IG Kanganja Sets Record Straight on Barring Parties from Holding Rallies

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has set the record straight on alleged debarring of opposition political parties from holding public rallies ahead local government of by-elections next month.

Kanganja has clarified that police should not use provisions of the preservation of public security act to stop political parties from holding rallies.

The opposition UPND has formally complained to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) alleging that they are being stopped from holding public rallies by the police.
Below is the full statement from Kanganja:


In view of the forthcoming bye-elections scheduled to take place in some parts of the country, I have directed all Police Commissioners in Provinces with impending by-elections to allow Political Parties to conduct their preparatory meetings and Campaigns freely but in line with the provisions of the Public Order Act (POA) and other pieces of Legislation.

Police Commissioners are further advised to inform Regulating Officers and all other officers under their command not to use the provisions of the Preservation of Public Security Act number 112 to impede the forthcoming bye-elections.

In the same vein, political parties should ensure that they conduct their activities peacefully and abide by the provision of the Public Order Act which requires them to notify the police on their intended activities as this would enable Police Officers to plan effectively and put in place necessary security measures.
Further, I urge Political Party leaders in respective areas to avail their planned activities to relevant regulating officers to enable them plan in advance.

I wish to bring to the attention of all political party leaders at various levels that it is their responsibility to monitor and regulate the conduct of their members so that such activities can be conducted in a peaceful and violent free environment.
I am sending a strong warning to all those that would want to deliberately ignore the provisions of the Law that we shall not tolerate any lawlessness but arrest and prosecuted all those found wanting.

I wish to remind members of the public that security peace and stability of the nation is a collective responsibility of all citizens of this great nation.

4th August, 2017


  1. mulongoti

    That’s a timely warning don’t say we were not told the ig has said it clearly pls lets see what will happen if we follow the law

    • hummer where it hurts

      If this had been the culture of the police all along , opposition parties would have felt loved and taken care of because the ground is leveled.This in turn stimulates confidence and trust in the police that they are there for everyone.It will now be the responsibility of every citizen to police each other ‘s acts and deeds to help the service in maintaing law and order.Believe me you Sir Mr kanganja, your uniformed men will enjoy their work because everyone will help in viglanting.

    • Chichi

      Signs off Chichi cute girl.

  2. Joe

    i heard, that IG has a problem of bp after a case of tayali ?

    • diaspora

      Comment noted, but whats your view on the subject

    • zealot

      Comment mwayambako Ba opposition

    • Kayz

      Kikikiki!! BP hey! Nowonder he has changed his mind.How funny…

  3. The

    Let us follow the laws

  4. Open Analyst

    Does this also apply to us in the driving seat?.. We have not been getting such things in the past.

    • fake clergy

      In your case bro you needn’t no permit, you were cruising higher. All routes were yours. You never minded what others needed and the police was always in your favour.

  5. Red Linso

    Wel Said Kanganja, What Abt Thos With Nulified Seats????

  6. Jae Pet

    You have started now hindering citizens in order to silent them, let the opposition urgue against you where you are wrong. Tolerance and freedom of of expression should be allowed since we have democracy in the country. Urgue for oppositions to criticise you as you are true leadership you will challenge them flexibly.

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