Opinion: Kambwili Says Sorry To Tongas: Is He Forgiven?

Expelled Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba has been hitting headlines in the last seven days after having stormed out of a Central Committee meeting.

Kambwili has been all over town throwing allegations against the ruling party. But then Kambwili is a man who elicits little sympathy for the damage he caused at the height of his ministerial powers.

Kambwili picked up fights easily even where it was unnecessary and the people of Southern Province were a little surprised that the almighty Roan tendered an unexpected apology to them.

Kambwili had got on the wrong end of southerners by sensationally branding their loyalty to UPND as robotic.

He said that even if Jesus Christ on another party ticket in an election the people of Southern Province could vote for anybody who stood on the UPND ticket.

For months the southerners had been demanding an apology from Kambwili. Did it come? Their demand for an apology went unheeded to the extent that eminent personalities sanctioned a caucus dubbed Cuundu Caitwa to seek recourse to the injury caused by Kambwili’s utterances but the motor mouthed Roan MP remained obstinately adamant.

But with his fall from grace after being fired as minister and now as MP, Kambwili has found out how lonely life after power can be. He has had to eat a humble pie and pleaded for forgiveness from the people of Southern Province that he has suddenly discovered are hard working.

All of a sudden they are the good people of Southern Province. The Kambwili case should provide yet another learning curve for politicians who utter sentiments in the heat of political excitement.

Kambwili finds himself with few friends and is desperate to rebrand himself in the post ministerial era. He, like many after him, has not learnt from the grave political mistakes of others. Careless talk in politics could haunt one for ages.

Has not the UPND suffered irreparable damage over the years from the sentiments of certain political crosstitute in Syacheye Madyenkuku who infamously proclaimed that only a Tonga could succeed late Anderson Mazoka?

Madyenkuku’s sentiments has left the UPND with filth they cannot shake off and Kamnbwili should view the dirt he threw around as having the same dent.

It is not our place to judge the sincerity of Kambwili’s apology but in truth he was one of a kind that believed in their invincibility before being cut to pieces.

We give a little insight of how he framed his recent turnaround,

“The expression that even if Jesus were to stand the Southerners would not vote for him. I have heard many people condemning this. Let me unreservedly apologize for that sentiment.

“I apologize to the people of Southern Province for that statement.

“But I think, by and large, what we need is to run away from regional or tribal voting because some tribes in Zambia are less than 40, 000 people.

“In those tribes are intelligent people who can be presidents, but if you are going to vote on tribal lines it means that some tribe will not [produce] presidents.”

Now that Kambwili has apologize, the onus is on Southerners to forgive and if need arise incorporate him in their bid to tag alone their party of choice for a first State House victory race.


  1. chitamawe

    b gud 2 pipo on yo way up az u wl nid them on yo way down. sorry afta death.

    • hummer where it hurts

      Your enemy’s enemy is your freind.Who doesn’t know how yapy Dora was on pf but look what she is today, a darling to pf.So prepare to be surprised on how kambwili will be accepted and loved in the southern realms.

    • Hacksgeo

      chitamawe Good comment

  2. Awa na moyo

    Kkkkk.the idiot thinks Southerners are stupid,they will never tolerate him.wait n see

  3. Fredrick

    CommentIts too late sir.

  4. Js

    At least he’s made effort to say he was sorry.lt’s not easy to appologise. Hats off for that!

  5. muku mbe

    Comment,bachishimba learn to respect pipo hav u seen what has happened to you.if you want form yo party you wil be dissapointed ask winter kabimba i woz untoucheble today is finished,

  6. febs

    Us tongas I don’t know wat we did to pipo who talk ill of us but as for I forgive bicoz now he knows that wat he did was wrong and this is a warn to pipo who are like that. Let’s forgive him bicoz we are one zambia one nation

    • Ernest Kazolo

      I need your contact, such as email address or phone number, am a Malawian TONGA as well from Northern Region and we formed Cultural Heritage Group, we want to unite all the Tongas of the Southern Region. My email address is ernestkazolo@gmail.com. waiting to hear from you.

