Saviour Chishimba Clocks One Week In Police Custody

United Progressive Party president Saviour Chishimba has clocked one week behind bars after having being detained last Thursday on a charge of defamation of the President.

The outspoken UPP leader has been one of the harshest critics of President Edgar Lungu and his remark at a press briefing in July where he said that “chalo chakwawiso” loosely translated as is it your father’s country?

Chishimba was bundled away in a police van whilst appearing on a radio program on privately owned Diamond Television.
He has yet to be presented before the courts of the law where he could be eligible for bail.

Chishimba is currently locked up at Woodlands Police Station.

On Wednesday expelled Patriotic Front Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili visited Chishimba at Woodlands Police Station with the duo having an emotional exchange of views after embracing.

People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti also visited Chishimba behind bars.


  1. abilima

    I think he was looking for some popularity and now he has got it. Let him remain there a little longer.

  2. siame

    I must stress here that: FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS are assured to us by the government. In the absence of fundamental rights liberty of the individual is never out of danger. RULE OF LAW:No person will be punished or kept in custody for long time untill and unless his crime is proved. Here we are,Mr Chishimba has been in custody for 7 days for a bailable offense. May God help us.

  3. eddie


  4. joseph chanda

    he want to b fameous

  5. GANNT

    Comment Peaple are ubusing the freedom of speach, you don’t call insults as freedom of speach, its not our culture.

  6. Jacqueline Ktita

    He is famous

  7. Chichi

    Why is this smart man in jail? Does it mean that crazy and foolish Edgar is hunting down all elites who refuse to tow the line? My namesake should be released from incarceration unconditionally and those who are holding him in captivity should stand ready to compensate him for wrongful detention and prosecution. Edgar’s time to be castrated is coming soon. He’s a big fool this world has never seen before.
    Signs off cute Chichi girl.

  8. H M

    Please let’s bear this in our mind,Peogle are not abusing the freedom of speech.What is happening in our country looks like the country is been ruled by the caders,the President has gone fishing.

  9. xxx

    be calm you wil be free

  10. bwalya

    Lungu Is Becoming A Sole Dictator.He Want To Eliminate All Those Who Can Challenge Him. Zambia Get Ready For A Civil War

  11. Friday

    Let him stay there for a while…
    He wants to do under five politics

  12. oracle

    Some Pf cadres are fools useless

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