OPINION: Police Must Reflect on their Conduct

The Zambia police once again found itself in an embarrassing situation in their eagerness to impress on their political handlers.

Lusaka Province commanding officer Nelson Phiri commandeered an operation last Thursday to bar would be congregants at the Cathedral of Holy Cross planning to hold thanks giving prayers for the release of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

Commisioner Phiri unashamedly said that his officers were applying the requirements of the Public Order Act in stopping the prayers.

The scene of armed police officers turning away congregants made for a very comical scene if not for its seriousness.

While the police were all over town imagining their political handlers would be most pleased with them, they were rudely shocked that the one person they thought would come to their defence lambasted them. Minister of Religious Affairs and National Guidance Godfridah Sumaili said the police were out of order.

No apology was forthcoming from the police and State House drove the final nail in the police coffin by blasting the police branding them unprofessional. Now the police were left eating humble pie for their high handedness. Considering the number of cases that they have bungled with their arrest and then investigate style, they should deeply reflect on their conduct.

Look at how embarrassingly the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja had to retreat in the Chilufya Tayali defamation case. Did not Obvious Mwaliteta and his colleagues endure one year behind bars only for the police to have given conflicting statements laced with false testimony. We cannot even begin to talk about other cases where the name of the President has been dragged in the mud. What of the Chawama reserve police officer Peter Habasimbi who had been dragged to court on the strength of false another case of confused testimony?

Sometimes it is not the politicians pushing the police to flout the law very law they are supposed to be upholding but they are so bent on impressing on politicians that they mess up. The police should just commit to acting professionally and spare the dignity of their profession. Otherwise there is no need for properly trained officers to be pandering to the whims of politicians. Police should just begin to learn that only being professional will earn them the respect of the citizenry.


  1. cjv

    Nice One

    • Hummer where it hurts

      A big lesson to all the would be P.I.G.S. Being the chief pig does not mean you are a yes tizacita conchoo mwami.A Police Inspector General should not sit with the politicians and discuss how they gonna fix someone. Some policians use the state to punish their enemies. Say no to un clean moves and preserve your divinity.

  2. Newbie

    Police are acting on orders from high officials in the PF government. They are not unilaterally deciding these actions, they receive orders.
    When the high-handed orders back fire, the same government officials now act shocked and throw the police under the bus. They use the police as scape goats.
    PF is one with the police and totally complicit in their actions. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

    Do you think the police, for instance, raided HH’s home in the middle of the night or locked him up in various prisons based on their own whims or decision? Of course not.
    Nor were any of these actions their own.

    • Geofrey Mulenga

      Comment Your views are sound. The Police are not acting on their own. They are professionally trained and I am sure stopping gatherings like church well meaning services , should not happen minus some force from some where.

    • Pk

      Walasa boi

  3. oracle

    To be safe seek the kingdom of GOD”Signs off an Oracle of GOD’

  4. Donald M Mubonde

    Police Officers , You are emproyed to serve the Citizens or Zambians by doing the right thing. The love that God has given you use it on your duty and you will see PEACE in Zambia when you retire or leave employment , you will find peace in the community and live peacefully. God will be happy and your days will be long on earth.

  5. Napoleon

    it’s No longer a police service but a police force.There is too much corruption.There is no vetting done during recruitment process.Our police are moving ATM’s taking money with force from our citizens.

  6. Ndindindi

    Pipo,don’t blame police officers,the biggest culprit is the IG,he doesn’t know why is in this sensitive office, he has brother a lot of confusion in the political arena, his actions are unprofessional, Mr presidio use your whip on him, alemimweneshamo,hop your mfuwe holiday a good one.

  7. Obed Mwanza

    This can be likend to animal farm were napoleon used other foolish animals to get what he wanted and when trouble arise he put the blame on the foolish ones, if president lungu was not behind all this then he would have ordered the police to leave the gatherers alone.

  8. musonda

    the police are suppose to protect the citizens and uphold the law

  9. Christopher

    Good encouragement Mr phiri.

  10. sondashi

    A comment from the i.g would do……..would really like to know the push factor tht led to all tht commotion

  11. Jenny

    I think the police should work independently for they are under judicial or maybe they luck civic let them seet for civic am sure most of them failed this subject kikikiki.

  12. Prince Mande

    Do we need Police clearance for sunday services now? Prayers are conducted anywhere, any time so where do the Police come in. This Police force is so embarrassing, if i were Kanganja as IG i would resign. Or to put it plainly The President must fire Kanganja, he is embarrassing the President

  13. Justin Mwekalu

    The Zambia police service is the most unprofessional law enforcement body, because the PIG is not only a political appointee but also that that position is NOT ratified by parliament. This unfenced state of PIGship makes it highly susceptible to unconstitutional political directives.

  14. Natian

    I pray to the Almighty God to punish those people’s to whom do this,?

  15. JEFF kalengo

    People of Zambia confuses me, they want God to punish the police but they forget the day when they were caught stealing. Chicken and they were not punished by God so people don’t wish them to be punished but tell them to ask for forgforgiveness

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