  7. Bruce

    Ba Kambwili there is no sorry after death

  8. Fulatera Nkhata

    The Rise & Fall Of Ck, He Should Have Known When 2 STRIKE…. U Don’t Bite The Finger That FEEDS U. Hon Given Lubinda Would Have GIVEN U FREE ADVICE?

    • costain kalyengu

      Sorry papa ,when you are in higher level remember thoz who are on the bottom even if u hate them don’t show up ,sins are equal Is good u have realaised .

  9. kachana

    This id1ot thought he was unattachable and very clever. This tribalist must forget about plot one. We now know you, once given another chance you will start insulting the ones you call “small tribes”. Your political life is over. Period.

  10. Kennedy

    Excellent who are tongas. If one apologies for I know my tribe cousins they don’t hate anyone

  11. chanzi

    you’ve done well if you’ve apologised because any learned person could have done the same

  12. Kayz

    Kikiki…apologizing after been kicked out lyk a stray dog.Why weren’t u doing so then?WE HAVE NOT FORGIVEN U.GO TO HELL

  13. Chivunda Samusungwa

    Chishimba Kambwili’s so-called ”apology” was not done in good faith.
    Kambwili is a bad character; he has always regarded tribes in Southern,North-western and Western provinces as useless,therefore his ”apology” can not be accepted.
    After being kicked out of the lawless PF party,Kambwili is desperate.
    Kambwili’s hate speech and other undemocratic actions are dangerous.

  14. Sylvester

    It is easier for a camel to enter through the eye of the needle than for a reckless young man who has no clue to the truth of the Bible to say what This young man said about the whole Tonga trible and ask for forgiveness without capacity to meet everyone who is Tonga person to render an apology. Young man, let it sink in your head that you committed a reckless sin in heaven and earth. For as long as you won’t meet all the Tonga speaking people individualy and ask for forgiveness. What is bound here on earth will be bound in heaven. Never you offend a trible for you will never get true and complete forgiveness. The history of the rebaration and the getting of the independence you enjoy involved the sacrifices of the Tonga trible. Let this sink in your head and soul.

  15. Aledo

    He is forgiven no two ways about it. Who are we not to forgive when we received the same grace. We love you hon. CKGod bless you thanks!

  16. Aledo

    He is forgiven no two ways about it. Who are we not to forgive when we received the same grace. We love you hon. CKGod bless you thanks!

  17. Aledo

    Hon. CK you are forgiven. Who are we not to

  18. oracle

    Sory yaba kambwili yabufi sory after death tatuipenda Lulya fyabipa ngatefintu ukubipa ngatapali story.sign off oracle

  19. oracle

    Ask even Jesus to forgive you for statement and example you told people during campaign Tonga’s vs Jesus general election. Sign off oracle.

  20. samg

    After apologizing to hh we will forgive you but we don’t need you in upnd coz you are a dirty animal

  21. mulongoti

    If we have pipo like chavunda in Zambia this country will never go forward unless you as chavunda has never wronged an body and you have never bin forgiven then go as an individual not to forgive don’t include everyone in the provinces on your unforgiving heart if kambwili was on the media when he said that why shud he to individual tongas to ask forfogivness?
    There no conditions for that if God has forgiven you several tymes who are you not to forgive b practical

  22. saddened

    Only brave men will stand up and say they are sorry.as for this inter act with us. a lesson has been learnt and this goes for all the rest of the politicians in Zambia. You can be in the ruling party now but remember one day you will be out and you will want us for sure. As for Mr CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI you are welcome

  23. awa na moyo

    don’t say we have forgiven him,say I cause you are not a mouth piece for all Tonga’s.am ngoni and I have not forgiven that idiot ck

  24. Oscar Mwanza

    Kambwili vs Madyankuku. Who is fooling who?

  25. Rasco

    You caused havoc just like King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon until he ate grass, why not forgive you so that even up there you are forgiven, however never repeat same behavior.

  26. Luscious

    The tables have turned

    • Wingz

      Comment, good idea mr ck, its not easy for a man to say forgive me for being…… To you.

