Tutwa Ngulube Roots for Lungu 2021 Bid

Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube seems to have seen the light after having been shunted to the periphery of the PF power structure by now rooting for President Edgar Lungu to stand in 2021.

Ngulube fell out with the party top brass after having sided with the Mazhandu Family Bus whose license had been suspended for causing one too many accidents while his call to halt the debate for the President’s right to contest the 2021 elections proved the last straw.

The youthful Kabwe lawmaker seems to have found the going on the periphery challenging and is back rooting for President Lungu as the automatic candidate for 2021.
Ngulube said that there was nothing contemptuous about cheering on President Lungu to contest the 2021 elections.
He said that there was nothing legally that stood in President Lungu’s way to be the PF’s candidate for the third time in an election.

The candidature of President Lungu for the 2021 elections has been a hotly debated matter after the Head of State made known his desire to be on the ballot again.


  1. HL

    well done Tutwa thats the heart of human thax

  2. Chanda chanshi

    Fellow country men and women, lets think objectively on matters concerning our beautiful mother zambia why talking about 2021 issue when pf just hv been in power for one year,and why do president lungu want to stand again because according to the constitution this is his last term fullstop,coz when he succeded late president sata MHSRIP,just in 2015 he was called the 6th president not 5th president,lets not bend the constitution for the sake of personal interest

    • John Chinena

      A Chanda above, pls read the constitution and understand how terms of the president are counted.
      2021 is not far. As a country we are already discussing 2030 and 2060. Think beyond your nose. Currently all government systems are working and this discussion will not stop them.

    • Elvis

      I second you

  3. Hummer where it hurts

    Tutwa is doing himself a favour, because he knows that quarreling with the crocodiles will do him more harm than good. He has chosen to sing praise and exault them.It does not matter to him how merciless and wrathful they are. Being near them, will help him hand pick the tits and bites that fall from their mouths when they are feasting.Ba shikulu ba Munkombwe would have said,”politics of the belly”.(PLAN B)…

  4. Obed Mwanza

    Tutwa is only saying that because he want ECL to promote him to a cabinet position. nipakwanja chabe.

  5. Sydney simulilo

    We love you all Zambia is now beautiful nation which is turning to heaven in Zambia

  6. Obed Mwanza

    Tutwa is only praising the president because he wants ECL to promote him and not because ECL is the best PF candidate.

  7. CJM

    When a person is doing good things, learn to appreciate. Kano nganibena

  8. Manje

    Indeed Tutwa u are de man of knowledge…. U genius …….n u are the dictionary of this nation coz u mean a lot to us……all de best

  9. kapatu villager

    Pakwanja nichani? Tutwa you know to say after all you are a lawyer

  10. Andreas

    Its not time for politics and choosing who and who,We need development in our country…

  11. shi ben

    Comment the law of thew of land, daz not tok of the term, but holding office twice,,period,

  12. Danny

    Tutwa sebana wikute

  13. JEFF kalengo simukoko

    U people u astonish me because you don’t want the current president to stand in 2021 just because the constitution does not allow him, no stop ubushilu is the constitution going to rule you and you can not choose our leader leave everything in Gods hands and am sure that the current president is the one, and am very sur that any one who is going to use ubwanga for kingship tafyakabombe in Jesus name and leave HH alone edgar Is a man of God support him as a country and u will see more development.

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