Digital Migration Financial Scam: Kambwili’s Lies As Big As His Body Size

By Tilyenji Mwanza

Being an African child and worse a girl it is extremely difficult to tell your father he is lying but I can not help it.

For the past few days I have heard Dr Chishimba Kambwili on several media models trying to claim political persecution for him being booted out of PF and him trying to justify how he carries a halo on his head as his character in office is as clean as Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s handkerchief.

It was this insistence of him trying to justify that he was not a thief even when not asked that made me analyse his motor mouth statements that to me have lassoed his neck and if our investigative wings can be alert the Doc has given information that potentially reinvites Anti Corruption Commission to his door step.

The English would say ‘he has dug his own grave.’

The loudest noise that was made by Hon Doc was the digital migration were he alleges corrupt activities with his main point being that phase 1 cost 9 million dollars whilst phase 2 will cost 273 million dollars as being ridiculous.

Now lets see how absurd Kambwili is being and equally those supporting this thesis.

When you are building a house your phase one is most likely the foundation but will erecting the walls, which is phase two, putting the roof and electrifying it cost the same? Or when vehicles are being assembled the manufacturing cost for the body will not be the same as phase two which involves electrical material and mechanical fittings.

So it is quite nonsensical to state funds are being misapplied.

Chief government spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga actually clarifies to the nation facts you would have expected Kambwili to know. I quote;

“The nation may wish to know that the digital migration project is being implemented under two separate contracts…Phase one of the project was contracted at a sum of 9.554,124.49 United States Dollars,” she states.

“On the amount involved in phase one, Government has made only two payments. A down payment amounting to 955,412.45 United States dollars was paid in August, 2014 and a second payment amounting to 1.060,969.94 was made to the contractor StarTimes Software Technologies Company Limited of China, in March, 2016.”

Meaning the contractor is still owed 7.549,096.65 United States Dollars.

So now my question to the Doc is how much has been stolen or is it misappropriated?

And most importantly by who?

From Chishimba Kambwili’s rantings here is a headline I infer.


Yep this is what Kambwili is telling the nation.

Phase 1 was authorised by the Late President Michael Sata, may his soul rest in peace. And well Kambwili has come with this strong assertion that State House was involved so who is he accusing if not President Sata when he says state house was involved?

Phase 2 and 3 of the project which has been pegged at $273 million has just been launched and the China Exim bank has not released a single cent yet. So where is the theft, misappropriation the Doc is claiming or well since we know he was quite popular with the Chinese community and he was heading information maybe they paid money to him under the door. After all a little birdie did mention that the Doc used to make weekly deposits in his FNB account of about K500 000 so well kaya.

Let him tell us when the misappropriated funds were released.

And now my advice to the Doc is sit down papa, your motor mouth will run you down. You are currently acting based on emotion and throwing punches whilst emotionally charged, Papa you will just bruise your knuckles.

#PFDiva out


  1. King Sure

    Kabwili Am Wonderling Why He Is Much Concerned,not Knowing Wether He’s Holding Some Secrets

  2. mengmoreler

    Tilyenji as yang as u’r u luk so intelligent,bt awe mwandi u have disapointed m children of nwrdys.I think u don’t read da bible enafu,bt u just spend yo mo tm on midia issues. God says da bigng of wisdom z da fear of him and has a child u need to respect eldrs so dat yo life mayb long on vis earth.plz woch wat u say to eldrs baby.

    • hummer where it hurts

      Atase! I don’t comment on articles from a hired mouth, this girl is too young to claim to know all this, fusekii mwana opanda ulemu.

  3. Mumba

    I miss you Michael Chilufya Sata??

  4. Mr. BJ

    Wen ever the name of Michael Sata is mentioned (MHSRIP) my heart breeds. One thing pipo must not forget, Sata meant well for ds great nation of Zambia. Baba ck, mind yo loudest mouth. Mumbwe aitile mpashi, nokububa shamububa!

  5. joe

    this pfool cadre, she an IDOIT

  6. JM

    Hon. Kampamba Mulenga, is not the right person to defend the alleged fraud by PF government on digital migration.
    If they hire independent auditors, what Hon. Kambwili is saying will be justified.

  7. John simusamba

    Oh wen talkn to elders respect is need my friend, politics does no make us to speak anything….

  8. awa na moyo msadala

    girl keep us informed ,keep up good work

  9. chitamawe

    On them again!

  10. Mwanza

    Ati Ba celebrity busy supporting a corrupt government.Let Mr kambwili release the report of politicians who have stolen money.No wonder they buying range rovers for their H.I.V girlfriends.Please ka Tilyenji shut yr mouth with bad breath.Why are you concerned you ka little preek.

  11. Rodgers

    you too young ka tilyenji

  12. John Kalulu

    This girl is more intellegent than most of you condemning her here. She researchers before writing. Keep it up, you are doing a fantastic job.

  13. Friday

    I have never read such a well written piece on this platform whole week…
    Zambia needs brains like yoz, save us please #CKmustfall

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