Hichilema says No Recognition for Pres. Lungu Until Petition is Heard

Opposition UPND president says that the issue of recognizing President Edgar Lungu cannot arise until the petition on the contested August 2016 elections is heard.

And South African opposition Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane said that his party does not associate with Hichilema because he is an opposition party president but because they share similar ideals.

Addressing a media briefing at the DA headquarters, Hichilema apologized to Maimane who was turned away at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport at the time the UPND president was in detention.

Hichilema said that the reason he had ended up in jail was because of the grievances he had over the August 2016 elections that President Edgar Lungu won.

“If your petition has not been heard, how can the issue of recognition arise? The petition was not heard, how can the issue of recognition arise? If someone wants recognition let the petition be heard. A coin has two sides,” he said.

Hichilema said that he was not afraid for his life as he was aware that raising matters on corruption did not sit well with the people that held power.

The UPND leader said that he was locked away in prison not because he committed a crime but that the authorities wanted to punish him for continuously disputing the outcome of the elections.

Hichilema thanked the DA and other personalities that kept his detention in the public light.

The UPND leader paid tribute to the international media for having extensively covered his detention.

He said that many of his supporters remained in various prisons across the country on alleged trumped up charges.

“We are not free just because we are out of jail, there are many of our supporters who remain in many prisons and are being arrested everyday on trumped up charges. These too need help,” he said.

Earlier Hichilema addressed DA members of parliament after they sought to understand his background.

And Maimane said that his party was building a network of political parties in the region that will be tied by their belief in constitutionalism.

“I do not stand in solidarity with Hichilema because he in opposition but our partnership stands for constitutionalism, rule of law and other freedoms that are constitutional. If you value these ideals it does not matter if you are in the opposition or outside,” he said.


  1. Bushe?

    They share similar ideals. That should worry a lot of Zambians because Maimane leads a white interests party that wants blacks to be re-enslaved. The DA has leaders like Helen Zille who are on record as saying colonialism wasn’t bad. So clearly the DA wants whites to continue running South Africa’s economy because like the apartheid govt used to say whites had come to Africa to bring order so blacks should be subservient to them

    • Musonda Vernon

      am 100% in agreement with. you are dead right.

      • tatwe

        The upnd and its leaders must wise up and tell those who are giving them an ear under which law will the petition be heard. Are they suggesting breaking the existing laws to hear how they lost. That is why this man was arrested , he is a law breaker. Free advice, the PETITION IS GONE AND GONE FOREVER UNTIL AFTER 2021 IF NEED ARISES. Any one cheating that the petition can be heard must be a lunatic because it will never be heard again. You lost the 14 days with preliminaries and up to now NOT a single evidence was given to the con court. Even if you do not recognize the President the history is clear. ECL is 6th president and HH has lost election 6 times. try again

    • Koni

      What difference is there if the oppression comes from whites or fellow blacks?

    • Gent Malipilo

      You’re wrong mr Bushe cause HH is right president for Zambia not the one who is on the sit now.

    • Gent Malipilo

      You are wrong Mr bushe cause HH is the right person for Zambia not the one who is on that sit now.

    • Sams Takaniza

      Lungu is worse than Kaunda why arrest opposing sides what are you afraid of. If they are useless why go beyond the constitution and misrule. Cowards PF. That’s why they call themselves cadres. Learn from south Africa. Freedom will bring out who is a better leader. How can you turn a traffic offence into treason. Does it men if you Bushe don’t give motor accade pass its a treason case where on earth. This is a trivial matter. Wake up you tribalists you hate people of the south. Shame on you SDAC leaders want to rule for ever.

  2. Joe

    its true, lets the petiton ahead, not to recognice a thieve. bringbackourvote’s.

    • Wise Me

      If your candidate needs 50+1 he would not make it because my friends and I vote for a Zambian not a South African

    • sj

      Bushe ba UPND can’t put behind bygones so we can make progress? This is taking us several steps behind. What is it that you can do for the Nation between now and next election time? Try to lay your cards straight/right on the table. Preach peace, stability, love and unity in your actions. We’ve just been through antagonism as a Nation so give us a break. Let see who can put the house in order. Do you want to spill blood over alleged stolen votes?

