Zambia Defeat Algeria 3-1 In World Cup Qualifier

Zambia coach Wedson Nyirenda this afternoon inspired 10-man Chipolopolo to a first World Cup win beating Algeria 3-1 in a Group B fixture played at Heroes stadium in Lusaka.

It is the first time Zambia has defeated Algeria in a World Cup qualifier. The win is also the first in three matches for Zambia.

Brian Mwila scored a brace with Mwepu sealing the victory in the final stages of the match that saw winger Fashion Sakala sent off for a second yellow.

Algeria’s Ibrahimi had earlier reduced the scoreline with a powerful drive that beat goalie Kennedy Mweene.

Source: bolazambia


  1. Honerable chibili

    Bola Na less,,, weldone wada

  2. SIR

    Well done Chipolopolo.let’s forge ahead

  3. mama

    we happy for the victory..but it’s bad for Sakala



  5. LSK

    Comment. Well done by the boys.Even in Algeria we will conquer them 1-0 in favour of Zambia.

  6. chison mbao

    Go zambia Go we done it and on Tuesday we win again by 1-0

  7. pondani

    Gogogo Zambia good display from mwepu and mwila hopefully Zambia wil qualify if Nigeria losses two matches

  8. Andrew

    There’s need to improve we did lack coordination dispite that win

  9. Franktok

    Congrats but need to work on passes. Missed target and sluggish ball control. Very exciting game though. Can’t wait for Tuesday .

  10. Daniels

    Woooooooooo boyz nice game so impressive God be with you brothers until to the finals

  11. Kanshi

    Well done guys, thumbs up.

  12. oracle

    OK it was a nice Game And we will make it even in Algeria on Tuesday nothing to worry anyway Guys continue with your fighting spirit because we are behind you and mind Zambia ni Bola na Lesa chabe”Signs off an Oracle.

  13. Joseph K

    Congratulation Chipolopolo Boys

  14. fun

    Wel done boyz u mak Zambia proud

  15. mpumpule

    Weldone batuloba,I didn’t watch the game I was at church but this is good& dont relax pliz go go go go go go kuntangu go go guizi

  16. Mr cool sounds

    Good one for today’s game, well done chipolopolo


    thanks chipolopolo boys especially mwepu, Brian mwila and parson Dakar

  18. Junior badu

    Thus wat we want go go go Zambia

  19. Mukuka mfumu

    Go boys go boys….

  20. Deuteronomy

    Dats fantastic……… Warnings to wednson nyerenda.let this team be like this anyway it was a nicer ones.don’t even include kalaba coz is toooooo sturbon

  21. Kalunga

    Well done chipolopolo

  22. Noah chirwa

    Go Zambia go

  23. chris mwenya

    Congrats boys tiye nafuti chipolopolo

  24. Prosper

    Thanks guys it was a very nice game.
    Next time more goals


    Well done Wada n z entire team. We need to finish them off in Algeria. I foresee a Zam 2:1 Alge scoreline in the next match. Mwamona ba U20 boys ka?


    Well played and am very pleased with mwepu

  27. chiyuka isaac jnr

    A Job well done from Enock Mwepu & Brian mwila as our 10 bullets beat the algeria’s

  28. Prosper

    Good work guys

  29. sir jay-bee

    zambia the chances are all yours to make it Russia.

  30. Sn

    wel done chipolopolo wadada lov de young boy ndiyo bola tifuna tilewina kose tuleya.

  31. sir jay bee

    zambia u have what it takes to qualify for Russia.

  32. Ray

    Great match but too bad Sakala F

  33. Jonathan


  34. Mukuka B

    That’s the Zambian spirit we need guz.

  35. Sn

    computer mwepu, brian, and other young star ammanuel banda next game we can start plz we like young boy to play 90 min sakala chaipa 2 yellow card we mis de next game people of zambia you look 4 you youngboy.

  36. commando

    Congratulations to all zambias for the win.My personal observation is that our defence was panicking so much,we expected so much from Fasion Sakala but was also under pressure to perform to our expectation.After Sakala was sent off the coach made some tactical changes especially the introduction of Mwepu brought life in mid field which was gasping for breathe.Team effort
    made our team win.Ba fasion needs to be encouraged so that he can do better.

