Pres. Lungu Assures Of Confidentiality In Mandatory HIV Tests

President Edgar Lungu has assured Zambians the mandatory HIV testing programme will adhere to strict confidentiality rules.

The Head of State says the decision to introduce mandatory tests was not aimed at exposing victims but helping a generation that was affected by the illness.

“I have been reading comments regarding the Mandatory HIV Testing, Counseling and Treatment. I noted that most of you were concerned about privacy to your results.

“Let me urge you not to worry over the newly introduced policy because there will be strict confidentiality. Individuals’ privacy is guaranteed because the results would remain between you and the health practitioner.

“Be assured that no law of confidentiality will be broken in the policy to conduct mandatory #HIV Testing, Counseling and Treatment tests,” he said.

President Lungu says no human right had been violated in the cabinet decision.

“We are doing this for the benefit of our nation and the future of our children. To those who will be found to be positive, you will be treated so that your lives can be prolonged. No stigmatization will be tolerated,” he said.


  1. mwanza

    It’s a good move though it will be difficult to cope with it but once known it will be good for de fure

  2. hasty

    Comment,,, you won’t manage availability of logistics.Currently the system is limping.

  3. oracle

    I don’t think so it’s HIV test that should be BP’ Signs off oracle”

  4. Ndindindi

    Things have changed,vct testing Kuli BA kateka kwati balepima bp,may be its a new technology…

    • mwila mambwe

      Comment: HTCT can be combined with Medical Check ups.

  5. Vinyau

    Good idea thank you for that

  6. Obed Mwamza

    This dictatorial policy will only demotivate most people from going to clinics.

  7. Habakkuk

    Dats how a care,understandin president should be…those pipo fearing to get tested are full of utushishi(virus) inside there body.so let’s just do wat our president is doing.ubututu bubi u will die thin like a mosquito if u fail to be tasted MWe fibantu mweeee.may the good LORD continue increasin your days his excellence ECL.I like your idea.


    oooyah!!! loading coment…

  9. Manje

    The road to hell z paved with good intentions …..we are trying to put u in the ryt path buh itx lyk u are pretending to be deaf n u don’t want to listen……..your point of confidentiality z ok but try to look at the angles surrounding our continent not just our country…….Exposure will be there I can also assure u on that………That’s why I came to conclude dat thoz pipo who colonised this country never used to hate us.They were just trying to put us in a ryt way …..But the fact that u ar Zambians your minds will never be tuned…….

  10. PF Die-Hard

    Thanks for taking a mandatory HIV test using a BP machine. Leading by example. Thats the way to go.

    • CV

      That’s funny?????%correct icha bp has now become a HIV instrument.. #TIPIMA

  11. Zambwe

    So when will we know his results?

  12. Pleito

    I we balekupima bp abanobe ebo ulefwaya babe multi shoko ya stigma wanya boi

  13. Emmanuel

    good idea your excellence

  14. Henry

    Its a good idea for our coming generation its not a forcing one …

  15. oracle

    Thankx for Mr President for his Blood Pressure test and tell the nation that it’s HIV test but for me am not sure*Signs off oracle”

  16. Belzo

    That’s not HIV TESTING. He was testing for Blood pressure (BP).

    Don’t be cheated, that’s not how they test for HIV.

  17. Franktok

    “…because the results would remain between you and the health practitioner.” but the practice in our clinics does not provide for any confidentiality. If you walk into your local clinic you will not help noticing our poor brothers and sisters who have been isolated in one corner where they queue up for ages waiting for someone to spare some time to issue them with their drugs. You can hide the results but you have lamentably failed to protect the persons from all those prying eyes. I don’t even understand why hospitals / clinics enjoy seeing their clients in long queues! Every day!

  18. joe

    Let’s mr changwa tell the nation abt his status. why hiding abt his results ?

    • Ruthianah

      Tell yours first… But sorry the thing is you are going to lie so keep it to yourself… ??

    • Sj

      Everyone’s STATUS is confidential why should HIS result be for PUBLIC consumption?

  19. Laffayyatte Farrouk

    How bout betwixt hubby and wife,but anyway dats a good stans!

