Citizen’s View: Let’s Face It; Zambians Are Cheap Time Wasters

There is a story of a purportedly ugly lady wedding a supposedly handsome man. A popular Facebook site has even substantiated the issue through a story whose main story is that the lady has a boutique and that’s what attracted the man thus an economic marriage.

This confirms that this country is more committed to people’s personal issues than national development. How can a normal human being write a story to disparage someone’s looks? The lady, with her man, should be going through a tough time (mental torture and ridicule) as human beings because of criminals posing to be journalists. I urge colleagues who are close to these souls to please support them.

Such crap has a lot of following and that’s attractive to our base thinking capacity. Our education system should be revised to promote critical thinking and move us from mundane, low reflection. You will find that most people posting this even claim to worship the God who made the lady.

In more progressive countries, this is nothing. They don’t talk about personal issues. And who defines beauty? I urge those colleagues who reason with this to please pull the post down. Let’s teach our children to be broader than this so that in their generation, development and human rights will dominate more than tribalism, personality and ‘Ubuntu-lessness’…

Adapted from Henry Kabwe’s Facebook Page


  1. brian mfula

    Apatebeta Lesa tapafuka chushi, Akananani katu kali pambale

    • Fred

      Once an old man by the name of Munkombwe told me something I still agree with today at Kalundu Motel, Choma. We were having breakfast and near us were the two shatell ladies, Joe Chibangu and other musicians having their breakfast as well. He looked at the two ladies, Imboela and Saboi and said “God is all wise indeed. Do you see the nice thighs of these two ladies? You will find that many ugly looking ladies are sweeter than them in bed.” So don’t judge the book by its cover. You never know what ecstasy the guy reaches during hammer time. You would go mad yourself and never return to your wife and children.

    • munsanje187

      satanists owez see ugliness on children God

  2. Chichi

    I swear this is Edgar’s daughter. Ugly like her dad! ouchi!!!!
    Signs off cute chichi girl

    • Chilubo

      Someone’s cup of coffee is someone’s cup of poison. Very sad to some of you journalists ,ninshi amalevos yanono, atase mulekeko ubupuba.

    • kawax

      Panyopako kachichi.Leave my sister alone, you wanted her to marry your stupid dad.

    • Sim1

      Iwe niwe chimbwi mushololwa, ale nu uchende ukaleke see u in hell.

  3. Sj

    You heard for yourselves. I can’t even rub it in more clearly. Ishuko lyamunobe tekuti iwe wendelemo. The Journalist/s should remember to do Practical Criticism. Give the couple chance to enjoy their holy matrimony in which they were sworn in. Let what God has put together NO man put AS UNDER. Comment

  4. FuManchu

    Indeed “Who defines beauty?” each person is beautiful in their own unique way and anyone who thinks they are better at defining beauty than the Creator let them start by looking at and defining their parents and siblings before venturing out! A piglet looking at the mother sow exclaimed “Oh my! How ugly you look!” with a grunt she responded “Only time will correct you!”

  5. Mabingo kasalu

    You know what? God created good but man’s choice was for both good and bad.So let the people have the freedom to comment what they like.It is only in new Jerusalem were you shall find good comments only and not on planet earth.So people should just learn how to overcome such comments.

    • Sim1

      Good & bad dats y u sleep with ba muka fwila coz ur good & bad.shetani.

  6. Chilubo

    Someone’s cup of coffee is someone’s cup of poison. Very sad to some of you journalists ,ninshi amalevos yanono, atase mulekeko ubupuba.

  7. wizkid

    On my foot chichi.it seems its your step brother from Scotland trying to marry Mrs piggy.

  8. Shawn

    I swear this lady is fucking ugly even though you are saying that we shouldn’t talk about it haha ? money or juju has something to say about this story kaleza che

  9. Hope kalaba

    Its so sad to see this happen in this day and era.how does one define beauty .we are all created equal in the eyes of our creator .I see her to be beautiful .you who say otherwise create a human we see.women we are each other’s keeper .imagine the pain the lady might be going thru .my sister you are beautiful beyond words.and those women saying she’s ugly how come you who are pretty are still single? ### let’s learn to love one another.peace.

  10. chitamawe

    Let him, freely, enjoy married lyf wth his beauty. Luv iz blind. 2 him, she iz special.

  11. Royd

    Wish U Happy Ichupo

  12. Sky killer

    It is GOD who created that Lady not you

  13. Sky killer

    It is GOD who created that Lady not you OK,so next time mind your on business

  14. KP

    Above beauty and taste, we cannot argue.

  15. Dalitso Lungu

    Time and again it has shown that most zambians or rather most zambians commenting on social media are ignorant and sometimes one would wonder if we all really have normal mental abilities basically and common… Certain ignorancy is really scarely, yet sime of these bloggers are graduates and further claim to be christian… It’s amazing…

  16. one love

    sekeseke nakupandila wemwine ukayonawile

  17. Franktok

    A friend of mine married what I thought was the most beautiful woman in the world. When I told him so, he replied sadly that if I could see the inside of her I would quickly swallow my compliments. I learned from him that real beauty lies in someone’s heart. There are countless beauties in the world who are sending their husbands insane through their despicable act hating husband’s relative, laziness, or even unfaithfulness. Please leave the guy alone. He has not married the salon but his love and happiness. Take a very critical look at your spouse and you’ll certainly spot one area that should not be there. And what about you? You are not as beautiful as you think!

