Religious Minister Ask Police To Allow Hichilema’s Thanksgiving Prayers

Religious affairs minister Reverend Godfridah Saili yesterday overruled the Zambia Police and asked Lusaka Province police commissioner Nelson Phiri to allow the church to conduct freed UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s thanksgiving prayers.

The prayers were organised by Pastor Kangwa Chileshe of City of Refuge Ministries in Lusaka.

However, police cancelled the meeting that was scheduled for the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka and summoned the covenor.

Pastor Chileshe had wanted to pray for the release of Hichilema who spent four-month detention in jail alongside five others on treason related charges.

Pastor Chileshe appeared before the Lusaka Province commissioner Nelson Phiri at Central Police and was advised his prayers could not go ahead.

Armed police were deployed to seal off the venue of the proposed thanksgiving service.

Later, Phiri phoned Pastor Chileshe and informed him that Rev Sumaili had overruled his decision.

“When I called and there was no answer, I said pastor is very annoyed with me today…I got a call from the minister overruling my decision, saying ‘you allow people to go for prayers’ but I said now I gave them already this…probably just like I advised, they push in some notice for some day so that they reconvene,” Phiri told pastor Chileshe according to a recording that has circulated on social media.

Pastor Chileshe advised Phiri that he would forward a request to the police tomorrow for permission to hold the thanksgiving prayers.


  1. kang'ombe

    Good news, but why ba police denying prayers?

    • Sj

      What we need now is a bit of peace and less tension, so police may be cautious to deny permits in case of meeting turning out to be violent. Not all may be in attendance with a heart of Prayer. In some developed economies to lose a single soul @ war is equivalent to losing a battalion.

  2. PM

    Foolish government. Now they think God belongs to PF and people must apply to PF before praying. How did we end up here?

  3. Hit On Wat It Comes Tuer

    Ba Police Why Mucitila Vabupuba?Why Denieng The Prayer,is Ths One Zambia 1 Nation U Co, I Dnt Realy Thng F T Z,coaz 4wat U Guys Ar Dng It Isnt Much Th Courntry Wth Yo Moral Behaviour,hh Thng Twice Wat I Can Tel U Is Ths,ths Pipo Ar Nt Happy Wth Yo Coming Out In Jail,

  4. chichi's brother

    deleletion yanyanya mucizambia cinankala cabe cicountry cacabe sure how come munthu kulesa munsake kuti apempelele mulungu its not good apa peve mulungu azayanganako

  5. nshilimubemba

    Some prayers, they are prayers please allow them to pray.

  6. Syansya

    Don’t mix politics with church issues, fear God in all you do because even your life belongs to Him.

  7. Lyson

    Let them go ahead why dening them, that man he needs prayers for him to be delivered.

  8. bruce

    HH is very clever, he never needed nation prayers until prison forced him to relay in prayers . lets see if he is going to attending the nation day of prayers .

    • Mwansa marvious

      that’s definitely true coz in prison preying is there so wen he come out he thought of doing the some thing

  9. Larry Kilaye

    Guys let’s not blame Police. Can’t you see that even the Minister has no authority to give permission? Police are just given orders.

  10. J SAMA

    How can u go in national prayer hence u are in dictatorship

  11. Kingsley mule lukonde

    Its very OK to get permit b4 having such gathering mind u some pipo might not go there for prayers but we’d different motive

  12. Lolo

    How many people have been released from prisons who are your relatives or who are from the churches where you are coming from? Did you hold thanks giving prayers for them? If not then those men you are calling pastors are not ‘men of God ‘ but ‘men of gold’ baliswamo.

  13. Thelma

    Comment;ati Prayers For Hh Release Tafilepanga Na Sense.Awe Mwandi Amapepo Nayesa Na Mufyabupuba Fyonse

  14. fidelis

    Shame on you

  15. fidelis

    Shame on you Policemen

  16. TJ

    Quite very interesting but let a variety of preachers, media and HH to be present.No excuse for his absence

  17. mercutio

    Comment: Lets Pray silently not loudly..Jesus taught us that way..In Our Hearts Only.

  18. oracle

    Thankx to minister of religious and Thankx to the pastor for the fighting spirit he had and Thankx for Lusaka police commissioner for hatred heart he had over upnd * and the Bible say pray for your enemies so Mr Nelson Phiri we will pray for you and all police officers country wide for hating us upnd”Signs off oracle’

  19. Vinyau

    Kapasita kahule kamene kamagwila tubana Hh nindani just because anatu ndalama but what you should know z that muu mfumu wa mulungu kulibe kupita ndi AI. So you are filling God o maybe you are going to prayer this (gold).

