Pres. Lungu Warns State House Staff Against Abusing Power

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has warned State House staff not to abuse their power and play hands in the sub contracting of the communication tower project.

Speaking when he witnessed the $282 million project between government and China, The Head of State warned that he would not act kindly to those who want to abuse their power and play hands in the project to prompt the contractor in his sub contracting, highlighting State House in particular.

“State House, you have heard, STAY AWAY!” he warned.

“Those of you who claim to have power do not abuse the contractor by insisting that he employs contractors who are not qualified, this will compromise quality.”

He added; “And I will not be friendly to those who want to push their luck in that direction, please keep away. STATE HOUSE YOU HAVE HEARD!”

Source: PF Media


  1. chitamawe

    Tymly warning! Ukwali nsoke takwa fwile muntu. Nomba apali ukulya, ta bomfwa! bt do kip away.

    • hummer where it hurts

      Dinning with him is not a prerequisite of swindling the Zambians.So you there!, among plot 1 staff be careful if not the Hummer will land on.No matter how close you are to him.keep it in your hearts that your
      weaknesses are not secrets to him.

    • selisho

      well spoken

    • Js

      FORE WARNED FORE ARMED, Chapwa.Comment

    • Js

      FORE WARNED FORE ARMED, Chapwa. Better to be SAFE than SORRY.

    • Chichi

      Signs off cute Chichi girl.

  2. r,g

    Comment lungu do your work

  3. James Wiseman

    Don’t put your confidence in powerful people, there is no hope for you there.when they breathe their last,they return to the earth. Psamlms 146:3-4

  4. bb assorted

    wel spoken my President…

  5. JMM


  6. Tito zidan

    that’s true they should not abuse thr powers

  7. Tito zidan

    that’s true you should not abuse your powers

  8. selisho

    very gud

  9. BE


  10. wistone munsaka m tembo


  11. Simz

    pliz Mr president advise the finance minister to pay us our long service bonus es so that we can pay for our school going children. We don’t have where to cry to apart from you Mr president.We had been waiting for the same since 2010/2011.

  12. TJ

    Great move your HE ECL that will always bring both your Zambian people and you great!

  13. Mr nice

    Well spoken

  14. Pleito

    Nembwalala shileyumfwila nashicaila kwati tesho bale eba

  15. Patrick but amazing saimbunji

    You quacks! Let me warn you on behalf of my president. In fact his warning is long overdue and timely now. I don’t know whether I just slept over it but it must get on you rightly. I will start by informing you that he is so jovial such that he brings you closer to see around you. He has got sharp eyes to see what is in front of him also what is behind him. In himself, being humble is not being weak, but just his nature.Don’t go wrong on that one, cos your fingers will be burnt. Let me say that his blows are that of High tensile strengthe. Get me wrong! You will be punched to the canvas. Ask CK, he is still on the canvas, I don’t know when he is going to stand up, still groaning, up to now ,imagine! I end here for frear not to be punched also.

  16. Best Robert

    That’s an order and not a request.”state house,stay away”he is the Commander in Chief and he has issued a direct order.may you live long.

  17. Alford Ngwenya

    That’s good Mr ECL …

  18. Chilombo Kelvin

    Days good,our president. Warn them 2 take out fingers from DAT project

  19. Charles Mutolwa

    His is just joking relaxe he can not fire you

  20. joe

    lungu, his a best comedian. never mind him

  21. Joseph chanda


  22. Joseph Chanda

    but zambian

  23. MR why

    Am loading to comment …… … .

  24. Benson kasonde

    The president have spoken and State house try to understand and compromise within the given instructions

  25. job or yobo

    Mealie meals at low price,fuel also low,wat a president.u are caring and loving president infanct u are an xpendable asset.those pipo dat are bring shame on u pls let them go to HELL.congratulatins 4 the development u are bring in chiengi district.let them balengwe nsoni bangwele.God bless u Papa ECL

  26. Daywalker

    These loans are supposed to benefit Zambians but the Foreign contractors behave as if it’s a favour they are doing us just because they control the money and can bribe one or two unpatriotic citizens along the way. Enough is enough. 20% Zambian subcontracting is only a minimum requirement but we have big corporations coming to Zambia playing the role of middle men and cutting out all local experts and management and simply employing our low level workers who won’t question profit or technical matters. At phase 2 the chaos are supposed to use the local capacity they created in Phase 1 and there should be no foreign contractor otherwise it would be fair to say that our foreign contractors are sabotaging government efforts to empower locals by making it extremely difficult for them to participate. Don’t take Zambians for granted.


  27. Mr kayx

    Thats our president, we also want the road here makasa kayambi road in mungwi district northern province

  28. 1LEE

    wel spoken big man..

  29. B-Virus

    Thats my president ECL. Ba fi tala ni selo kuti ba leke. if the project is found with some faults whom are you idiots going to blame? the government then it all come back to The innocent ECL. FUCK THOSE TRYING TO PAINT A BAD PICTURE ABOUT. DEMONS IN HELL IDIOTS

  30. M. CHANDA

    A warning is a guide to those who have knowledge in order to avoid agonizion.

  31. Wisdom

    That’s very well spoken

  32. Lee

    well spoken

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