Opinion: Why Is Hichilema In Prison

In case you have forgotten, HH was arrested for a traffic offence of obstructing the Presidential motorcade. When the matter came up in court the State FAILED to prosecute the matter and instead opted to enter a Nolle Prosequi. So just to set the record straight the reason why HH is still incarcerated has NOTHING to do with the reason he was initially arrested for, that is, the Mongu traffic debacle.

So why is he still incarcerated? Your guess is as good as mine but one thing is a fact for sure: The PF Government is hell bent at using and abusing state institutions such as the police, ACC and the judiciary to sort out their political enemies, real or perceived. They will stop at nothing to cage and silence anyone who is holding them to account for their actions.

I have heard some narrow minded folks praising President Lungu for “allowing” certain individuals such as the Catholic Bishops and other notables to visit HH in prison. Really!!! Why should the President be the one to authorise who sees HH? Issues to deal with who visits or not visit a suspect fall under the ambit of the Courts and the prison authorities. And the last I checked I found that President Lungu is neither the Court nor a Commissioner of Prisons, let alone a prison warder, so why is he the one authorising visitations?

Why is HH being treated like a convicted criminal when the man is innocent until proven otherwise by a competent court of law? They want to break the man; they want to break his spirit, compromise his health and literally destroy his life.

We have seen so many people whose lives have been destroyed by the System, through systematic, incarcerations, Dean Mung’omba, Musakanya, Captain Solo, Archie and the least goes on and on.

Mukobeko prison is a hell of a place for any human being. It was meant for condemned hardcore criminals. It is not a reformatory facility as some semantics suggest, no, it is a hole, a chiller that is meant to punish and not to reform a prisoner.

It is clear that PF’s strategy is to instill fear in the citizens, fear of arrest, fear of losing friends and contacts, fear of losing business, fear of losing a job, fear, fear, fear and more fear.

But why should a government resort to threats, arrests and intimidation in dealing with those that doesn’t agree with it? That is exactly what happens when a party in power or a government has failed to provide leadership. When power is placed in wrong hands what follows is abuse of state institutions, corruption, theft, massive unemployment, widespread poverty, squalor and destitution and of course violence, arbitrary arrests and even extra judicial killings.

They have caged HH to not only slow him or eliminate him from the political scene but to send a chill and a signal to everyone, especially his supporters that if you do or say anything you shall brutally be dealt with.

What conforts some of us is the fact that no matter what they may try to do to silence us, they can’t kill the spirit. Good will always triumph over evil.

Now they have blocked the media from covering HH’s Trial because of the traction it is gaining internationally and for fear of the embarrassment his captors are likely to suffer at the hands of one Berbeto aka Keith Mweemba and company. They now don’t know how to deal with HH’s case since it is abundantly clear that “evidence” against the man iliko rather.

It is wrong and cruel to use state machinery to punish, fix or sort out your political opponents. Power should not be used to settle political scores or to steal from your people. Power must be used to provide solutions to your people.

As for HH, our hearts and thoughts are with you. Today it is you, tomorrow it could me or Chanda or Joseph. ALUTA CONTINUA, VICTORIO ACETE.

Antonio Mwanza


  1. chanzi

    well articulated

  2. Henry's

    Sure thing brutha. This country has landed itself in very sad state of affairs. Too much power in one man’s hands is dangerous!

  3. Junior

    They will Wii suffer one day

  4. allan

    imwe the President is not the one who arrested hh and he did not order hh’s arrest.think weroooii.

  5. alick

    he is a comander inchief iwe!

  6. Spit it out

    It is Dictatorship.. people must understand that dictatorship is not just using military force on citizens..Dictatorship also implies that when there are some elements of democracy which are missing in a country..Zambians dont be dull this is Not democracy..

  7. I


  8. Moira

    Comment. We all know what is going on – arleady Ck has made peace with HH and other PF ministers are not in support of ECL’s actions but are just in the background shocked at the current happenings! How can we call our selves a Christian Nation when we look at this? See what has has happened in Kenya – they had to recount the results and l guess that is what we call democracy! Indeed ECL needs good advisors! May God bless Zambia

  9. one love

    HH will rule this country whether you like it or not.

  10. mmm

    read the penal code on treason and in particular the definition of force. Read the failure to obey lawful orders as well. I thought it was a traffic offence but when I read, I now understand.

  11. Sim1

    Iwe don’t write want u don’t know,from yo first statement, hh committed a traffic office which is obstruction dats y is in prison.u first ready de construction not wa lala ne hule at inkya landa pali pf mailo,chupity boy.tell hh to do his economics in prison ubunga nauwele alelima chikala.

  12. Kavilla

    Very misleading statement. If that were the case why is he facing treason charge? Ba Antonio, you have deliberately decided to mislead instead of interrogating the treason charge. For us who are uneducated it’s worrying when university graduates fail to be objective. Educate us with facts instead of sowing seeds of hatred with misleading statements.

