Letter: How Is CDF Being Used?

I feel pity for our people. Sometimes l ask myself how is our CDF being used and what value has it added towards the development of the constituency.

We have abundance of natural resources that of Lake Bangweulu but nothing has been done to woo the investors in order to attract tourism. Our MP is unspeakable, he is only seen and known during elections.

I am challenging Honourable Kasandwe to come out in the open and interact with the people to appreciate their challenges.

Let him come out and explain or help us understand how our CDF has been utilized in his constituency. Ever since he took up the responsibilities from 2015 to date he has only gone back once to the constituency.
Transparency, honest and genuineness shall help us attain our desired goals.

Reuben K Chama
Aspiring candidate for Bangweulu constituency
Samfya District in Luapula Provice


  1. Francis

    All like in msoro nothing is happening

  2. fest

    even if the MPs were doing there level best,the same it will not help because the president has got no visition for our country Zambia.

  3. sn

    even in choma nothing is happening with the cdf .

  4. HH

    Even in choma, there is nothing CDF is working.

  5. zz

    same with choma.

  6. Prince Mande

    In Sekelela I don’t know whether we have counselor or not. There’s absolutely no activity in our ward, the roads are impassable they have not been graded for a long time.
    In my view Chilanga council where we belong is a nonperforming council, the counselor is nowhere to be found. What is happening to our CDF what is it being applied on.SHAME indeed.

  7. Kashimani Kaliminga

    Even Here In Kaoma Cdf Is Doing Nothng Since Ever

  8. oracle

    Even here in solwezi nothing happening I don’t no nga nifi twaba mu opposition only Almightpy knows signs off oracle.

  9. Prestigeous

    Even Chimba-milonga Constituency In Nsama District In The Northern Region. Nothing Is There The Mp Is Also Un Speakable

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