      • Muzo

        Hh Has Stopped talking About The Econmy: Currency,loadsheding,mines,milie meal Prices, Loads,fuel,students At Unza,Uth.Now He Is Busy talking About The Petition.The Thing That Wont Yield Ripen Fruits.This Man Is Useless,very Foolish N He Is Not Wise I C.Instead Of Talking About Development.Elo Apapene Mwafumine Ku Ma prayers? @ Nokuti Mwalielelako Bamo Abalengele Imwe Ukuya Kumukobeko.Mwilaangasha Lesa

  3. Give

    Petition be heard

  4. njekwa muhamubi

    Yes please let the petition to continue

  5. Mike

    So is this is what the Telesphore Mpumdu team and Obasanjo negotiated for.?
    Recolonization ?

  6. Sda

    HH your are wasting time E C Lungu is the president of this Zambia he is moving to all heard of state sumit because they know he is the head of state for Zambia

  7. eyabako

    Come on no retreat no surrender, ifyaume bakaka kufyaume sharp!!!

  8. fest

    That’s true let the petition be head first, then afterwards we will recognize him but if not aaaa twiji omu mwachimwena yivene kalunga. signs… one fest.,.

    • Ĺ wi in di

      Fact let the evidence of the 2016 election results be heard

    • biyik

      twiji nyi ecl is president kunahu kanda nava myonganga or a lesson on const
      itutional law briefs

  9. NaS

    Yes,the petition was not heard but the million dollar question is why?as much us we like to blame our judiciary for the petition fiasco.HH and his legal team should share the blame too for wasting the 14 days on preliminaries.

  10. Ubu Tonga lishamo sana

    This mother faka called HH is very annoying and extremely nauseating. Wish he died in Mukobeko.

  11. Cafu

    Comment..keep on dreaming

  12. Joseph Tembo


    • Kabuki katombela

      RSA is a multi racial country like USA. In Zambia, Late MCS appointed Guy Scot as his deputy. Even Mugabe was accusing Morgan Tsivangirai of advancing white interests. Maimane and EEF are providing checks and balances to curtail bad common African tendencies of dictatorship and corruption.

  13. Gift

    Mr hh kwena mwalikosa umutima elo muleibwesesha kunuma nimwebene tulefwaya my 2021 ifyo mutontonkanya tafyakacitike you are just westing your time of mobilising your part please for get about that fyalipita kukosa umutima Ba hh love u

  14. Mr. BJ

    This painful to c efforts by both men of GOD and commonwealth SG rejected by one alogant hh! Shameful indeed.

  15. Mpombo

    Obasanjo & that Scotland woman come back & c what you have unleashed on mother Zambia

  16. Hakaivotela Heka

    I new it, why did they realese this power hungry guy?now that is out of mukobeko he has grown wings,next time you catch up with him just park him and forget about him because he won’t change

  17. Mr.BJ

    Come rain, come sun shine, ECL wl continue presiding over de affairs of ds great nation of Zambia, as mandatd by majority of us Zambians. Yo one man recognition matters less!

  18. T K

    Am so sure and so certain that hypocrites lyk this man frm this side of this nation wll nvr rule this noble country. Why shud anyone fail to appreciate de simple fact that all leadership comes frm God? Dnt use de name of God to try n earn political mailage…..

  19. mungamuga

    I love hj

  20. Geoffrey zamani

    Let bygones be bygones ?

  21. mk

    Scored own goal

  22. Davison lighton malunga

    This.man doesn’t mean for this country. He could have remained in prison a.little longer

  23. kapatu villager

    Foolish man which petition? Mad man.

  24. Godfather

    Some people are better gated. With or without your recognition the Government machinery are working. Very soon will start preparing for 2021 while you continue harbouring bitterness. You are being watched. Ni kosa mutwe, thick headed.

  25. Samson cholangitis

    I like and remember Shaka zulu coz this chap HH couldn’t have seen the world in those days

  26. chris

    Which petition? Idiot.

  27. Dack man

    Its likes thieves are more hungry than those they stole from. Thieves always support themselves, Bakabolala, bakawalala, thieves, muleibwelamo, mwavelako nsoni, be in agony. You claim not to haters but why naturally hating the person. I am seeing high level of illiterate in some of you commenting on this line.
    Analyze issues on the table before you exhibit your high level of ignorance.
    Get out of the way quacks

  28. Dizo

    Wise words-HH

  29. Ndolola Rennox T

    Goodmorning Zambia! Please Zambia, Lets Love One Another. Lets Not Talk Ill And Sick Against Each Other. Remember! Zambia Is Called And Decleared A Christians Nation, Which Is Not Easy. It Only Took God’s Grace And Internvetion. Lets Please Respect One’s Authority Wether Good Or Bad. Because We May Be Planting Our Own Seed Tomorrow. Lets Imitate The Late President Michael C. Sata Who After Loosing, Quickly Went Back To Akaive And Start Afresh. The Best Is God’s Time.