  20. Niko

    It’s not how many people that are released and how many hold prayers. My friend whether you despise HH. The fact is that he is a political heavy weight…. How many incarcerated opposition political leaders in African (N.B.no Zambia) has Commonwealth Secretariat gotten involved to have him or her released….. Do you think he is just a common man like your jail uncle?
    For now this is enough if you can reason.

  21. Niko

    It’s not how many people that are released and how many hold prayers. My friend whether you despise HH. The fact is that he is a political heavy weight…. How many incarcerated opposition political leaders in African (N.B.no Zambia) has Commonwealth Secretariat gotten involved to have him or her released….. Do you think he is just a common man like your jailed uncle?
    For now this is enough if you can reason.

  22. Alick


  23. Again

    Don’t mix politics n prayers, dik b4 u say stupid thing

  24. Again

    Don’t mix politics wth prayers, dik b4 u say stupid thing.

  25. oracle

    I think that Religious Minister she’s not a bootlicker and out living GOD chosen her to be at that position but if it was other ministry,iye nga katwishi,ok I can say Reverend Godfridah Saili may God bless you and your family and expect good things happening upon your life*Signs off oracle”

  26. njekwa muhamubi

    Wi put pray for all what wido

  27. Lolo

    @niko: God is not a respecter of persons and he is not a politician or common wealthy secretary. Y can’t u thank your God in your respective homes and church where you highly respect him rather than making noise publicising your so called thanksgiving for the releasing of H H the man who is so important to you than your relatives.

    • Prince k

      My BRO Zambia is a Christian nation and there is no harm if such prayers are conducted. Why do you condemn anything done by the opposition?

  28. Joseph Kawele

    Prayers are important that need no much restrictions in a christian nation.

  29. Lawrence Chungu

    Olny Jehovah God set standards 4 repentance,it is not too late 2 repent & pray 2 God & it is unchristian 2 feel Jealous of a repentant soul,unles u don’t hav LOVE.’And without LOVE U can never enter The Kingdom of GOD!”

  30. Where

    God is God

  31. Chuundu

    Prayers for foolish hh? even that ka pastor i doubt where he comes from why taking politics to church? te him he is the f****ck

  32. Momo

    Where was this pastor when hh was kuchimbokaela he is a coward only Catholic bishops had carriage to visit hh let the Catholic bishops organise the prayers they started it so they have to finish it

  33. oracle

    Iye mwebantu Zambia ni Christian Nation the Political Nation Nga chali niba P F bapangile decision iyi abantu nangu 10 Million ngana bacita sapoti nomba UPND liluba walya Zambia we Calo Caba Christian twalapela kwi????Signs off an Oracle”

  34. Tumusiime

    Zambia is a second home to me because I grew up there.I follow activities there with interest. Your democracy was one of the best in Africa but the Lawyer cum President is slowly but surely eroding that notion. it will be bad for Zambia to become a dectatorship

  35. David

    President Edgar chagwa lungu are u now God who gives the orders whether the prayers should be conducted or not. please stop giving your on orders about prayers cause u are not God.

  36. kay best

    Let hh do wat he wants its a free world y ar these pipo interfering ministry of religious y let him go and be cleansed from evil and offer his Thanksgiving, thank u

  37. Ismay Musu

    God for pf niishimwalabela so imwe its your any way.

  38. Hummer where it hurts

    People like this Lusaka province Police CONFUSER Nelson Phiri are the ones fueling tensions on the already RED hot coal.

  39. luckson

    Why aren’t the police allowing the prayer?
    We know yes they are being consious of any untimed issue….so just allow it please we need. Peace in this country for once.

  40. Pg

    Do those against the thanksgiving prayers pray? I doubt. People without common sense can support this NOSENSE.

  41. IFeni

    god guide us u r de only one wth de solution

  42. Jenny

    So these people want us to kneel down to their small God? Never that won’t happen let those prayers to be conducted cause we are praying to God our creator the one who created heaven and earth please Ba people why? Our democracy is know tunning into dictator cause what I know is that the judicial should work independent why giving instructions? Thank God for reveland sumaili may God bless her.

  43. mbumwae haward

    God guide us

  44. JEFF kalengo simukoko

    Bapolice ichindikeni how can you do. Such a thing don’t deny prayer. Aaaamaaaassamamamamama police ask for forgforgiveness to God what you did was bad if you. Have asked for forgiveness God will bless you and your family thanks for reading this comment God bless you

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