Tayali Stages Protest Against IG

Economic Freedom Fighters president Chilufya Tayali has staged a lone protest against Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja.

Tayali staged his walk bare-chested with only a pair of shorts on and was brandishing a placard demanding the resignation of the Inspector General of Police for alleged incompetence.

He walked from the Freedom Statue in Lusaka to police headquarters where he is due to register his grievances.

The Facebook happy social commentator applied for a permit from the police and was granted permission.

Tayali and Kanganja have been shadow boxing with the former having only recently discharged on a nolle prosequi for allegedly defaming the latter.


  1. Mpombo

    This is indecent exposure by a disgruntled Tayali.Mwami one should take heed or Tayali Will continue making him a laughing stock.Under such conditions conduct likely to cause breach of peace can suffice to cage Tayali even if he was given a permit.Moving with a bare chest is an unhygienic & is an affront to our culture which if it was a woman the out cry would have been deafening & an arrest instituted

  2. Kaps

    Running mad now

  3. oracle

    Yes Tayali you are a real freedom fighter you are fighting for your wife and your children”Signs off an Oracle’

  4. Bk

    Madness and stupidity and can he be charged for nudintity

  5. Mike

    When one makes protest walk alone semi nude and sees it as normal it means he is seeing the abnormal as normal which is equal to MADNESS .

  6. Ndindindi

    Tayali,we are behind you, but,your being half naked is not acceptable, yes,the IG must not resign, but fired coz he has messed the police service with his unprofessional conduct,,,, Kampyongo,can’t you advise your fellow friend on issues which are sensitive, watch your bored headed (ulupala)or you will be fired, both of you have embarrassed ECL,he has no friendship, if you want to prove,ask Dr kambwili,you have inherited his utterances, watch your tongue dear….

  7. martha

    law is law no one is above the law, law breakers mukobeko is your place to be.

  8. BEMBA

    Tayali,y ar u troubling yoself?u wil never be IG ,STOP insulting him.Ule isebanyafye,no one can support u fool.ICILIFUMO ngomuli ba mpundu 70 idiot.who ar u?Muleufwako insoni SHEM ON U.FOOL

  9. wizkid

    we Zambians are funny creatures.He is defending his freedom of expression.We all have this right.When it’s hot and you clad in a vest is it indecent exposure.we Africans came to know clothes in the 20 th century then we want to forget where we came from.let the man express his rights.

    • Gas

      20th centuary? Mapolo bako! 18th centuary we were in full gear. Panyo pako wa?

    • Onestonediamond

      20th century? Mapolo bako. 17th century we were in full clothes. Panyo pako.

  10. Chilubo

    Don’t be this lazy Tayali,is incarceration now your survival skill?there’ll be no day Zambia will get a second independence for you to be called a freedom fighter. Zambia is already independent and freedom fighters are there, what Zambia needs now are strong men and women to bring development not lazing around the streets half necked thinking you will put food on the table,wala boy.


      This Man does not have a serious income earning profession, craft or trade . I wonder what he read & studied & what his substantive profession is ? He once bragged about condorms during & after his rape case debacle. What is your cause ?

  11. HM

    yaba nichimba icho

  12. Cj


    • bigman

      what a president ba tayali naimwe who will you expect to give you a vote imwe ba cenda-bwamba?

  13. Webson zimba


  14. Rodgers

    Madness starts beat by beat… walesamba waleka, walefwala waleka.

  15. Best

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk this is how madness starts

  16. kapumpe mubanga

    Atase akapuba aka! What great lengths people will go to just get heard! And fed. Sebana wikute on a whole new level.

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