PF Upset With KCM Outsourcing

Patriotic Front supporters have noted with dismay the move by KCM to outsource labour for its operations on the Copperbelt.

The ruling party supporters calling themselves PF Generals say the KCM decision is unwarranted and a mere ploy encouraging the evasion of tax and payment of long service and long term benefits to employees.

“It further creates an atmosphere of job insecurity among the miners,” they state.

Outsourcing labour, according to PF generals, does not change the geological inclinations of the ore body.

“Therefore, the method of mining remains the same and so are the costs associated with doing the actual mining,” the PF generals add.

The PF generals argue that the danger of outsourcing is that the contractor shall squeeze the labour costs by under paying the workers in order to fit into the financial contractual structures that shall be created by KCM and the Contractor.

“This is as must be expected cause the two parties have to create a relationship that’s profitable out of the constant paradigm. Secondly, KCM wants to transfer the labour to the contractor without paying them their dues until after two years.

“The ministry of labour and social protection must take keen interests in the welfare of the mines in this regard together with the line ministry of mines to ensure that mining standards are not compromised.”

According to the generals, copper prices are projected to be going up for a long period of time now that the world is looking to completely stop the manufacturing of vehicles powered by fuel.

“Electricity powered vehicles are going to be the in-thing now, and copper will be on high demand. These mines are fully aware, and are making every way possible to make huge profits and get the capital out of this country, before we know it.”


  1. Napoleon

    Ba Joyce nonde must be fired.This woman is not doing enough at our Labour ministry.There are alot of companies flouting labour laws in Zambia.This issue of barking and you sit on laurels pretending to be doing something yet you the same people who pay lower wages to your workers.Everything in Zambia is a rot because our system is rotten and corrupt.That’s why our council can even sell land on a government Gazetted road to Somali national.We promote illegality because we look on our bellies rather than our future generation.

  2. ndindindi

    Comment. I agree with you Napoleon,Zambia is now being control led by foreigners..

  3. joe

    corruption, has destroy our country

  4. Mbuya

    The money is in Cobalt! You guys must read more!

  5. Alfonso chungu

    Comment this called nonde she thinks she is very clever when she was not in government she was condemning the government to say there doing nothing now when she was appointed has minister can she tell the people of Zambia what she is doing

    • james

      Batila ati, ukulanda kwalyanguka, ukomba kwena kwslishupa.
      Ifi efyo beba ati, ifya kumwena kubukulu…

  6. Lawrence Chungu

    Copperbelt & Chingola inparticular has supported PF from time in memorial.but what have they got in return!pull up yo socks bane ifikokola filapena!

  7. mukenge

    Thats good .and im waiting 4 my weding also

  8. oracle

    Ministry of labour is worst under pf government and chingola ministry of labour is now rotten, signs off oracle.

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