Letter: Ngwerere Road Will Also De-congest Lusaka Traffic

Dear Editor

We commend government for starting the works on the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriage way how ever it would have been nice if the Ngwerere or Kalimba farm road would have been finished connecting Great East road it will really make things easier or rather de-congest traffic. Thank you we appreciate the work you are doing as media house.


  1. Jerry


  2. JM

    I like it . The picture shows the dignity the country. If the roads are improved and new ones constructed especially in rural areas to open up the country side.
    Then we shall ask president Lungu just to respect the human rights and rule of law.
    On this road PF well done.

  3. joseph sakala

    One time what a wonderful road ,well done pf regime

  4. B.Political Sc.

    Pls the Chingola-Solwezi road? At a hatred, do you have to go this far. Biting the feeding finger!

    Northwesterners what do you think?

    If a woman hates you for a reason, try to impress her by being loving and positive, you will see her call you by your first name one day for ever.
    When she has time to reflect she will say…”oh I thot she was bad yet not”.
    The in government should think in this line. Win their hearts by doing what they are always crying for as opposed to negative counter reactions.

  5. bismack

    ushitasha mwana wandoshi. good gesture

  6. Franktok

    The road in the photo is indeed a marvel. It’s now up to motorists to realise that government does not spend all that money so that they should smash up their beautiful vehicles and end people’s lives unnecessarily. Please drive with care.

    • Gideon Mukuka Chotwe

      Why Are You So Much Concerned About It You Failier… Simple And Straight Forward, Just Wait And See…

    • Gideon Mukuka Chotwe

      Why Are You So Much Concerned About It You Failier… Simple And Straight Forward, Just Wait And See… You White Little Poor Chichi And Stop Waisting Your Time On Things You Don’t Believe…

  7. Chichi

    Fools! That road is not in Zambia. Cars don’t drive on the right in Zambia. You have to be black to be that dull. Wake up you black maggots and refuse to be fooled. This is why your country’s economy is being raped day in day out by savages in political power. I thank God I wasn’t born black.
    Signs off cute Chichi girl.

    • Pelekelo

      Dont think you are the only smart one that has observed that but we are all smarter enough to know that it is for illustration purposes and not the actual Ndola/Lusaka dual carriage road. Shouting on top of your voice simply shows how dull you are. I pity the man who will marry you

      • Eliam

        Well said Bo Pelekelo, But also if you read and understand this article very well,especially in the first passage, you will see that the author has clearly stated that “we commend government for starting the works on the lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway”. I have not seen where it says we commend government for finishing the lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway. I think the picture is just there to make us people understand what or maybe how that road is going to look like when finished. Now others are already insulting us. Chichi or whatever you call yourself you are very dull and stupid. Learn to have respect for others and you will earn some also.

    • Jade Mwanza

      Hehehe, and you have been silently ignored. Understand the basics of a “concept”. It’s not in Zambia but it is how they intend to have it look like. They don’t really have to show cars driving on the right side to portray how the road will look like, and besides, you our educated one, its not about the road looking like that, but it been a dual carriage road that will de-congest the current road. Ignorance is bliss even in those who choose to appear smart, no wait! mostly in such type of people.

    • Amlegend

      Fuck you chichi you asshole…..why you hating black…..and I wonder what your race is go and suck your fathers dick

  8. MATA

    Comment. That is wonderfull to our country’s dignity and it will also bring improvement and beauty

  9. commando

    The roads above look smart and well travelled but are not in Zambia.Ba Zambia report kindly be proffessional and realistic in your reporting.What are you trying to achieve by posting foreign roads on your site?Is it to paint a picture that the PF is working or what?.If it’s in Zambia kindly tell me where it’s allowed to drive on your right lane?The truth is:We don’t have such roads in Zambia.

    • Pelekelo

      Another dull Zambian. It is a concept and the picture is just for illustration. Who said this road is in Zambia. Pictures are used for dull people like you commando and chichi but you are still too dull to get the message. “A picture tells a thousand word” but not for some people I can see

  10. The

    Good work for PF gorvement

  11. The

    Pliz our president consider our road lundazi- chama road.thanks

  12. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Comment:Weldone PF,kutasha icho umwene.

