MMD Mobilization Team Pays Courtesy Call On Chief Kizela In North Western

The MMD team on a mobilization tour of North Western Province on Wednesday visited Chief Kizela of the Kaonde people of Mufumbwe.

Team Leader Mtolo Phiri said they had taken time to visit his royal highness to wish him a full recovery from the stroke he suffered recently and explain what they were doing in his chiefdom.

Phiri who is the Vice President of the former ruling party said his party was in the province in a bid to revamp it and ensure that it returns its status as the strongest political party in the province.

He said North Western Province was a strong hold of the party but that it had lost its grip due to the challenges the party has gone though since losing elections in 2011.

He noted that from his assessment from the three districts the entourage had visited the prospects were positive and that the leadership of the party will do everything possible to return its status in the province.

Phiri also took time to clarify to his royal highness that the president of the party Felix Mutati was saving in government at the invitation of President Lungu but he still remains leader of the party.

Meanwhile, his royal highness chief Kizela appreciated the visit by the leadership of the former ruling party saying their visit was important so that they could explain the position of the party on a number of issues.

He told the entourage that the party was appreciated in the province because of a number of development they initiated when they were in office including opening up the mines in the province.

His Royal highness further urged the party leadership to clarify their association with the PF because it was confusing their members.

Phiri and his entourage has since proceeded to Zambezi district where they will have meetings with party officials before meeting party structures in Kapombo district.


  1. bb assorted

    I can’t even point MMD’s graveyard ……lol

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    Comment niyokanga iyo kkkk….y panicking?

  3. Francis Banda

    Nkholoko inapwanyika

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    Comment MMD is dead,it has no president,,,,so funny!

  5. Franktok

    “Felix Mutati was saving in government at the invitation of President Lungu but …” just how will he campaign for plot 1 against his “PRESIDENT” in 2021 without biting the hand that is feeding him now? Mtolo Phiri’s position is most unenviable. MMD is a passenger train without a locomotive engine stuck at a siding. Just disembark and follow your leader. You current mission, sir, is like trying to squeeze milk out of a long dead cow. I doubt if even the pastor NM could kick any life into the clock.

  6. Umuntu

    He is confusing the people he has been sponsored by pf

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    any one have some knowledge that how much the mmd most pays the workers working with the batteries?

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    Bones will.never recover flesh

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