Malema Calls Pres. Lungu A “Coward”

South Africa’s popular opposition leader Julius Malema has directed his venom toward President Edgar Lungu calling the Zambian Head of State a coward.

The leader of South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) charged at a party event that President Edgar Lungu’s alleged decision to arrest his opponent Hakainde Hichilema was an act of cowardice.

The former ANC youth wing leader was addressing members of his party at the 4th Anniversary celebrations in Curries Fountain, Durban on Saturday before he digressed to taken on the Zambian Head of State.

UPND leader Hakainde Hichile has been in jail for more 100 days charged with treason for attempting to block a presidential motorcade in Mongu.

Malema accused President Lungu of trying to suppress the opposition by arresting Hichilema and declaring a semi State of Emergency.

“There is something terribly going wrong in Zambia. The opposition is suppressed in Zambia. The President of the opposition is arrested, President Lungu declared an illegal State of Emergency because he is threatened,” Malema said.

“We are saying to him, do not suppress opposition parties. Lungu you are a coward, allow the opposition to oppose you. If you are a true leader, you will defeat them properly,” said Malema.

Malema, a young and volatile politician, is also a fierce critic of President Jacob Zuma a man he strongly supported. Malema infamously threatened to kill those that were opposed to Zuma.


  1. leakingroof

    That chap is really a coward, y iz he avoid the ring?

  2. Bukala Bwandi

    Life is like a mirror. If you face it smiling, it will smile back to you. What ever Edgar Chagwa Lungu is doing to others will surely spring back to him. He is slowly damaging our peaceful country and to my surprise the AU is watching.

    • Soko Marvin

      You should understand that its not Edgar who arrested HH plz

  3. Shawn

    Malema is 100% right Nigga lungu thinks that he is on top of the world forgetting that one day he will go down ?.

  4. Chris K

    Comment Is South Africa Zambia…. now…. Who Talk About South Africa But He Is A Zambian…. lol Zambia isn’t A Northern Rhodesia…….

  5. car

    you are an opposition leader in your country and not in Zambia God is watching you malama watch your ways your steps and your mouth who do you think you are your friend Chilean is not the only opposition leader who has lost an election? if he loves his country advice him to seek peace for the Zambians.

  6. Yungo™

    “Everyone considered him the coward of the county.
    He never stood one single chance to prove the county wrong.
    Promise me son not to do the things I done.
    Walk away from trouble if you can.
    Now it don’t mean you week if turn the other check.
    And I sure hope you old enough to understand.
    Son you don’t have to fight to be a man.

    Just a song by Kenny Roggers entitled.

  7. Sydy Boy

    True Story You Are Right Mr Malema He Is A Cowad

  8. Joe

    its true, changwa his an IDOIT person, who thinks like DOG

  9. Chris Botha

    Malema you are a fool just focus your attention in South Africa not Zambia no. its you who is a coward look back and see what you did to the people whom you need their support today. remember you waged war against all those who stood against Zuma and now today you are bucking like a stray pregnant fox.

  10. mulongoti

    Malema this Zambia is not south Africa if there’s no law in south Africa Zambia has laws to follow if hh is a south African then dictate over Zambia but if hs a Zambian swear this is the eternal matter

  11. pf

    Comment let our leader be please is a good leader Pf the better government for Zambia

  12. Pleito

    What a stupid talk fro malema who is happy seeing Zambia on fire

  13. chitamawe

    Malema shud leave Zambia 2 Zambians. He shud concentrate on things 2 do with SA not Zambia. I can assure him that on this path he wl seem ‘sincere bt lost’. Kip away 4rm affairs 2 do wth Zambia, poor Malema.

  14. HH Junior

    Malema is a stupid power hungry fool,why is he talking about Zambia? he has failed in s/Africa now he’s interfering in Zambia’s programs ,kabiye uko iweeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  15. mya

    malema who are you to talk like that?this is zambia and not south africa.here in zambia we do not burn fellow african men and weman like the you south africans do.dnt pop ur nose were it does not belong.

  16. MM2

    Comment. This is a brotherly advise to Malema Julius. Mr Malema Sir , Stay Out Of this HH issue, You are NOT a Zambian. You have no right whatsoever 2 talk about our internal issues. l advise that you continue insulting your Head Of State and not our President, Dont Pop Your Big Nose Into Our Affairs. IDIOT.

  17. brian muleta

    shut up!

  18. brian muleta

    idiotic talk

  19. goze

    Malema this is Zambia and not S . A And if you think you can open your dirty mouth here you are fooling yourself. You are a very dull guy .

  20. Kayz

    I wonder hw some Zambian peoples stupidity cn reach.Malema is able 2see dat Lungu is a coward&yet u r failing 2see.SHAME

  21. Nkandus j

    Yes bukala bobe! Lif is a mirror it gives u a true reflection of wat u are wher HH is is the tru reflection of who he is en wat he did! Malema is stupid politician who forgot wat he used to scare oppositions of zuma when he was in support

  22. fest

    malema is very right, he has seen his weakness almost the entire world is blemming

  23. awa na moyo

    malema is a stray dog like HH ,both will never make it to Presidency

    • Joe p...

      Keep dreaming & never wake hip from slumber….

    • Joseph

      Keep dreaming & never wake hip from slumber….

  24. P.M

    Malema is a mad young man who shud not b taken seriously. He shud instead concentrate on fighting his battles with One Zuma who has since ignored his mediocre outbursts.