  27. Dizo

    Ba chishimba u hv been 4given, bt don’t! Behave lyk sam1 who hv never gone 2 scul an more, try 2 change ur habit

  28. gh

    Fake ck

  29. km

    Fake ck

    • Sebana Wikute

      Politics or Poli Tricks? These politicians want to fool us

  30. Aubrey moono

    Comment. Am very sorry Mr Kambwili u have killed someone and after that u ar going to say am sorry it has happen so sorry to sorry dady

  31. Beatwell

    Okay you are forgiven

  32. Beatwell


  33. Wedson Simfukwe

    Dr Kambwili,you can’t see me a blind can see me. What i mean is,you were surrounded by snakes who can bite you anytime. After President sata death we had two camps, one for sampa and another one for lungu. You turned down from Sampas camp to lungus camp within pf party. You thought you were smart and insulted people from southern part of Zambia. To day you are a stiff naked fool. Who can trust you?

  34. Kantyantya

    VERY FEW PIPO ARE FACEBOOK AND MANY ARE ABLE TO WATCH TV. TO ME AS LONG AS IT IS NOT LAYED OUT ON TV THEN ITS JST A GIMMICK CAREFULLY CALCULATED FOR A POLITICAL PARTY FOUNDATION OR FOR FOOLING THE TONGAS. Who knows, maybe its just someone who wrote it on his behalf. Wen he was uttering this foolish words, did he use the social media? No, he went to the media (television).

  35. Js

    I’m sure Mr CK is a lonely soul because Musalu ali pamulu ali pesamba. If your brother was bubbling with excitement because of a title find it in your heart to forgive him when he falls. For if none has sinned let them be the first to throw a stone. For is this not a Christian Principle/Rule? When you’re upset don’t be in that state till the sun goes down or you may miss out on your blessing.

  36. Patson

    i think he must be forgiven the Tonga and Lozi people demanded for an appology an appology has come just forgive him

  37. tokozan

    Comment u ar most while u didd wrng thng earlier on

  38. Henry

    Chimbwili kashiba or what ever is called, should realize that a scare never feds. The damage was already done. Like others are saying, let him appologise to Jesus, we do not need his appology. THE EMPTY CAN.

  39. clement simfukwe

    okey! 1 opology what next?

  40. kanyama veteran

    Ayende uko

  41. Chanda Davies

    i think the most important thing on this Earth is forgiveness cause even in Bible it’s clearly indicates in prayer of Our father its talks about forginess so how can we expect God to forgive us if we don’t forgives others? so the fact is that we should learn to forgive and forget then God whom we save is going to forgive us and gives us whatever we ask

  42. young lucky dube

    We know where we have come from but we don’t know where we are going pipo of Zambia let terrible discrimination come to an END!!!!!!!! Always remember it’s one Zambia one nation

  43. Jakangoh

    my tonga friends, pay no evil for evil for we are the children of the light.ninsoni shabo.let God Revenge For You

  44. Jakangoh

    my tonga friends, pay no evil for evil for we are the children of the light.ninsoni shabo.let God Revenge For You. Love & Forgiveness is God’s Character

  45. Mr. KAUSA

    Southerners are educated pipo, am sure they have already forgiven Kambwili. Am sure he has now seen the type of pipo he was supporting.

  46. Ettarz

    Wat does the bible teach on forgiveness. Let s follow de sem. We claim to be a xtian why not be followers of Christ. Forgive en forget. Dr. U are a 4given.

  47. Choongo K

    pliz let us 4 give hon ck because as far as am concern that we all do sin so let us do so as 4 me is a welcome move.

  48. Imitation Small cobra .

    This guy is full of comedy . He is brainless & just talkative. His political end has come .Question – Help us locate where the rail line between Luanshya & Ndola disappeared to.!

  49. Lachnox

    A fool is fool… Forgive n forget

  50. Hakainde


  51. Hakainde

    U need to see me first

  52. lil x-zee

    mr kambwili yhu shud say sori to de tongaz face to face

  53. Ernest lover boy

    Let us 4gv hm so dat lungu cn b shamed of wat he z dng abt tongaz.

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