    • gkl

      lovely,wise and powerful comments…ifipuba ifi they think zambians are guunks…..

  13. Friday

    Uhmmm, okay well written article but please be factual and neutral when raising a debatable issue.
    Dont post as a Cadre, but post as a concerned citizen

  14. mengmoreler

    Ecl is a good man,now the problem z da drivng force bhind hm.

  15. Commando

    Am a strong suppporter of the PF but following the dismissal of CK from the party my loyalty and membership is on the line.If it’s true that CK has reconcile with HH then the move is more than welcom.Am urging all well meaning Tongas through out Zambia to kindly forgive mr Chishimba Kambwili for the benefit of our country.Am Bemba by tribe,Mu 2021 nkavutela HH but first HH must publicly apologise to the bembas for what his tribesmen(Tongas) did to the bembas in namwala and other places because he’s the party president of my would be party.CK has appologised to tongas for the offending remarks he made when he was serving in the current government so it’s up to tongas to take it or leave it.At one point,our great and late president Levy Patrick Mwanawasa M.H.S.R.I.P refered to bembas as `stinking bembas’ it’s because like anybody else,our leaders become emotional when dealing with certain issues.My last advice to Mr HH is forget campaigning in UPND’s strongholds,concetrate in muchinga,northern and luapula.Bye.

  16. mulongoti

    The outhor of this story you can tell by looking

  17. pk

    now it is animal farm.

  18. De-Navigator

    Thats the Naked Truth and well Articulated my Man

  19. phillish emz


  20. Drone

    It’s perfectly clear that the arrest of HH was politically motivated and even planned in advance. Lungu is up to dictators tricks.

    The way BY was arrested and his house was looted is proof of Lungus evil intent.

  21. Dingo pall

    Jail jail jail is there 4 pipo like hh make sure he clock another 100 days in mukobeko so that they cn pump sense in that so called hh’head of hell’ or (he is hell) n he shall Neva rule this country if u don’t believe ask BA kk as he lives he will die with an idea of becoming a president of our mothers land Zambia.

  22. Senior Bachelor

    He is the arresting officer on HH ‘ hence his row to facilitate on who should see HH, he has a big hand in the arresting of HH.

  23. bravo

    Comment: let peace prevail in mother zambia, kyapwa!

  24. Kayz

    Well articulated.I also wonder why HH ws arrestd.Mr kutomola dzina nikulakwa is the “worst”president Zambia hs ever had.

    • Sj

      Please allow me to express an opinion? People Historians say History has a nasty habit of repeating itself. The Motorcade scandal being propagated is similar in nature to Lee Harvey Oswald who attacked J.F. Kennedy’s Motorcade the then US President. If our Dear brother’s intention can be likened to that incident then let us help in praying that peace prevails and not rub the case before the courts the wrong way. Don’t be Judge and Jury?

  25. Stringer

    Antonio, try blocking President Donald Trump and see what will happen to you. Are you this dull and ignorant, even with your university education?

    • Gilbert Chisola

      I have now seen why this country is in reverse gear ,these cadres they don’t even know the meaning of blocking.If ecl’life was in danger why he lowered his window u head less chickens ?If ecl convoy was blocked by HH how dd they proceeded to limulunga and who separated them ?Muziganiza imwe tukandile twanjala.

  26. FuManchu

    The statement…”We have seen so many people whose lives have been destroyed by the System, through systematic, incarcerations, Dean Mung’omba, Musakanya, Captain Solo, Archie and the list goes on and on.”…sends a cold chill down my spine. Should HH come out of incarceration soon I would urge those in his close circles to urge him to spend a little to undergo an intense health check which would also involve body fluids tests for their normalcy than a mere physical and probably have it done in Europe or the Americas!

  27. Emmanuel Banda

    God NEVER fails HH will RULE Zambia.

  28. Jojo

    HH shud be detained for mor days he is now a tourist attraction bringing in foreing exchange!! Wat a Resourceful prisoner!!!

  29. Said

    CommentTrump deported a lecturer that insulted him

  30. lil dizzo

    Hmmm I don’t know y he is succumbing into this coz he is not part of the judicially coz those are roles for courts…. Eish tell him to concentrate on development not on who to c or not c hh. Leave an innocent person that is not a case u could call treason mah I just don’t the skul these guys went to coz all are incompetent and visionless

  31. mulongoti

    What you do in darkness people will see it in the broadday light and what you think will b seen by your actions which speaks loudest than your voice so the actions of hh communicates to us what he was thinking that’s y he’s in prison today so let everyone of us check our actions towards our friends

  32. shimwamba

    its obvious that sometimes thongs become possible if we badly in need of them, so who are we not to say hh will rule Zambia at one point? all we need is an open and clear vote to help him get to us .

  33. bros

    i always hear the ruling party say zambia is a christian nation..
    matthew 6:14-15
    14 for if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly father will also forgive you.
    15 whereas if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your father forgive you.

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