UPND MPs to Snub Pres. Lungu Again

The Second Session of the Twelfth National Assembly will open on Friday 15th September, 2017 with President Edgar Lungu expected to grace the ceremony.

Acting Clerk of the National Assembly Cecilia Mbewe who replaced Doris Mwiinga stated that Head of State will open session.

The presidential address of parliament has become synonymous with protests by the opposition lawmakers that have twice snubbed him.

In the last sitting Speaker of the National Assembly suspended UPND MPs from the house for one month for having boycotted President Lungu’s address to parliament.

The UPND MPs missed out on the last half of the last session as they served their suspension.

It is unclear whether UPND MPs will attend despite the Acting Clerk of the National Assembly advising all Members of Parliament to be in Lusaka by Thursday 14th September 2017.


  1. Kelly Mwami


  2. Don Vince

    So whose interest are they serving?? This is selfishness because they are suppose to present the people that voted for them & not for themselves!!

  3. Kelvin

    Only God knows

  4. vkk

    We are the real men for this country! Wish Zambia a prosperous further. Gud morning Zambia. Let us rule. Keep our democracy.

  5. Kayombo

    Please UPND MPs attend for the sake of peace. We can’t afford continous differences. Let’s all build our country. It’s not Mr lungu’s motherland alone. Attending his address is not for him or you but for the zambian people you represent. It’s time to make peace. No need for continous fights. Its actually good to attend so as to extend the hand of peace as opposed to waiting for PF to do so. The actual winner is the one who worklls for peace. God bless you as you attend the parley opening.

  6. Victor

    The upnd has members whose thinking can not be explained. It will be very difficult for them to form government!

  7. Partriotic zambian

    Personal opinon

  8. don

    Another suspension awaits them

  9. Kayz

    MPs do what u feel is right.If u dnt want to attend let it be.Its ur right anyway!

  10. Godfrey. Mweemba

    Please attend we want peace

  11. M c

    You can’t make the same mistake twice, it means you’re somehow sick in your brains. Ecl is the Head of state.

  12. Emmanuel

    UPnd mpz should swallow up their pride and move forward as their slogan suggests

  13. Martin

    Democracy is the key.

  14. Din

    It doesnt make sense. They don’t recognise ECL but recognise his running mate Inonge Wina. They ask her questions in Parliament.

  15. Nasilele

    At own peril let them stay away/abscond. Business will continue all the same. Who cares anyway?

  16. for the sake of dialogue please our honourable mps attend the opening of parliament.remember,stand and sing of zambia proud and,land of work and joy with unity,etc

    Please honourables attend the opening session of parliament.It will mark the beginning of the dialogue for ECL and HH.Remember we always sing:STAND AND SING OF ZAMBIA PROUD AND FREE,LAND OF WORK AND JOY IN UNITY.

  17. Pafwenamwine

    Protesting against Any one is a universal human right. In commonwealth countries like India, Australia this had happened and no MP was punished. Only when we go back to the drawing board Zambia will be a safer and prosperous country

  18. Ernest Mwanza

    Let UPND MPs attend the meeting and get ready for 2021 for the better of the people who voted for them.

  19. manm

    Comment I’m failing to read in the article where it’s confirmed that the said MPs will walk out. The whole thing/article is speculative.

    • njekwa m

      Dont talk about mum inonge winer wi tarlk about pice in zambia wi all wez mention one zambia one nation for nothing

  20. njekwa m

    Dont talk about mum inonge winer wi tarlk about pice in zambia wi all wez mention one zambia one nation for nothing

  21. mvula jm

    The seeds upnd MPs are sowing now they will harvest them their time comes

  22. mvula jm

    The seeds upnd MPs are sowing now they will harvest them when their time comes

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