Today’s Photo: President Lungu Leads the Fitness Way

President Edgar Lungu gave a glimpse of what goes on in his daily schedule with a morning workout at Kasama Guest House.

The Head of State in an image that has gone viral is in his faultless dress sense sports a pair of trainers, truck bottom and an equally ease fitting black T-shirt.


  1. oracle

    This means that a good leader leads by an example,signs off oracle.

  2. new guy


  3. joe

    what kind, of this exercise ?

  4. PH


  5. Ncheka

    Nice one Mr President.

  6. frank down

    yes ba president

  7. mike

    Its Good to see the head of state Keeping in shape.

  8. noxboy

    Nice one mr kateka , we love you as zambians

  9. Shasta


  10. one love

    Ba mwine taikonda iyo

  11. new kiwi branded

    Nice one mr president

  12. shu shu shu

    work ba presdo

  13. jose phiri

    what a clown of a man

  14. chaaz eeeez

    Powerful our president

  15. kapotwe

    Good leader

  16. Edward Mukuka

    well done Mr President

  17. Edward Mukuka

    well done Mr President we luv u as Zambian????????????

  18. Joy Simwaba

    Great stuff!
    Nombafye English kwati ba Editor balipona pa G12 mweh! Te ka 4 nangu ka 5 baipwile? Whats a “truck bottom” (maybe he meant track bottom) and then by “ease fitting” maybe what he means is easy fitting…??

  19. Prestigeous

    Look At Nsama-kaputa District Roads

  20. Aubrey Mcknight

    Stay fit live longer

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