    Tonga bull,we know u very well.they think like ing`ombe iyapena mwitanga,nangu inkumba iishilolesha kumulu nangu kunuma ni long 4ward

  31. mulongoti221111111

    Hh that’s y let the tonga chiefs stand again and educate their subject to humble himself before God and all of us otherwise 2021 you loose badly we know now what you want is just blood shed sure Ba up nd don’t you have any one else than this hh time waister so what are prayers for if you can’t change

  32. Topgun

    HH is a very unfaithful and untrustworthy chap.He promised unconditional dialogue but he has gone back to his silly conditionalityof non recognition of ECL.Can younever trust this rascal? Everything he doesband says is in band faith.Cry our beloved country!

  33. TJ

    Come sunshine and darkness, ECL is our President and not HH

  34. Triple B

    HH appears to be suffering from mad cow disease.Let him just tell us what he has promised

  35. Triple B

    HH appears to be suffering from mad cow disease.Let him just tell us what he has promised the neo colonialists and imperialists for the support that they have rendered to him.HH has sold this country to the highest bidder.

  36. Prince Mande

    If this petition issue keeps popping up peace will ellude Zambia again. I thought these two resolved to dialogue without conditions. The dialogue must premised on charting the way forward not looking at the past. UPND will lose miserably if they continue pushing for the petition to be heard at the cost of campaigns. Focuss on the 2021 elections.If it means recognising Lungu so be it because, mark my words, you will be able to change the status quo as it stands, Lungu is President and no court will change that.

  37. Webson zimba

    Let’s petition be heard

  38. Pleito

    Cacine, you’re a dog that is why you have gone to South Africa to bark leaving us the voters here. just come back tukese Ku funda amapuli may be you will come and realize that Zambians want peace and ecl not you. We are tired of your stupidity hh uli kolwe necipato

  39. oracle

    Its true let’s petition occur/Signs off an Oracle”

    • ambassador

      So this stupidity hh was using or puting name of God in vain right.pls police arrst this man and let him now rott in jail.y petition wen tym is not with him instead stat planing for his fuckin party how they’re going to contest 2021 election.remember the 5 reason will hh will Neva rule this country .1 he’s stupidy,2,canders insulting the head of state……..chimpumi ubukulu hh

  40. oracle

    H H 4 life”Signs off Oracle,

  41. FT

    Too pitiful that the big man is still dreaming of long buried issue

  42. Mr Justice

    All those who are against HH 1. Nyo zanyu zibolede.2.mizindo yenu inunka kuti nsu.3.ndimwe maimbwa.

  43. TJ

    Zambia will never be South Africa nor neither South Africa be Zambia or any country.

  44. Peter Angels

    If HH says petition 2 B heard then E.C.L. Recognition, he disagrees 2 the three armes of Government ,14 days out meturm was heard ND a reavers subrogates the law in contrary 2 what the three armes of Govmnt states,Nway he who knows not knows nothing he knows not, not anything at all, teach him he is educable.

  45. BEMBA

    Comment. Tongas u ar fools and no president wil cam from Tongas unless lesa takwaba.Amano nge n’gombe,stop akapatulula.All u want is to divide zambia but that wil never happen mwe mbwamwe.

    • chuundu

      You bembas mwaamensa msnnyoko

    • Kabuki katombela

      RSA is a multi racial country like USA. In Zambia, Late MCS appointed Guy Scot as his deputy. Even Mugabe was accusing Morgan Tsivangirai of advancing white interests. Maimane and EEF are providing checks and balances to curtail bad common African tendencies of dictatorship and corruption.

  46. Kamzey


  47. Don cj

    Please can’t you keep quiet a little bit and let the president rule in peace for 5 years wether there’s petition or no petition he lost, so please keep quiet and let peace rain in our country we don’t want blood shade ZAMBIA IS A CHRISTIAN NATION TWA PAPATA IEEH…!

  48. bwafyaa

    You HAD NO EVIDENCE within 14 Days, now you want the petition to be heard under FABRICATED EVIDENCE?? Your friend is clocking ONE YEAR IN POWER and YOU KEEP YAPPING ABOUT THE PETITION INSTEAD REORGANIZING YOUR PARTY and calling for IMPROVED ELECTORAL LAW and CONSTITUTION!!

