Political Party Funding Bill Coming

The long lingering debate of whether or not to fund political parties by government may finally be settled with government announcing that a bill is on the cards.

Justice Minister Given Lubinda said that the bill will be introduced in the next sitting of parliament between September and December.

Lubinda said the draft bill was already on the table and open for refining in terms of the magnitude of the funding and who would be entitled.

The Kabwata lawmaker said that members of the public would be given an opportunity to input in the bill before it is presented in parliament.

Political parties have often lobbied that they be funded by government to ease some of the burden of running their affairs.
The debate has been inclusive over time with the extent of the funding and which parties should be entitled stalling the debate.


  1. James

    that is good sir

  2. Jinx Popo

    In this bill, also include regulation of how much other funders, not just GRZ can donate and declaration of all funders political or business interests plus the ceiling of the amounts that political parties can receive.

  3. by

    This was discussed in constitution review. We need this to happen

  4. mulongoti

    Why shud the government start funding political parties when it has a lot of things to take care of like drugs in hospitals, books in schools since politics is business let politicians fund themselves and grz fund public things which benefits all of us funding political parties will b wasting taxpayers money it’s better you fund schoolarships for underprivileged children than waste to adults who have failed lives

  5. rabson

    We have way to many political parties, Zambia already has more than enough to worry about. Let political parties carry their own load.

  6. uzawina party

    there are funds i wil also form a political party

  7. Samson

    Politics without economic diversity .Us pols are left or right uk.Aristocrat or labour.As for us barking dogs that’ll never bite pay them and silence them while the electorate suffer

  8. Friday

    Bur y contest if u AR a broke a** ni***???
    Does the same government hav such money?

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