Kabimba Visits Hichilema at Mukobeko

Rainbow Party president Wynter Kabimba has visited incarcerated UPND president Hakainde Hichilema at Mukobeko Maximum prison.

Kabimba was joined on his visit by some UPND members of parliament among them Douglas Syakalima and Cornelius Mweetwa.

The Rainbow Party leader shares a frosty relationship with the UPND and has been one of their harshest critics since influencing their ejection from the failed pact with PF.

Kabimba said that he had decided to visit Hichilema although some UPND members took pleasure in verbally assaulting him.

“In the situation he is in, he needs encouragement from those of us that are outside because we don’t know the conditions and prison conditions in this country are deplorable that’s why I don’t agree with this new terminology that they are correctional facilities. They are not correctional facilities, there is no way you can correct somebody’s behavior in deplorable conditions. So they are prisons,” he said.

“They can use [the term] correctional facility because that’s what the donors who are giving them the money want them to call them but in terms of the conditions, these are deplorable conditions and our people are still living in primitive kind of prison facilities.”

Hichilema has been in prison from April 10 when he was bundled away by police and charged with treason.


  1. aabeuty mukupa


    • hummer where it hurts

      Jesus said “If you shy me away from the eye of the public I will also shy you from the eye of my father”.No matter how many tones of utterances Kabimba made before and now, he took it to himself that he should visit his brother in mukobeko.you and I can say anything about him but lol he did his part.

    • Chichi

      A sign of brotherhood. We applaud such courage.
      Signs off cute Chichi girl.

  2. Js

    Having received lectures in Criminology is an eye opener, you then can do a better on the spot check/assessment of the conditions of Prisons in your own country.

    • tokozan

      Comment wiseka umunobe mailo cili pali webo so mind the way you comment on this program

  3. emiratus jack sanjolomba

    if it is to say the truth hh won the previous election we had. how evil the pf are winning the election by rigging. God has seen u.i love the say for upnd”as upnd we habber no hate to amybody. MAY OUR LORD GOD PROTECT THE UPND LEADER AND ENTIRE TEAM.

  4. colly

    There is hidden under sun whatever secret the pf are doing one day God will reveal it may God protect the innocent people’s lives who are in prison

  5. tokozan

    Comment innocent peaple are prison who will rule the country

  6. clever muloongo

    we should think what is coming tommorow

  7. GANNY

    Comment I hope you gave him good counsel.

  8. BMC


  9. FAIR

    Mr Kabimba you are such a good leader

  10. genious jere

    Awe mwandi bola naikosa

  11. sn

    Mr Kabimba Choose Lerationship Between Upnd And Rainbour.

  12. Mr nice

    Show as the stolen votes


    We Must For Give One Another Even As Christ Jesus Forgave Us From All Our Sins. Chris Sills

  14. Pleito

    Do you support lawless ness mr kabimba cimbwi

  15. chilambwe kennedy

    Jesus said love your enemies nd do them good,bt can hh visit some one in prison?

  16. Gima

    No vote was stolen,prison can purify a liar.Nguni wakamulowa.

  17. Jae Pet

    A suspect has the right to have fast and fair trial, is it true? If yes, y u continue keeping someone without trial. When will these come to an end?

  18. chumbu


  19. mulongoti

    That’s what happens when you’re broke

  20. Aston Sn

    4give one 2 another 70 by 70
    lov yo enemies acoding 2 de bible.
    zambia is christian nation so what kind of christian do you have in this contry 4 that reason that’s why economy u go down let put evrything in jesus name.

  21. Sim

    Well come to state house mr kabimba,tell him Zambia is de land of rules .rule #1 respect Ec .lungu HE and eagle 1 motor cade.

  22. aton

    itx politics

  23. George ware

    Kabimba is broke that is y he visited Mr Hakainde Hichilema to ask something privately,

  24. TJ

    Zambia is one of the great nation on planet Earth like other greater democracies “where animal farm laws do not exist” .

  25. Pf

    Today Is Hh In Prinson,tomorrow Edger Lungu And So On Who Came Into Power They Wil Be Arrest Each Other

  26. brian mfula

    ichikupepula echikulya

  27. Kalyamatu

    Comment:pf Stop Abusing H H Why Are U So? Any Way God Z Watchng All These Scundles Nd Dnt Foget Dat Wat U Saw Z Wat U Harvest.Ply Fo Those Who Z Suportng H H Lets Keep Him In Our Prayers.Amen

  28. Evelyn

    Comment:pf Stop Abusing H H Why Are U So? Any Way God Z Watchng All These Scundles Nd Dnt Foget Dat Wat U Saw Z Wat U Harvest.Ply Fo Those Who Z Suportng H H Lets Keep Him In Our Prayers.Amen

  29. Lachnoxl

    If you think zambia is a christian nation then it means you do not know the meaning of the word “CHRISTIAN” .Let me lecture you a bit ‘christian’means’ Christ -like’. Do zambians behave like or act like or do like Christ? Wake up zambians! We shall know them by their fruits. Lets pray for this country zambia to be called a blessed nation. Lets love one another..

  30. Claude Nawezhi

    God is watching everything they say what goes up always comes down

  31. Claude Nawezhi

    God is watching everything they say what goes up always comes down that’s how life is wish you all best HH

  32. hh

    God bless you

  33. jtrt

    things got time,so anything happening to our country lord had time revail lets see the end

  34. N-drex

    Ooooyah!!keep on talking.;)

  35. Treason

    Well Done Mr Kabimba.

  36. Treason

    That’s Good

  37. a s pf

    law is are law, no one to broke the law treason olo wangabe bwana azangenamo sorry i remind u people of zambia wakananga,

  38. Prince Mande

    Well done Mr Kabimba, solidarity with an imprisoned colleague is the right thing to do.

  39. bwaly

    This Is Not A Christian Nation.Lungu Has Just Failed To Handle Hh Politically.Release HH

  40. Lubuto Sakala

    Mr kabimba u are such a gud leader

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