second you sichilima ,people have argued for Pilato’s post coz of tribe basis but let makayi insult you and see if you will say its freedom of speech!! Freedom of speech is there but not freedom of insulting

  34. oracle

    Campaign was over why people always insults President no more grace period.

  35. Boose Boyd

    Pilato. Can you grow up.Makayi you’re one of the elderly people in our country with no brains.Education indeed has gone to the dogs.

  36. mya

    Ba pilato sure how can you support such insults sure..imagine if it’s your parents that are being insulted like that can you say its freedom of speech aikona iyo..

  37. kumwenda daniel

    Better you fight for others who are empty, rather than keeping quite. Good fighting spirit #chama.


    pilato Chabipa Sana Wika Bwekeshapo Nakambi

  39. Daneal

    I think there’s sense in what pilato has said, if only people were brave enough to analyze the the situation at hand right now would know what piloto and everyone who seconding him mean, lets not be quick to judge and name the crime,

  40. Daneal

    I think there’s sense in what pilato has said, if only people were brave enough to analyze the the situation at hand right now would know what piloto and everyone who seconding him mean, lets not be quick to judge and name the crime,

  41. Dalitso Lungu

    YOU ARE 100% RIGHT PILATO… actually fuck all those supporting Lungu’s Coward administration and silly bully tactics… It’s nothing to do with respect here… True respect springs from quality leadership not instilling fear… Ignorance is a cancer that will kill our country, lets wake up…

  42. BLACK

    ba pilato find something else to do.

  43. Pf

    Me Am Watching One Day U Run Ka Friendly Muka Vutise Bana Banu Jst Bcoz Of One Person Stup

  44. danny m

    We shell see


    Me i dont know teacher!!!!

  46. McDonald

    wise words ba pilato

  47. aron

    nshisapota ifyabupuba!!!
    lets learn to corect pipo whenevr thy go wrong k.
    #######respct-elders k!

  48. Collins

    Ninshi kwaliba na freedom of insult mu Zambia?

  49. Crooks

    Iyo ni issue yaku local court.. bamu chose che mu guys bakambilane na we ana tukwaniwa

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