Dr GBM: Commonwealth University Confers GBM With Honorary Doctorate

Opposition UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba commonly known as GBM has joined the race for honorary doctorates after the Commonwealth University conferred him with a honorary degree in Business Administration.

Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili and Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo recently received honorary degrees.

Dr GMB’s pictures have already been flashed on social.

The UPND leader who has served the MMD and PF before finding himself on the other side of politics is a respected entrepreneur whose high school academic qualifications have previously come under question.

GBM is owner of one of the successful local milling company christened after himself and has also diversified into transportation businesses as well as huge government tenders he enjoyed when he served as defence minister.

It will be curious to learn of reactions from UPND quarters who have previously mocked Lusambo and Kambwili over their doctorate degrees.


  1. Grace

    Congratulations Sir after so many years of diverting through thick n thin finally you a Business Doc, we are proud of you Sir n you have done us well by putting us on the map.. Once again congratulations

    • Chichi

      To my esteemed fans and comrades, the month of July has been a lot hectic for me trying to catch up on my dissertation writing. As a result, I have been conspicuously missing on this platform. That been said, my spirit and soul have been present in your domain to keep you going in the struggle to liberate this poor and forsaken nation, Zambia from the jaws of bloody thirsty monsters. I will be back in August with a loud bang. Am told from the grapevine that they are rounding up people that are posting critical messages on social media and throw them in jail in their desperate attempt to silence people like me! My foot! I guess they are now using their anus to think. They have drank enough human blood they sacrifice in mysterious road accidents. Let them come and get me because Chichi isn’t backing down. I am who I am. The mother fuckers and bitches are losing it. I don’t use a pseudo name and my pictures and profile are well spelt out on my Facebook page. Am Chishimba (Chichi) Harrison Hawthorne. If you have balls, jump on a plane you smelly beast and come and fetch me in UK. I will teach you a lesson that you will only tell in your grave because you will have no chance after coming face to face with me. I dare you! Idiots!!

  2. chanzi

    congratulation Dr GBM

  3. AkapenyaMushi

    Akapenya-Mushi noushalimo akabamo,Congratulations, ba shimwambwa .in shiny shakingenye umwana nanina mwabasanga.your gown is Red&yellow beautiful. we expect you to offer some lecture in any of the Government institutions especially in Agribusiness at Nrdc or Mulungushi university.Education is good but far away from wisdom, you are Wise hence you succeeded in business/administration.But you are not Intelligent but Wise enough. Akapenya-Mushi.

  4. HH azinama!

    fyaboboka! The useless qualifications and awards which people buy will encourage laziness and fraud in the country

    • kabiyEsi

      If u huv nothin to say jst. Keep quit because ur opinion doesn’t matter

  5. Bishop Mpande

    congratulations Dr GBM my vice president

  6. chitamawe

    It’s tym. His tym has come. If yo tym wl neva come, jst kp quiet. Jealous iz poison, u wl die ov BP. Congrats! 2 fat Albert.

  7. Johnson

    Congratulations my Veep

  8. Mulenga C.K

    Congrats Doc

  9. Shibobo

    Congra chule.

  10. John simusamba

    Well done Doc GBM congrats,wakaduka asale.

  11. Joe

    Congrats, DR GBM

  12. oracle

    Good job and well done,, you make it why not now we are waiting for a phd.

  13. Awa na

    Arizona trucking and jemmy in time busses all collapsed because the director was bullying workers ,him gbm

    • hummer where it hurts

      So even grade 7 drop outs can be honoured that far? Woow!! This really sends waves of shame to GBM’s critics.Can you still call him a didn’t?. Don’t be surprised that hummer is next in the honorary file with a PhD in swinging and hummering where it hurts.

  14. oracle

    Why not if not.

  15. Jose

    Congrats Dr GBM!!!

  16. zacks

    thats cool mr GBM

  17. Kayz

    A big congratulations 2u our UPND VP.Thats the way to go.Our party is full of intellectuals unlike “???”full of kaponyas

  18. brian muleta

    Congrats Mr GBm

  19. brian muleta

    u have done it

  20. willi

    Well Don Dr Gbm

  21. smart zulu

    Congratution mr GBM

  22. young lyonzi

    Congrats Dr GBM

  23. bb

    congrts Sir GBM…..am proud ov u Sir…mwaaaaaaah

  24. John Mulele

    What is the meaning of these Doctorates? Do they carry any weight? To me this sounds like a herbalist calling himself Doctor. Are people paying to get these worthless titles? I would have seen some sense if such were given to people like:Chilala, Milupi, Sindowe and the like. But Lusambo, Kambwili and now GBM, kaya?

  25. Chaona muzako

    Congratulations ba Mwamba.

  26. lb

    Congratulations Ba gbm

  27. TJ

    Lets see his output if it will be the same or not!

  28. mulongoti

    Ba John Muleele what u said is purely tribal insults as far as know god knows no colour nor tribe so each one of us are equally the same don’t bring hatred We’re one in the lord

  29. moska Kazevu

    Your excellency the vice president of the UPND congratulations on the honors given to you by the university and this only shows us how much the international community values your contribution not only to our Zambian community but to the entire global community.May the Good Lord add a blessing to the works of your hands.

  30. elliot.m

    Congratulation ba GBm,I have being patriotic to you. You are the people we need in our country,I once again congratulate you my vice President for making our part prominent and please may my God who saved Daniel in the pit of lion to bless in all you do my sapient President. So my vice I would like to tell u this please never giveup to what you have being doing.you are awesome and at the same time you are our pillar of our strength.let them cry with waterly tears just because they have now known that our part is not the part of vipers of the country. From southern in kazungula borda.

  31. kataz

    Wooooh mr GBM kanshi mwalikwata isukulu congrats ????✌???

  32. kataz

    Wooooooooh mr GBM kanshi tamwikalafye congrats??????????

  33. seka uponokwe

    congratulations to u African creature

  34. pina

    congratulations Dr GBM we ar behind u with the UPND from kasama

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