  25. P.M

    Malema is a confused youngman ,please ignore him as he has failed to succeed with his battles with One Zuma who has since ignored his mediocre.

  26. P.M

    Chi Malema calipena fimabange .He has failed to win his political battles with Zuma who has since ignored it.

  27. pk

    You should have respect for our president

  28. slayer de rapper

    malema is right LUNGU has now become a dictator.

  29. Tuntun

    Malemale ohh malema thot he would be part of the cartel to remote command zuma,like CK

  30. upright

    Please whoever you are mr Malema respect yourself that we may respect you our we are not who you think we are, think befor stupidity understand?

  31. V

    Mr malema is not a politician
    He is just a talker. South Africa is not Zambia and he can’t dictate to us what to do.He has no heart for Zambia at all.

  32. Joe p...

    A blind person can not read the fellow blind & reach were they are going without falling into a ditch….this is where we are now!!!! Just wait & see…..

  33. Joseph Nkole

    Malema has a serious mental problem. Unfortunately him & his supporters confuse this for bravery & courage.@ the conference where he ferociously campaigned for Jacob Juma to take over the ANC Presidency from Thabo Mbeki, the man bared his buttocks. I saw it with my own eyes. Has everybody forgotten? But some Zambians are so full of bitterness & hate that they can even support such a man. No wonder it is said they would rather believe HH than Jesus. They can even vote for the devil, as long as he stood on a UPND ticket.

  34. inkp

    MALEMA ! respect is good, “WENKOKO YABULA INONDO ” are you a Zambian? HH NAIWE WENKOKO INANKWE, you cant make our president to loss respect because of your foolishness, treason deserves. WENGOMBE! CHINGOBE ILEDE FOOLISH.

  35. JK

    Comment Zambia does not belongs to South Africa so Malema leave Zambia to Zambian

    • Melvin

      Malema u have eyes but u can’t even see wat z happening to our country, stop being stupid OK ,concentrate on the affairs of your country not ours.

  36. Shawn

    It’s true that Julius malema is not a Zambian but you motherfuckers should understand that justice is justice and no matter where you are from. Traffic offence became a treason charge chaiiii fuck Edgar lungu the son of a bitch.

    • Earnest

      u are such a cheap.. goddamn motherfucker…
      yo hell with yo filth..jackass malema…lol..

  37. cN

    Malema is right

  38. Gift

    The president is not a coward he did the act of the law but the only thing is when they is no strong opposition in the country the government can do as they please ,this shows bad democratic governance, opposition is there to oppose unfair,undevelopemental activities not the other way around

  39. Mubanga

    Very disappointed with other comments sure as big as u a can Sam 1 tell me wen a Zambian comments on S A how many times did malema pushed the impich of Zuma always felling to succeed we a watching and we choose to b ziiii coz we have got nothing to do with south Africa that’s bedroom issue a true Zambian supporting Sam one to insult yo heard of state and biz supporting ashh sorry fo u

  40. oracle

    Malema why won’t mention Zuma to be Coward.

  41. mulongoti

    I think malema has an agenda with a named political party for sacrifice all of us knows what red means our peaceful Zambia has never experienced war so let’s ignore him we have our own things to worry abt not this small boy who have nothing to offer in hh s case

  42. Dalitso Lungu

    What idiocricy can do… So many still think Lungu arrested HH in best interests…? Guys, bootlicking us unnecessary, LUNGU is CLEARLY a COWARD… Period… So many examples to cite from…

  43. hhhhhhh

    hh is primitive attracting the most primitive of south africa Malema. Malema just to warn you this is Zambia,”wefontini we pamo nengobe inobe hh”.

  44. Daneal

    I think the man is right, Zambians are hurt by his statement, the truth hurts I understand but sometimes guys lets be open we all know what’s going on in Zambia is not right, ever since the pf came in power they are turning the our country a war zone, freedom if speech is taken from us, who ever talks bout the president is jailed,


    HH is a , primitive satanist , people dont love him because of his education, but because of money he stole. And the foolish MALEMA talking about Zambia who is he? let him continue I will displain him spiritualy, just wait and see.

  46. Nkandu

    ZAMBIA IS ZAMBIA, we know how primitive is FRIEND HH. I believe, all these that talks Nosence like MALEMA! they stincks in their Mouths. MALEMA shut-up your stincking MOUTH. WEMBUSHI!

  47. HH

    Why insulting the President of our country ECL? He is not the one who arrested HH it’s the law. So you mean all law breakers can be allowed to break the law and the law makers just watching them. Remember no one is above the law. Sata was entering in and out until he learnt a lesson. No one is special with jail. Jele in jele or you and I can be jailed if found guilty. So next time you will be next, me entered and tested how jail, ma Cello and been in court feel like. Sorry very soon you will test the jail because you have gone beyond the law. God bless our peaceful nation Zambia.

  48. malema you are next

    chasukile bamumine be poto pama tako
    what’s wrong with you malema boi nipa zed not pa sasa wamva

  49. Less

    Malema …… U are 100% correct

  50. matthewz

    wat a miracal tht the 2 leaderz hv agreed 2 setal ther problemz

  51. George Mansfield

    Injustice in one place, is Injustice everywhere. South African have every right to comment on injustice going on in Zambia. We commented and helped fight the injustice in their country until they got liberated. Only a fool will keep on telling south Africans that Zambia is a sovereign country and no one should comment on injustice being perpetrated in Zambia

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