Mopani Acts on Job Cuts Threat

The first wave of imminent job cuts has hit Mopani Copper Mines with 300 miners sent back home.

Mopani has refused to budge over a dispute of increased electricity tariffs that other firms have embraced.

Over 300 miners working for contractors and suppliers have been put on indefinite leave.

Their access cards to the mining firm have been de-activated with no certainty on what will happen to them.

Mopani has threatened to lay off about 4, 700 miners if there is no resolution between the Copperbelt Energy Corporation, Zesco and Mopani over revised electricity tariffs.

The mining firm has said that if the revised tariffs are not reversed, the only option will be to send away more miners.

Mines minister Christopher Yaluma has been having fruitless meetings with Mopani and is due for another round that will be attended by his energy counterpart David Mabumba.


  1. fred kampinda

    Zambia zambia where are we goin..
    Dear mr president ( H.E EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU) please hear the voice of cry ,people are on knee praying … help us …Save miners

  2. Joe

    If someone sturbon like this may be some budy owl some bcz is not the only mine we have in Zambia Mr sata rise from grave help as this is on our land why mopan doing like this. last year, 2015 was pround the workers is it the government why begging tax we can’t run mopan plz.

  3. wizkid

    we can’t have a foreign company doing business on Zambian soil by imposing a threat to fire workers.It’s not only criminal but unjust.Our mines minister must warn mopani that such rubbish won’t be accepted in Zambia.Even E.C.L must intervene in this Matter.This mopani management is not bigger than Zambia.if they can’t follow our conditions of doing business in Zambia then let the government freeze their bank accounts and confiscate passports from top directors.we can’t have a mining firm becoming stubborn to our government.What about the whites are they been affected.we don’t want imperialist behaviour.These are mines if they want to do business in Zambia then they should pack and go.

  4. Muzo

    Why Cant The Gorvenment Just Take over This Mine N Let These Foreigners Pack Their Sack Bags N Go? Threatening As If Its Their Country! Copper Is Ours Plz Gorvmt,react.

  5. nje kwa muhamubi

    Oh no that’s no good zesco
    the don’t have problem
    Coz on this matter pf government 2 work on

  6. Ndindindi

    Morning people, its really a sad development, BA Joe,govmt cannot run any mine when they have failed to the country ,I was once a mopani employee,it hell to work with these nonentities, mind you, yaluma cannot convince mopani,try to engage pipo lyk finished kambwili,you will see fruits

  7. CH@LO


  8. fc

    Let mopani go withen 24hrs bring in serious invester and they must go for good
    Dispit what they have invested mr presedent ecl a concerned citizen.

  9. AK

    Farmers are crying, they are selling maize at k60 per 50kg on credit. Today it’s miners. Ifintu nafikosa, where is the government?

  10. Cj

    Ba zesco Bwesheni fye…
    Are you counting the number of people MOPANI are planning to plun/?
    Watch tower!!!
    Mufulira and Kitwe will shut , especially mufulira …

    • sj

      Copper is the main stay of the country, now because we as citizens are no good at managing our resources we allowed Investors as Caretakers of our main stay(Copper)EEEEEEeeeeeee twali ilapulila umulilo mu Chitenge. 50+years after Independence and we still need ama Infesters to come and occupy our corridors of power in the Mining Industry? No matter how painful,even a baby gets weaned off the breast, to start eating solids so they grow bigger and manage their own lifestyles at some point. Can’t always be crying over spillt milk/water!

  11. ken kash

    Take kambwili to mopani even kcm these guiz they are just playing around.kambwili can lecture them very well is the man of action is the second in command in zambia.
    If late sata was there these guide they can do such things

  12. Wc

    Ecl he CNT talk on thz coz he don’t HV a vision on mining n he wat to consatrate on farming BT in farming pipo ar varying.were ar we going in thz country.

  13. adam

    Gentle man we all kno that government can not run this mine and the investors knows that.moreover mopan are threatening the gorvmet bcz they no that gorvmt can’t do anything to save the miners.the investors hav taken advantage of our weakness.ZESCO itself its a govmt so bleme mopan.

  14. Franco

    another boom kcm where there is an imminent outsourcing zambia were to

  15. SOSA

    Zambia is a sovereign why should we be intimidated in our own country. the investors should follow the rules of the land.

  16. commando

    The zambian government is there to protect the interest of zambians but it seems those occupying higher positions in government are very concerned in lining their pockets with dollars while the people who voted for them are suffering.If our brothers and sisters are layed of they shall be welcome in the farming community where they are selling their maize at K60/50kg,too bad.Bushe fwe ma zambians can’t we find another invester who can run KCM than for this mining company to arm twist the government and hold the workers as hostages.The tricks employed by this mining company clearly shows that it views its employees as slaves not partners in development.Not long ago,the same company was talking of importing robbotic machines which would do the work done by zambian miners.Look for another investor who can run the mine without arm twisting the government.Maybe KCM management wants cheaper electricity like maize which is fetching K85 / 50kg oh no sorry did i say k85/50kg?it’s only k60/50kg of maize,fyabwelabwela!!!

  17. Wc


  18. D.Zone

    They should much away, it seems to be they have failed

  19. Mike

    Such arrogance by a foreign company can only be so if there are certain individuals within the rank and file of government that have been compromised. Otherwise , we expect mopani to pack and go . Others will come in .

  20. dat

    zesco reduce your charges its too much for industries to operate fairly now!!!!!

  21. Saidi Amadu

    Hw Wil They Feed There Children If The Jobs Endr Today Pliz Help.

  22. Muke

    The number of unemployment workers currently is to its maximum point and u want to add 4,700.How do u think people will manage to survive and educate their families? Do something please

  23. moses lengwe

    Do not underestimate our Government’ s ability to act, and act decisively for that matter. Mopan seems to have a false spring board, giving it the impetus to antagonize our able government and its leadership. Be assured its a matter of time wrong doers and accomplices will be identified and dealt with. For me this is more of a political game than economics. Ba Mopani mwikala patalala mwine apatalalika please twapapata.

  24. The count

    It’s said what goes around, comes around. It’s a vicious circle. Something, somewhere must have been administered wrongly. It sounds to little, too late but don’t go to slumber Zambia it time to wakeup and make our nation great again!

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