Pres. Summons Sa Opposition Leaders Julius Malema & Maimane

President Edgar Lungu has summoned two South African opposition leaders months after the duo attempted to meddle in domestic politics branding him a “dictator”.

Vibrant Julius Malema and Mmusi Maimane had joined the crusade to push for the release of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Hichilema, released on Wednesday, was in jail for treason related charges that both local and domestic observers believed were politically non-bailable charges.

President Lungu who arrived in South Africa last night after attending the inauguration of Rwanda President Paul Kagame has intimated a meeting with both Malema and Maimane while in Pretoria.



Pretoria-Friday 18th August 2017

Zambia’s President, Mr. Edgar Lungu has summoned for a meeting, opposition leaders in South Africa who have been making remarks against Zambia.

President Lungu said this when he was welcomed by a cheering crowd upon arrival at a named Hotel.

He said that he had instructed the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria, South Africa to facilitate such a meeting with Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius Malema and his Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane during his stay in South Africa.

He expressed concern that the two opposition parties appeared to disrespect the sovereignty of Zambia and had interfered in the domestic affairs of countries like Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho and Zimbabwe.

He said he was keen to engage the two opposition leaders to understand their concerns about Zambia.

He said the two parties were creating a dangerous precedence that was likely to encourage political interference across borders.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba said that his office had started the process of preparing for the proposed meetings.


  1. sj

    Wise one to call them to speak one on one. Zambia is a sovereign state so when issues of governance arise allow the state to chance to resolve issues internally. If advice is called for,the country will throw the rope for help to those that can be deemed to offer expert advice, because possibly ‘They ‘ve been THERE.’

    • Hummer where it hurts

      The heading should read”Lungu intends to meet SA opposition leaders”.the word summon sounds dictatorial. ( and in a foreign land)

  2. kasabwe

    Five years for Malema is enough, may he rest in peace.

  3. Dullah

    Lungu has no authority to “summon” these people!

    Does he think his dictatorial tendencies can work in South Africa?

    If he would like to have discussions with them he could REQUEST a meeting with them. And they are perfectly within their legal rights to meet him, or refuse, or even ignore him.

    South Africa is a country of LAWS, and their Courts are not compromised.

    • sj

      SA having LAWS and Courts that are un compromised does not exempt one from respecting leaders across the border. Mu-slinging is uncalled for. You lose nothing by being Civil. l wish not to prejudge their meeting, but it will be Cowardice not to meet HE ECL whether one has legal rights or not. No use making utterances one can’t substantiate. Ushi ilisuma lyaikishe IMBULU ku MUTI.

  4. Chichi

    This drank fool is taking his foolishness to a democratic nation of South Africa thinking he can push anyone around there like he’s going it in a rotten country Zambia. I won’t be surprised to learn that he was under the influence of Jameson when he uttered such a rubbish statement that amounts to threatening lives of the two democratic and peaceful zealots of the giant democratic Republic of South Africa. I should add that Edgar has a recurring syphilis infection that is affecting his mental faculties. Since he’s in South Africa, he might as well seek quality health care at a local medical facility because Zambia has no hospital with international standards. All the state funds have either been stolen or spent on hunting down political opponents. Julius and Maimane can not waste their precious time to meet a drank fool and take any empty lecture from such a character. What Edgar is not at their level, so let him just shit in the toilet and leave the country back to Zambia where his foolishness is honored. South Africans don’t take nonsense. Idiots!!!
    Signs off cute Chichi girl.

    • job or yobo

      Chichi u are mad..how dare u insult the president. U thk being a president is like doing ubuchende pakasuba.your stupidity and DAT of Julius will made u become dust. In case u do do support this boy hh he will neva be a president oki coz himself he’s Gud at insulting even fake fake…unthinkable cadres are also the same……bear it in your mind DAT to be a president first allow humbleness be a ruler and u are saying fuckin words abt a president who understands every one……. Words for u chi chichi chobe loading……………….

      • Chichi

        Fuck with your president. His not my fucken president. Dont force me to bow down before a drunkard fool.
        Signs off cute Chichi girl

      • Sampa kambwili

        Iwe Job or hobo is your brain working or you need to go and be tested. Get a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word (humble) and can you please write your message in good English or just write in your own language. What do you mean by “Dat” . What will you do when HH becomes president. The words you have written on this page will haunt you to death. Be careful what you say or just keep quiet. I urge you to start reading the gospel of John. God bless you and God bless Zambia

    • Bono

      Chichi yo language is too bad, with such bad language can we see good things in u ?

      • Chichi

        I dont give a fuck! Take it or leave it, that’s me Chichi. If you don’t fucken like my sweet words, skip my comment and it will save your fucken soul.
        Signs off proud cute Chichi girl.

        • Mandela

          What a nonsense,mind what to put on public iwe chich don’t u dare use your fuck mouth or your fuck finger type such nonsense.

    • Mariri

      You are out of order and your comments lacks both substance and true facts…thats the problem of posting under the influence of nyaope

    • Ray

      True story my brother….. Lungu thinks malema drinks kachasu like himself

  5. Joe

    After, embrassing by internatioon organisations & catholic. he wants embrassing in south africa

  6. Mpombo

    A lot has happened in SA without our opposition leaders getting involved.This means its either they’re cowards or have been bought to keep quiet about that country #RememberMaala

  7. Talkmore

    Thats de way to go.

  8. Mr BJ

    Chichi, wu Eva u ar, learn to respect leadership. Yo being in a foreign country, doesn’t make u an angel. Ubufumu bucindika ubwine!

