PF Media Boss Cautions Hichilema Not To Abuse Nolle, But His Lawyer Says All Charges Stand Dropped

The ruling Patriotic Front has advised freed UPND President Hakainde Hichilema to stop using the language that has the potential to bring anarchy in the country.

And the ruling party has advised the UPND Leader not to abuse the nolle prosequi that has been granted to him.

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda says Hichilema’s remarks when he addressed his supporters at the party secretariat that he is ready to go back to prison if the PF does not stop the alleged arrest of his supporters was careless.

Chanda says the UPND leader should commit himself to good principles of democracy and the rule of law and desist from making statements bent on bringing confusion in the country.

He says such statements have the potential to undermine Zambia’s judicial system.

But UPND and Hichilema’s lawyer Jack Mwiimbu says contrary to assertions that his client had not been discharged, his client could not be arrested on the same matter.

Mwiimbu says the DPP did not enter the nolle but she dropped all the charges in the interest of the nation.

Mwiimbu argues that as it stands Hichilema has no case and that PF cannot bring any charge against him relating to treason now or in the future relating to the same matter.


  1. Bana Nono

    In my humble opinion both Sunday Chanda and HH should SIT DOWN! We are tired guys! Stop the bickering already, we want peace.

    • jackson

      Comment yes mama we are tiredd we need torance peace

    • Pm

      What ? Sunday. Monday chanda and whatever you call him to sit down with HH. Please let’s be serious. Lungu must discipline his cadres. They are all over the place issuing threats left right and centre. They must realize that no one takes them seriously anymore. Talk, talk and talk. Scavengers

      • Munhtu

        The two leaders must sit down to see what kind of leadership are they giving out to us people,is it peace or confusion , we want peace now and not confusion, whether HH or ECL don’t say things that you know deep down your heart it will bring conflict, eg “I am ready to go back”, to where? What we want now is peace please, one Zambia one nation lovely weekend.

  2. wizkid

    Ba Sunday chanda what principles are you referring to about democracy.if Nelson Mandela said he would go back to prison for sake of freedom is that careless.if people have been detained illegally then what’s wrong in someone to talk on their behalf.Ba Sunday chanda concentrate on ensuring that we Zambians have jobs,medicines and proper education not this politics of hate and division.

    • Impi

      Comment Ba wizkid God bless u 4 de advice dat ‘s de kind of advice we need in our nation 4 rety tobe colled christian nation Zambia I like ur commernt urs impi

  3. Pleito

    We want peace imwe if you bring ubupuba hh you go back to you house this time with no balls between your legs

  4. Sn

    peace, love i remind you guyz you a one zambia God Be With You People Those Who Want Hh 2 Be Realised.

  5. wizkid

    @…..pleito to be peaceful means alot.when talk about peace we need to find out why our 15 million Zambians are living in poverty,no jobs,don’t own land and no medication in our new hospitals.Maybe you as a cadre money comes easily.

  6. B.Political Sc.

    But Sunday Chanda seem to be leaving in the past ORhe wants to be heard that his head of PF media.
    Uyu wamene mukambapo never even and doesn’t show qualities of dividing the Nation. Tone down your comments. ECL is quiet and doesn’t want refer to HH again. The deal is done. Manje inu ma followers Muli nuu.
    Stop it HH is peace loving REMEMBER at one time he will be your President. Don’t doubt that…. so don’t talk too much avoid apologizing in 2021.

    • Hacksgeo

      B political sc That is a good advice ,ECL is queit but ma followers Bali nuu.HH munzabo is not even sounding like some one who can divide the country.Its true they should avoid apologizing in 2021.Keep it up I like that advice.

  7. Mpombo

    Ba Chanda ensure your advice is adhered to or we’ll be back to square one.#remember Maala

  8. Daniel lombe

    comment time for politics is over pls* for poverty work hard to end it

  9. Munyobinge

    Iwe Chanda we want to see u working not every day hh .Hh has got money so we want u to work if u have brain than talking hh everyday

  10. Verica

    Sunday Chanda, please go to sleep.

  11. melissa

    it seems like mr chanda wants to be a journalist .Boss know your job,hh is not aspiring 4yo office. …. …umtima,munama…easy apo

  12. oracle

    Sunday Chanda please leave H H alone mind you the wages of sin is death lobe”Signs off oracle’

  13. Kelvin mfune

    What was wrong for hh to say if he was ready to go back to prison If pf continue arresting his supporters? Mr sunday chanda you are very educated i know! What is democracy? Its the govt of the pipo & by the pipo. Emulate the leadership of south Africa did did the opposition leaders on treason charges & state of emergence for taking President Zuma to parliament for impechment? Know that the pf is not for all zamians mr chanda. My apeal to president Lungu your VUVUZELAS in pf balemumweneshamo to us the pipo of zambia & to the outside world. Dont listern to their shallow & weak advise.

  14. Nkumbu

    Here we go again. If anyone out there didn’t know what bulling is, can take it from Mr. Chanda. All Zambia need now is pure democracy. Strong opposition. This can only be archived by condemning intimidation and promoting free speech.

  15. oracle

    Mr Chanda Please don’t judge ngamulefwaya ukupanga ishina ku li ba Lungu mind you God will judge you”Signs off oracle’

  16. Mano Chishinka

    Please spare us from these PF vuvuzelas. Sunday Chanda cannot sit with HH but can sit with Brian Mwiinga, his counterpart in UPND. Only Lungu can sit with HH. This is simple logic kaka!

  17. Mubanga Joseph Sondashi

    I believe that we are in the country where there is peace,Peace is what people of other countries admires,lets be like an eagle and continue enjoying it.To start with our political leaders have got good qualities of good governance and what ever happens comes from cadres in particular supporters of two parties.Please please we should not take things for granted.One Zambia one Nation.

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