DStv Announces Price Cuts For Their Bouquets

Pay television fanatics may have been given a breather by MultiChoice Zambia that has announced price reductions.
According to the announced cuts that will take effect on September 1, 2017

DStv Premium account holders will pay K790 while the DStv Compact Plus will now be priced at K450 with the DStv Compact going for K300.

The rest of the new package has DStv Family at K200 with DStv Access fetching a K100.

“We recognize that our customers are living in changing economic times and want to reward them for their ongoing loyalty and support by providing them with the best local and international content” stated MultiChoice Zambia Acting Managing Director Ngoza Matakala.


  1. Sj

    Thank you Multichoice for being the silent ear to the depleted market. l’m certain after studying the market force of Demand and Supply you’ve finally settled for a manageable payment for would be customers. Once more TEN Q!

  2. Man Chile

    Kikikiki! Topstar temunobe, well done for the competition you’ve brought.

    • Kennedy Bwanga

      Problem Dstv you think as though you are gods, we had to bring you to sanity…. i fully welcome topstar,,, well done.

  3. Mr. Kausa

    Much better, too much expensive na film yo bwesapo.

  4. Mr. Kausa

    Much better, too much expensive na film yo bwezapo

  5. Thomas Mukosha

    Topster am not your friend look you have shaken a big company

  6. Thomas Mukosha

    Topster ugh you something else! You great

  7. Thomas Mukosha

    Good news thank you multichoice

  8. Chikamoneka

    What she said was a lie. She wanted to say:
    “We recognize that our customers are leaving us for top star in these changing economic times and want to lure them back by providing them with cheaper bouquets ” stated MultiChoice Zambia Acting Managing Director Ngoza Matakala.

  9. ce

    thank you for the gesture, but you still have room to do better, please ba DSTV

  10. sondashi

    How about gotv, will the prices be maintained or will see a reduction there as well?

  11. Arthur

    Kwese tv

  12. liker lusumpuko

    That’s the way to go. I will also acquire one lest I miss on technological advancement.

  13. Longinus

    Still too much. Reduce to K50!

  14. Ebenisha Majata

    Thank you dstv for the welcoming gesture

  15. masaka

    mwachita bwino thanks for reduce the beuque

  16. David chansa

    Still we can’t be paying that much u have to reduce again
    We are tired of repeats ba dstv

  17. Kaampwe Chidwayi

    Much as I would like to appreciate the reductions…….MultiChoice should reduce further for their own good.

  18. Boma Inonge

    Ba Dstv,you should have reduced with a k50,it was going to be beta coz my family channel was at 206k and now 200k that’s nothing! If you re not doing something to this I’m going topstar!!!!

  19. Igwee

    Top star, job well done! Wabachenjesha! Batumpasana bapompwe!

  20. Bobby

    When are you going to reduce the South African subs.

  21. Listen

    Top star teyabana iyo. Top star yamichefya ba dstv you thot you are too clever with your same programmes


    DSTV U have done well to reduce, but i would like u to reduce further. Let’s say by K100

  23. Evans Chriwa

    Much better

  24. markniso

    These guys they don’t know how to pay back to customers.

  25. Temwa

    These idiots have done absolutely nothing they aint even loyal to their customers reduce your damn prices ba dstv and watchout for topstar!!!

  26. Nathan

    is this for a short period of time or long term?

  27. Marvis Likezo

    Topstar u have done it ba chepa ba dstv

  28. Laz

    Personally I Am Not Satisfied With The Price Slash. It Is Still Expensive And You Have Literally Done Nothing. You Should Also Stop Repeating Programes Again And Again. I Have Bought Topstar And I Am Thinking Of Buying Kwese. Please Wake Up Multichoice Before Its Too Late Because You Are Not The Only Giants On The Market. Appreciate Your Customers By Reducing 10% On Every Bouquet, And It Should Be On The Long Term Basis. Remember I Am Tired Of Repeats!

  29. kelly

    Plz dstv dats nothing 1st of all we watch sem repeats evry month wats dat bul shit

  30. Ben

    Topstar nimukali you’ve made it finally, dstv is to much family was at K206 before the slash now at K200. What’s that nonsense u guys.
    There is no problem since have already bought topstar

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