    • Chichi

      Yo fucker, buchindike wemwine ubufumu bwakwa chakolwa, am not stopping you. To expect me to do the same is like creating a storm in a coffee cup. Sorry, I cant have a drunkard and a mean monster for my president.
      signs off cute Chichi girl.

      • kelly

        Chicho u just nepotic like ur fuckin hh,look at great men like ftj,he
        Made ur fukn hh what he is to day he even made one of the lesser tribes rule this country through

      • kelly

        Chicho u just nepotic like ur fuckin hh,look at great men like

        Made ur fukn hh what he is to day he even made one of the lesser tribes rule this country through

  9. Frizo

    Wow chichi i like it plz

  10. Kiss Killer

    y summoning the in there own country the best he should have done was to have invited the when HH was still incarcerated under trumped up charges because its HH s treason charges that the two were complaining about.wrong is wrong no matter what country the two knew that the charges had no base

  11. Anointed

    CHICHI! respect to our leaders is good. My friend! Malema has no right to speak against Zambia like that, he was not only spoken to the president but to all Zambians. My friend CHICHI think twice. May God change.

  12. Mwape mumba

    Please ba Lungu, how can you summon those 2, is South Africa your country? Mwasebana sana. See how they talk to Zuma, who are you?

  13. Laurence mdhlela

    Zambia is mother and father of Sadc countries One Zambia One Nation a country of great respect but with the current leadership l don’t know what to say.Edgar Lungu have similarities to Robert Mugabe and l think worse .How can you detain a leader of the opposition ,the Zambians have got rights to tell him when to flick off .Julius “juju”Malema is the new Thomas Sankara the boy can think on his feet @ 13 years he carried a gun to shoot a white man.Wish Edgar good luck !

  14. nkandu lazarous

    chichi wat u call your self, youre shameless prostitute and ku England wikala uli ulefye. youre just a sex worker who earns yo life by doin sex.uli sebanya ulesebanya ukwafumine abakufyele

  15. enzyme

    guys remember leadership is given by God,so mind the way you talk to the president

  16. Shupiwe Zulu

    Unilus ku ma Nigerians ba chi chi nafilingana na bu president? Make a is just an idiot used by the whites to insult ANC members. As long as he is outside of the ancient he will never rule SA. We know SA ba chic hi. I u r just a bitch there no good life.

  17. WW

    Chichi Respect Yoself

  18. Bruce SILOMBA

    Chich shuts your Ass ok if u think u ‘re a South African continue with your ducking malema.respect our presidentm

  19. JNY

    No! No! No
    This Chichi has gone too far.
    You can not insult our President like this. Where is Ba OP, ZICTA, and all wings of law enforcement agents mwebantu. This Chichi must be fished out. We must even involve traditional doctors (inganga) if possible.

  20. Mumba

    Yes I can support u chichi coz even if I co u fairier their is no probrem u can’t complaine I have that light to do so that’s why u a accepting out sideders to come and insult yo president let me tell u this we like chagwa more especially wen he is drunk he companied only for 21days and he wins in 2015 whom do u want to tell that president drinks is he not human let him also do wat he wants wen a u going to lean eve neighbors wen starts complaining obout yo affairs u will co him ask him wat interest he has in your affairs then tell him wat makes u to do that big man never wanted to behave the way u think stat talking to median those two even in south Africa a considered noise makers they have augernised 8 failed impeachment s and start bosting we a moving how yo president failed 4times start bosting iam moving others campaigned only for 21 days and win never boast that iam moving god gives Malena maimane who never luw

    south Africa instead of concert rating in their country biz with Lesotho Swaziland Zambia Zimbabwe we never ask this two to come and help us all any of these countries

    • kelly

      Chicho u just nepotic like ur fuckin hh,look at great men like

      Made ur fukn hh what he is to day he even made one of the lesser tribes rule this country through mwanawasa ,s appointment .can u nepotists ever find sense in a different tribe.let ecl rule peacefully.idiots

  21. The

    Chi chi it’s too much stop that insouting our president

  22. I love Zambia

    What Zambians can do is to remove cadre minds and love one another


    Chi chi, mind the way you address the president and also think before you speak because your own words make some people to start thinking that you are insane.

  24. Pablo

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  25. Muzipe

    You people write good comments…. language kuipa!

  26. Chimuka Golden

    People let’s keep quiet than writing insults

  27. Jinfo

    Chichi mind your language of how you speak of the president. Your thuggish thoughts are not of peace but of disruption. If you do not like our president, do not say anything cause you are showing how stupid you are? Respect yourself mannerless child.

  28. oracle

    Congratulations to ChiChi signs off cute fearless girl continue with your spirit”Signs off oracle”

  29. wallack

    Better to keek quiet than to be insulting the father of the nation.

  30. ddj

    President is predident. y insults? move wth yo life..insulting president is madness. tomorrow will b yo father as president now hw do u feel if pipo insult him the way u are doing kuli ba Lungu. stop it

  31. ok

    Chichi is not yo name even we know u we shall fish u out n u will pay the price

  32. DON

    fuck all hatters zambia forward:HH A MAN OF PEACE

  33. kalumba

    de one u co yo self chici,learn to show respect to leaders,if lungu wz yo father hw would u feel yo self,coz de one u call yo president{hh}will never be the president of this great nation zambia

  34. james banda


  35. oracle

    Shame upon you P F ignorant cadres”Signs off oracle’

  36. mlewa

    who on this platform is older than 40yrs??coz all i read is broken english and insults with childish nicknames!!!grow up people and show wisdom!!!

  37. Edwin Simukonda

    Every time ma politics. That’s why we even failing to develop our ka very small Zambia. Awe mwe.

  38. Dc


  39. king

    lol Zambia is in weird place

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