Kambwili Visits Hichilema At Mukobeko Prison

Expelled Patriotic Front Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili teamed up with acquitted former Lusaka Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta to visit incarcerated UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

Kambwili has been mending fences since being thrown in the cold by the PF and has since been to Southern Province to apologize to the people that he had allegedly offended with his careless talk whilst he was serving in government.

The Roan MP was also joined by UPND vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and held a closed door meeting with Hichilema at Mukobeko Maximum Prison.

Kambwili has been a busy body since his fall out with the PF is plotting to form a political party although he has mounted a legal challenge to his expulsion from the PF in the Lusaka High Court.


  1. justin kalonga

    From one side to the other …i hope i know what he’s doing..

  2. Perturbed

    A Man 4 Real C K.

  3. youngsomerocker

    yaba bwafya ba chishimba bena

  4. fest

    visiting him after all those insults, go to hell and save you’re small god ecl .live HH alone!

    • Sj

      For the same reason that our Dear sister Dora Silia did not get on that well with our late President M.C. Sata but in death, she has joined PF. let us be quick to forgive.

  5. Friday

    Why shud upnd welcome a man that was fighting them day in en out.

    • ROKA

      He must be received the way Dora and kalima have received by pf they used to insult baSata besides that he is bringing the support upnd missed for many years just wait and see what will be happening when elections will be around the corner. The new constitution has stabilized the MPs otherwise we could have witnessed a lot of defections

    • mr progress

      awe ba CK after the expulsion then u do realize that what i did is wrongful, me i do condem u..

  6. mulongoti

    Forgiveness is forgiveness no strings attached be careful your comments as tongas May render you tribal this kambwili wants to prove to the nation that what he said abt you is true so b careful with your comments they’ll turn against you That’s a political apology it might b used as a compain weapon let’s forgive if we want to and no attachments to forgiveness he will say I did this bt them did that and the public will say yes

    • ROKA

      you are right mulongoti what is needed is for upnd to rebrand itself and must renounce it regionalism stance.AS FOR ME AM GOING BACK TO UNIP WHICH ALSO NEEDS SELF REBRANDING

  7. Kayz

    CK so this is when u’ve realised u hv a careless mouth after the expulsion?Hw childish!Pliz stay away frm HH & Tongaland

    • Elvis

      my brother in christ, everything is got there time,in poritical they is too much insauity one another


    forgive him

  9. Mubu Swag

    Hw Childish And Senseless Is Ck? Iyoo Kwena They A Realy Politics…Kusulakofye Kuti Wakapilamo Wewakayele Mayo!!!!

  10. Mamvi

    hw childish z CK? kuwayawayafye…they a realy politics…kulabakofye kuti wakapilamo wewakayele tata…i know y he z doing that….

  11. mulongoti

    I can see Ba karzy just one comment it divides the nation ored show kambwili that you’re not just tongas by humans with a human hearts and you can forgive unconditionally I don’t know what the Tonga women married to kambwili s tribe will take their children and viceversa be cordial

  12. Hamaimbo Silukaye

    Live CK Alon.Wen Sam 1 Is Right,he Is Right Period.

  13. oracle

    Kambwili nga tencito ukupwa nga tacitilepo na apologize nomba amona yabipina alefwaya ailange ukuba umwana musumo mwebantu please takwaba sorry after death that’s rediculos I know kambwili very much not only southerners who were insulted but north westerners so in short kambwili is not to trust Signs off oracle.

  14. Mulenga


  15. Alfred Kachana

    Kambwili Is Crazy

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