OPINION: The Kambwili Versus Frank Bwalya Popularity Contest

Watching Patriotic Front deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya trading verbal blows with expelled PF Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili makes for top rate political comedy. More comical to the more politically informed is the fact that Bwalya is dressing down Kambwili from the PF high table that not too long ago the Roan constituency strongman bashed the former man of the cloth from.

Kambwili in vicious defence of the PF infamously called in on a live radio program in May 2013 and declared that Bwalya was mad as happened with anyone who abandoned the priestly calling to pursue worldly things. The two never saw eye to eye with Kambwili strong headedly defending the PF while Bwalya had become a master attacker.

To imagine that the two have swapped positions with Bwalya being the defender in chief of everything PF while Kambwili stands out in the cold after being hounded out makes a curious lesson in history.

Maybe Bwalya should mirror some of what has happened to Kambwili as something that may possibly happen to him in future should he fall out with the PF. Remember nothing is permanent in politics as lessons abound. The country has seen previously powerful politicians fall out and become laughing stocks once the power they imagine permanent is stripped off them.

Did we not previously see even lowly placed cadres like Esther Nakawala at the height of the third term? In case you have forgotten Nakawala is the lady that spouted something like this to then anti third term soldier Dipak Patel, “We will make you go back to India on foot.” Even the violence famed William Banda once stood strong that he could dress down ministers in the presence of President Rupiah Banda.

People may wonder why we are giving all these examples, it is just simply to guide on the illusion of power that blinds lowly placed men once they acquire a bit of it.

What happened to Kambwili was always going to happen to him given the manner he decided to practice his politics. He went about opening too many battle fronts that his fall has left the more politically informed unsurprised.

Even as Bwalya is taking pot shots choosing to be the lead attacker, he should do better than just replicate the template of those before him. For in the words of political rabble-rouser “politics teyabana”! Now it could appear that Bwalya claims to have more PF DNA in him that Kambwili. Could it be true?


  1. JM

    Frank Bwalya would have remained will red card campaigner and turned it into an organization. Bwalya would have been popular today than any other politician in Zambia.
    Bwalya is playing politics of the belly for he has no income and he has to depend on state house for his survival. If you carried out the survey today Frank Bwalya is the most hated person in politics.
    Sooner than later he would regret to leave the pulpit where he was given free shelter and a car. His usefulness is finished long time ago. He is now a political pundit, he will fall with Lungu together and the PF in the furnace. At least Kambwili is a kaponya he will go back to metal dealing.

  2. HH Junior

    He will also pack and go one day, elyo ninshi nempiya tabakwata ba Frank mamamamamama wina azalila


    Politics and christianity does’nt mix babwalya ,that is being empty mind we need people who are wise .politics in zambia is dirt,plz bring development in the country dont all that you are doing to Dr kabwili . tel the country why you expelled chishimba from pf so that people knows.

  4. chitamawe

    B gud 2 pipo on yo way up az u wl
    mid them on yo way down.

  5. Ftt

    Only God

  6. The CK's

    We are on the point of starvation politically; bafilwa ukuteeka zmbia nomba bayambafye ukulasontana iminwe nokulapatana.

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