  13. Franktok

    You have to be black to be that dull. Wake up you black maggots and refuse to be fooled, says Chichi. I must say the author had me fooled, but now I can see the truck driving towards me, on the right side of the road and headed for a head-on, unless I.have entered the. DRC. Thanks Chichi, you clever fool!

  14. Robby

    only fatherless people like chichi think that way I think this so called chichi is one of the bastards around born without knowing her fathers.

  15. MARTIN

    Once upon a time there were no roads like the Mongu – Kalabo road and then came the party currently in power,we have such a road. Even the road in the picture will come very soon. From there all other govts will build. This is called UBUYANTASHI

  16. oracle

    Pf cadres are dull they are appricieting some thing which they don’t know those are South African roads pf cadres please back to school,sign off oracle.

    • D'Kap

      Where in SA do you travel on the right side? Try DRC…

  17. Albert

    Finish Chingola – Kitwe first.

  18. ben k chibale

    thats good road

  19. Commando

    Iwe pelekelo you ought to respect others on this site and when you observe that one has erred he should be corrected without shouting at him/her or thinking less of that person.The question is: can’t our narrow roads be used as an illustration?Why pick on roads from developed countries and use them as an illustration does it mean ours can’t do the job?No wonder it’s easier for a foreigner to get employed and do the work which can be done by Zambians.Let’s learn to cook our own food.

  20. dm

    chichi your pussy is stinking too much close your legs please !fatherless creature .

  21. Chichi

    It’s a pity some PF fools are hallucinating to have such a road in Zambia. Stick to your filthy chachacha road and your heavily congested Lusaka – Kabwe road. 51 plus years after independence you still have single lane roads connecting cities and provinces. Make your own roads and use them for your sickening illustrations. Why using incredible road infrastructure from other countries for your unattainable dreams? Fools you are! Stinking creatures who shouldn’t have been born or created.
    Signs off cute Chichi girl

    • Gideon Chot's

      Chichi Look Behind Your Back And Tell Yourself What You Can See… Don’t Be So Crazy As Crazy As Your Double Mixed Colour…This Is Zambia But Not You Brothers Country, When’re Going To Change…Is It Because You Eye & ears That You Never See And Hears…What About The Reduction Of Price And Jobs Oppotunities?

  22. Mk

    Thank you Elias for bringing the Kalimba Reptile Farm road to the fore. I live off that road in Ngwerere and I want to 100% agree with you that completing the Kalimba road will decongest traffic entering into Lusaka using GNR. Simply put, it is connecting GNR straight to eastern part of Lusaka & beyond. Iam aware that we have a listening Govt, some one will listen & will act ?.

  23. lawlife

    Comment do somthing on ngwerere road pliz

  24. lawlife

    ngwerere road will be a key to evrythig wil huv easia tranportation there er many fams here pliz we realy need this road Dear president

  25. Kaspar fk

    critics is when you workup with all the splashes around your mouth. learn to appreciate people.

  26. juzzed

    Those trying to ague with this illustration have never sat for any exam. In exam papers there are same illustrations to give students crews, and those illustrations do not mean they are the actual answers. Kikikiki.

  27. mulongoti

    That’s true school is cool an illustration is to give you a clear picture of something

  28. Mula

    Wow I Love The View Of The Road.Keep It Rolling.We Are Looking Forward For High Change.

  29. nandi

    yaba ndeloleshafye

  30. rabson

    ??? to the government, looking forward to seeing the beautiful road.

  31. Chichi

    Keep dreaming you pathetic and cursed race since dreams are for free. You will never have such a road in your entire generation unless Edgar was to shit one from his ass. No wonder you are flooded with fake prophets robbing you day and night in the hopes they will get you miracles for healing, wealth, jobs and all sorts of fortunes. Find a job and work hard you lazy stinking and cursed race. God does not appreciate lazy people like you. You’re cursed, that’s all and you will die with shame.
    Signs off cute Chichi girl.

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