  18. joseph chanda

    ugly face handsome pocket .

  19. Kayz

    Beauty is nt all abt the face bt the heart as well.Dnt b cheatd by de beautiful faces u see,their hearts r made of stone

  20. crown

    in my experience ugly chicks tend to be sweeter in bed. Also,the smaller a woman’s ass is or narrower her hips are, the sweeter she is in bed.

  21. om

    Shame to Zambians who condemned this,we are all entitled to marriage,no matter how we were created….when I look at her smile o I c s joy an’ happiness…bright smile ,am happy for u my sis.God bless u mo.


    Love z blind

  23. Munu

    Ooh we can’t say much… Let’s not judge… She found love and got married…. Congratulations to them both

  24. mya

    Whats wrong with you people?every one was created in the image of God weather ugly or beaitiful..what matters is the heart that person has..you maybe beautiful but your are ugly inside

  25. Joe

    liko bad, kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  26. Brima

    YOU also making news with this Article, PEOPLE unaware of the post you claim to have developD your reason for rebuke are becoming aware of this Marriage…. in short you are equally a POOR FISH

  27. alick

    kikiki…But kwana

  28. Eizo

    i guess the so called beautiful pipo r saying the ugliest things.2Much negative energy ba zed.

    • Nkhana Lubansa

      Let the couple enjoy their marriage.why popping our nose’s in others issue?

  29. Lubansa

    Let the newly weds enjoy their marriage

  30. commando

    A crocodile in Bemba-land is relish in ……. .land.Many beautiful ladies fail to faithful to their husbands because they are praised everywhere they go.Congratulations!!!!!!!

  31. Pakati

    She is differently beautified. Really Beautiful!

  32. MAN OF GOD

    Beautiful Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder….not all of those who say lord lord shall inherit the kingdom of heaven.


    Love Is Not Blind Because It Doesn’t Have The Eyes. It’s You Who Is Blind.

  34. Johnson


  35. Luu

    Love is blind my dear

  36. Makai

    Read Matthews 23:25-28.pls pipo 2day mwaupa 2morrow devoiced bkoz mulekonka outside ‘what cold u do if that face accidentally deformed? U are accusing God ukwebati tapa file bwino .

  37. makai

    Read Matthews 23:25-27
    2day u are married 2morrow divorce .what could u do if that beautiful face accidentally deformed .ngamulibasuma ninshi tamwaupilwa? Let them enjoy their honeymoon. God bless this couple.

  38. joseph chanda

    show me yo wife

  39. Ali

    Guys zeeeee sana shez beautiful……

  40. TJ

    Nobody is ugly in this beautiful great world of ours!.Some people will look beautifull and also sexually from outside looking while others who are ugly are very sweet from the underneath! There is nobody who is ugly and we are all beautiful despite of our looks!

  41. D.Zone

    Hello Zambian!! what is the problem with your fellow Zambian’s marriage? You know what? A Human being’s behaviour should be different from any other animal. Please! let us comment like matured ones.

  42. Cj

    If yu say that lady is ugly it is as same as telling God , that he is ugly,,

  43. Gershom

    Beauty lies in the eyes ? ov da owner,
    And wat God has put together no man can separate it… God created a man in his own image, if you say dat lady is ugly den Yu re also saying that God is ugly as well

  44. mulongoti

    Let the beautiful ladies show us their husbands very ugly insannsa kuchinjana beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder balekeni abene mwebantu

  45. Detroit

    All i can do is laugh at the comments???
    you guys are who published that bullshit ass article…..
    what a shame you are to society

  46. Chachine

    This article itself proves that Zambians are cheap timewasters. Why does the writer bother to comment about such?

  47. Zambia

    @chichi Pamatako pako pankolo

  48. pj

    Comment gud story

  49. Don

    This is witchcraft

  50. Swiza

    Language(tongue) defines what our hearts contain.

  51. swiza

    Our tongue defines what our heart contains.

  52. mukenga

    Goes to show Zambians have nothing to talk about as we starting to ridicule the President on this. Remember that lady despite her looks in your dirty eyes is your MOTHER/SISTER/AUNT etc. Respect GOD’s creations.

  53. Collins c pop

    Scret Ku beddd

  54. Amos Mumba

    I know both the wife shes a sister to my friend and the hubby is the brother to my friend then he be came also a friend ,people are just busy saying rubbish all this its cause of jealous i wish the couple all the best God bless you guys abd God will confuse haters … DENNIS MY GUY BIKAMO BA PUNDU wish you all the best

  55. Nchimunya

    It’s just shit thinking all together. How do u even utter such words like agry to a fellow human being? If where u come from there is any element of respect you should show it through what you write. Fucksess

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