  49. mugabe Robert

    petition must be head

  50. Bk

    Hh stop living in the yesterday the 51% plus pipo spoke so who cares even if you don’t recognize His Excellency ECL why don’t you attend UN summits if you are president ?

    • gjkdddgh

      Hh is right ? ecl should just go to bed ? because he is adreamer?

  51. haamazuka

    Is this man real we thot u forgive and forget but why Sam issues again lol ?

  52. vicar

    Petition will never happen just keep dreaming

  53. gerald

    Let’s live in the world of wonders

  54. Pf member

    Upnd change your president his is not wise otherwise 2021 lungu ll rule again up to 2026

  55. medhone

    he is fond of being a midleman no wonda he is so confused with isues concerning gervonance.hh kateke ingombe ku farm

  56. Mp

    Pipo be careful with the God you mention because u wil be disapointed ” after claiming to be Christians but no love in you indulging yourselves in things of this world- remember Jesus said in John 17 that , true Christians are not of this world, if u tel me that u are of God and u do differently believe me friends these pipo u argue about some of them are not Christians and they throw demons to make u hate even yo friends ,families jst for their sake . Pipo let us do what is right and leave the differences among us then God wil choose. I repeat pipo don’t hate one another and say i have love when love is Godhimself becareful with this~ God knwz no hatred.

  57. real b zo

    any way 2 ignore a fool u have 2 keep quit so let ifipuba fyaku hh filebwatabwata

  58. cj

    Comment! let’s forget about petition & talk about developing our mother Zambia.

  59. Imo

    God is watching

  60. mansa

    The truth is evil done by pf is disturbing us Zambians let the truth be blended I n court by hearing petition One zambia eastern power .

  61. Andykay

    Foolish u hichilema

  62. Kaka

    My honest request goes the Catholic bishops to comment on what Mr. Hakainde is pushing forward for. If Teresphor Mpundu is quiet then Zambians will know that he did not mean well when he visited Hakainde in prison.

  63. Hummer where it hurts

    Taken by the horns,mukobeko is no hell but hell is deceitful hearts and thieving minds.Why the dark lump of fear if the records are as white as snow.There is always a reason behind fear.

  64. DROGBA

    Wilaiposela inshita muntu wandi. Bwelelafye Ku church ulebomba incito yobe iyabu elder pantu Lesa akaya kukabdilapo pakusha incito yakwe wayamba ama politics.

  65. what again

    Comment hh thanks elections were held last month because he was in prison thats y hewant to petition time wester

  66. papa d

    Mr president hakahinde lern to ignore things ..u can win the president wo has a thrones already just start thing abt next harvest





  69. Jojo


  70. Jojo

    UPND u failed to produce evidence on ECL’S win,but kenyan produced in 14days i wonder why u always continue bringing ur name down i think u don’t have wisdom!

  71. Db

    HH is failing to reason, take him back to chimbokaila

  72. A tree of money

    HH 4 life.

  73. eddie

    for sure this man is getting mad.ubushilu tabukonkonsha

  74. emmanuel

    if petition is not heard before 2021, will he contest the 2021 elections or continue petitioning? if he contests the 2021 elections without his petition being heard then his cry for it to be heard is a ploy to win electorate’s sympathy but if he continues to ask for his petition to be heard and boycots the 2021 elections and demand the prosecution of the pf government for being illegally in office then he will genuinely people’s respect for what he stands for. waiting to see what happens between now and 2021_whether ambition is his drive to rule or he is ordained to rule…

  75. jcp nobleman

    God help Zambia

  76. tonga

    Bembas u are big fools

  77. MArk

    It’s true

    • Mula

      All Bemba’s u are just like a pig which u can wash and immediately after u wash it returns in dirty again.

  78. Mula

    All Bemba’s u are just like a pig which u can wash and immediately after u wash it returns in dirty again.

  79. mack

    What rubbish fuckine donkey u are Mr ubu Tonga lishamo how come u isouting the presendent don’t ever repeat say that u mother fucker bakawalala imwe what a stupidity person u are!!!!?

  80. Mike thole

    Hh lost the constitutional 14 days by bringing up many petitions, within the 14 day period, instead of petitioning one major issue,until the time period was over. So no petition can be heard. The one residing in the state house is the presdent of the republic of Zambia, those not recognizing him must start moving away from the country

  81. Con court

    Zambia is bigger than all of us. We only a tiny fraction of this great nation. Why can’t we listen when the law speaks? Remember that to build is more difficult than to destroy.

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