PF Claim Kambwili Was Uninvited To Ukusefya Pangwe’na

The Patriotic Front has published a statement stating Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili was not invited to attend the Bemba traditional ceremony Ukusefya Pangwe’na.

According to an article published on the PF media platform, Bemba Paramount chief Chitimukulu opted to deny Roan constituency member of parliament Kambwili an invitation to preserve the integrity of the traditional ceremony.

Kambwili, in the company of his sidekick Mwenya Musenge, was blocked from proceeding to the ceremony by police while cadres blocked a sponsored radio program he was to host on Radio Mano.

The Bemba Royal Establishment spokesperson said he had officially communicated his position not to welcome Kambwili to the ukusefya pangw’ena traditional ceremony to both the Northern Province Police Commissioner Richard Mweene and the provincial administration.

“We were not ready to subject our guests especially the traditional leaders from the South to his political gimmicks, frustrations, hate speech or propaganda,” said the royal establishment spokesperson.

“We communicated this position to both the police commissioner and Northern provincial administration,” stressed ba mwine Lubemba.

“There is no room for tribal talk during ukusefya pangw’ena. There is no room for division, propaganda, sheer political gimmicks or hate speech. We are privileged to receive about 20 guests who are traditional leaders from across the nation and we would like them to enjoy and appreciate ukusefya pangw’ena for the uniting ceremony it is and devoid of any hidden political agenda,” he added.

In response, Northern province Police Commissioner Richard Mweene called on Roan members of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili and his entourage to abide by the decision of his royal Highness, Paramount chief Chitimukulu.

This year’s ukusefya pangw’ena was graced by President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and attracted different business houses on the sides of the arena, thousands of people and about 20 visiting traditional leaders including senior chief Chikanta, senior chief Mweemba, chief Chooma, chief Simwatachela, Chiefteness Choongo, chief Mapanza, chief Mukobela, senior chief Sinazongwe, chief Mwenda from Southern province.

Chief Mumena from Kalumbila, chief Kalunga from Kabompo, chief Chiyengela from Limulunga, chief Chitoshi from Lunte, chief kaputa and chief Mporokoso among others were also in attendance.


  1. The great one

    It was wise to have blocked him from attending the ceremony. Why all this rush Ba Kambwili? You shall fall into a ditch. Take it ease. However, they should have allowed him to feature on Radio Mano, that was a different case altogether.

  2. Bwafya

    Nomba efinshi fyo naimwe bamwine mushi?

    • metal

      mr ck tekanyeni bamudala,u will becoming useless nemfumu nomba shalamisula

  3. Joe

    Bemba’s their forgotten their traditional ceremony, becz of money

    • chipya mulilo

      Point of correction! Bembas never fogot their culture, they were barred frm doing so by colonial power. It was continued by KK. Chiluba lifted up dat ban. They were scared of Bembas. Remember! When musungu came, he found them with guns and ammunition.

    • Chilubo

      BA JOE please if you don’t have anything sensible to wright better keep yourself very quiet

  4. medhone

    let ck go back to metal dealings .he is not a president material

  5. oracle

    Kambwili is a useless man is even an influencer,signs off oracle.

  6. brian mfula

    love ur friends as u lov ur self.

    • Hamaimbo Silukaye

      So U Pipo, Ar U Telling Me Dat All De Folks Dat Attended De Ceremony Had An Invitation Card?If Nt So Y CK Was Blocked By De Police Among De Mases? Is He Nt A Bemba Or A Zambian Dat U Expect Hm 2 Wait Nt Until Wen An Invitation Card Is Gvn 2 Hm?Think B4 U Do Something Period.

      • Dennis

        History repeats itself.. though ther were no invitation cards, there was a criteria to block unwanted attention.

      • Mano

        The Royal Establishment did not want a repeat of the farce at Mongu. Period

    • Sj

      No worries @ an opportune time when your services are needed you shall be called to the BAR(court/barrister) to wine and dine with them.

  7. nshilimubemba

    That ingwena must be put on wheels not on the shoulders of people, things need to be modernised and not be kept in the ancient times , no more to wear ifi Lundu all that is gone with days .
    In all cultures in the world things have changed I wonder why Africans feel they should always stay behind .
    All humans at one point were scantily dressed but things have changed and traditions must do the same however memory cannot die , intelligence must come in to fit the age we are in .
    Traditions need to be polished in all ways to suite the age we are in.

    • chipya mulilo

      Traditional and culture ‘re two different things. Culture changes wth time. And traditional never change. I just wnted to educate u on that one. Check yo dictionary.

    • mwila m

      Comment Well spoken but what should be noted is that trndition is an archervid cultured that can never be mondernised completery.

  8. mulongoti

    Mr kambwili you’re not supposed to use force or power takeni umutima panshi ichifukushi te kusova pilikiti tanasha fikali Tata @

  9. nshilimubemba

    That ingwena must be on wheels not on shoulders , what ever the reason people shouldn’t be the carries as we have advanced from walking to driving and away from slavery .
    The problem we Africans always want to be in the ancient, not acknowledging that all humans on earth once dressed scantily including the well dressed today.
    Every one has improved from the past yet we Africans are shy of development and want a chief to live in a thatched hut, while the other nations chiefs live in modernity.
    Living in the past doesn’t make you the best but lack of good ideas to improve your traditions.
    We need great thinkers to improve our traditions, but keep them as traditions , these must cop with the age we live in.

  10. Lolo

    When did they start to choose who to attend and not to attend the ceremony?

  11. jahg

    leave kambwili alone.


    but why preventing him from featuring on radio mano?????


    Mr Kambwili please dont be childish stop fighting a losing battle,you will not go anywhere. You claim to be famous and thinking you can fight anyone. Bila bola panshi mwaice walasebana if you can be chased by the chief just know that ifyobe tapali. Bembas can not be fooled careful.

  14. commando

    Zambian politics have reached a critical time and interestingly some traditional leaders appear to have become politicians or caders.They are willing to do anything,i mean anything in order to please their pay masters,what a shame.I thought any Zambian is free to attend any traditional ceremony regardless of one’s tribe political affiliation but kuloleshafye,vyakulolavye.Why has our paramount chief mwine lubemba condemned CK today for the remarks he made almost a year ago?Is this when our paramount chief has heard what CK said and why now? Is it because he’s not in good books with those in authority for him to become a villain?All those condemning CK now,where you on planet mars or jupiter for the past one year and have just come back to earth?Am not in support of what the big man CK said against the tongas but am against the idea of having defended CK’s offending remarks when he was in government lulya bamutamfya mu buteko na mu party elo mwamona ububi bwamashiwi alandile.Politics of the belly,insala kapondo

  15. Joe

    Boy balekutina kaili Ba hh balimu kayofi. Ni kanshi tatwa kwateko Ba opposition mu Zambia.

  16. Saul Hlupo

    Political dynamics,

  17. Lincoln Abraham Masocha

    Zambian politics are becoming interesting

  18. Mano

    Learning from recent past, the Bemba Royal Establishment took preemptive attention to check the stupidity being championed by KAMBWILI. period

  19. frank

    forgive him, we all make mistakes and chiefs are our fathers

  20. metal

    joe do you know umubemba bwino.ma friend bembas are alwez flexible and mind you their not boot lickers waumfwa.

  21. Pleito

    Bembas are clever people they knew how kambwili wanted to use that occasions to express his frastrurations and hh tribalism mind. Later he is the most stupid person in Zambia.

  22. TJ

    malema and his stupidity.Zambia will always remain Zambia and not South Africa!

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