  20. Free and fair

    Better to knw yo status than to be living in darkness

  21. JR

    Better to knw yo status than to be living in darkness

  22. Richman


  23. TLO

    That’s not HIV testing boss its BP let him test for HIV kaili T.LO

  24. Ruthiana

    It doesn’t give a damn pressure but the incurable depends on the cure from the affection of it… It’s so good…..

  25. joseph

    That was bp ,we use fingers to take blood not on the arm

  26. Jenny chishimba

    I know two hospitals in eastern province were they don’t keep secrets they tell members of the community what medical problem a person has not just Hivand some medical personnels in Lsk. Don’t even talk about taking those people to court coz the case will take five years. By the way stigma starts with the gvt because it has isolated those people. Some countries have achieved that because they treat all patients as one.

  27. Mwila Mwansa

    This has been there especially 4 women at antinental clinics.why especially men oppossing to this.This twice………..

  28. Mbayo Jackson

    I like the idea Mr. President

  29. Japhet kalonde

    Yes its a gud plan mr President.

  30. Zando


  31. Bright

    But this HIV testing can never be forced Mr Changwa. If you failed to save our economic problems, don’t bring meaningless duties on your self. Youre not suppose to be responsible for HIV, focus on kwacha value. But anyways thanks for encouraging people to do this sir. ???

  32. Sam D

    Great move ba Lungu

  33. Adolf mbwende

    Is it a forcing matter?

  34. David simz

    So if you go to the clinic they need to test you even if you don’t want maaaaaa can some one tell me what is happening in our country

  35. kendark

    Thnx ba lungu

  36. One xaag

    The future z yours, take it or leave it


    This idea is supportive but I don’t think it can be approvable to Zambians. It should be in form of encouraging people to test for HIV than it being a MADATORY POLICY of HIV test.The health Institution should keep in mind that there are some health personnel who are not reliable. Hence it can pave way for stigmasation to those who have been living safely from it, despite them being in positive status.


    Please ,my dear people of Zambia, why can’t we use our Head to think .so we can’t just understand that he trying to protect us this so called HIV ? But you are there condemning him, for what ? No people try to be fair to ourselves this is our lives ,someone is trying to improve it and is not even our relative for God sake, we need to change our attitudes lets work on our understanding coz if we don’t ,come the years we will not this country Zambia if we don’t know

  39. legend

    It’a nice decision but why investing so much in such programs while farmers are suffering with the decrease of maize prices… Farming brings in development so if you won’t support them let them export there maize

  40. Professor Ambrose

    This notion can only work effectively if health practitioners are reliable, reticent and trustworthy

  41. Brave

    thnk God am Negative it’s up to the one who is doubting.

  42. Benny

    Good idea

  43. Jenny

    Confidential which confidential coz you can tell when you see our beloved sisters and brothers guewing with their cards in their hands. Why isolating them? And that example from our presidio is that a new version of testing for HIV its know the same as BP?

  44. jason


  45. sammy simz

    Comment This is more like it,because many lives will be saved thanks

  46. emmanuel

    This is a tough one for the people of Zambia cause for them itx scary ,,and most of them know themselves..so this will result to death .they be scared to go ku clinic…

  47. ian mwanza

    its a good move bt there isnt any confidentiality at o when it comes to gettn medicine,our brethren mex long ques.So stigmatisation starts with the public institutions which is very bad.otherwise your idea your excellence is very good.

  48. JEFF kalengo simukoko

    Even if bakane tulepima aini bakateka I wish I was an adviser to the president but whether am the cabinet or not tulepima and to the president that’s a nice idea God will Bles u for me

  49. Phiriandrew630

    It is good to know your status ,there is nothing wrong for testing HIV/AIDS, Mr President good law,

  50. Mundu

    Good move. Lets hope the medicine has stopped deforming people and let people

  51. Mundu

    Good move. Lets hope the medicine has stopped deforming people and the people who are negative and positive to be on the same line when getting medicine.

  52. Pm

    Lead by example. Let’s see you and your cabinet take HIM test publicly and announce the results otherwise keep quiet.

  53. oblivion

    That’s not so much fair for zambians kutiwafwa ni pd

  54. cehenry ngoma

    A leader read by example is our leader.

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