  37. James

    Am impressed with these guys, looking forward to the next game Algeria Go Zambia Go

  38. Richard

    Well done lads go & do likewise at their own backyard


    Well done Wada n z boys. The U20 boys have really shown that they deserve slots in this senior team

  40. Malao eric

    Twalumba bana bamalena thanks so much chipolopolo boyz gooooooooooooo!

  41. njekwa muhamubi

    Thanks you chipolopolo boys please
    Don’t Maindy about 2 yellows card which brings sakala to be out before 90 minutes but now look forward to the next game next week god help chipolopolo to win the next game again.

  42. iro

    it was nice game.

  43. Abene Ba Calo

    Well play baice wish the best in Algeria see u their

  44. Ba M.C

    Well done chipolopolo 4 making Zambian s happy.

  45. kimz

    Zambia is improveng ,they are doing a great job.thanks also to the coach,wedson nyirenda for coaching the team well done.great job

  46. Elijah

    Zambia likulu i team

  47. Prince

    Congratulations Guys.We are proud of you.Do the same in Algeria, go and hammer them show them that you are Copper Bullets. now 4_0 in favour of Chipolopolo.teach them on Tuesday.

  48. Alick Mwansa Holiness

    Let the just drop off all the old players and just replace them all with the under 20 team that is going to give Zambia a 100% Chance to qualify to the world cup.

  49. Alick Mwansa Holiness

    Let them just drop off all the old players and just replace them all with the under 20 team that is going to give Zambia a 100% Chance to qualify to the world cup.

  50. KATOKA Geoffrey

    Young and hard youths

  51. Ndindindi

    Boyz you have done it,congratulations,,, I think most of you, you will agree with me, the commentator was NEGATIVE during the commentaries, was he a Zambian, Masuzyo Ndhouv try to educate the person who was behind the commentaries, if it was me I was going to fire him.

  52. Mbayo Jackson

    Bola na LESA, I really appreciated how ★COMPUTER★ changed the game after F. Sakala’s Red card Continue with the same spirit guys….

  53. Alick

    Go Zambia go!

  54. Nkumbu

    Well done Chipolopolo. May your win help to bring peace and unit. Tired of political nonsense going on. I hope state of emergency will not affect people as they continue celebrating this win. Peace.

  55. alick Ngambi

    Go Zambia go

  56. good spirit

    At least good results I like it,but please do substitute fast and it was suppose chisamba and mwepu not removing chisamba .but for this second game let chisamba and mwepu even Edward must be their on place for fashion Sakala. But all in all good job.I forgot to ask how many team are suppose to be at world cup from Africa. Thanks

  57. Bishonga Davies

    Wel done kaonde man MWEPU ENOCK

  58. LL

    We Need To Improve On Passes Cordination Shooting And Marking System I Was Warried Even Befor The Game,and That Was Exactly During The Game,and No Should Be Relaxing Wether Win Or Loose,and Stop Premature Cerebration,if We Work On This I Have Mentioned Then We Can Beat Algerians On Tuesdays Away Game 4~o

  59. Smiley cutez

    F.Sakala was too sturbon for nothing that’s y he was evicted from the pitch. N ways congrats chipolopolo

  60. Diamond

    Many thanks to the national team coach Mr Wedson nyirenda for putting much effort to the chipolopolo boys. Weldon chipolopolo boys including the coach Mr Wedson Nyirenda for your great job u will make it again for this coming game. Bola nalesa( football with God).

  61. mwenya mwenya

    Wel done zambia. bt too!!! to F’S.

  62. lyson

    Congrats guys , i hope u will do it again in algeria.go go zambia God bless u.


    Zambia is favoured by GOD we will win them on Tuesday in their own pitch again only if players keep on uniting themselves play the game of not hate guys until we reach Russia 2018.

  64. Clive

    Daka my boy 100℅ support

  65. sande

    Congrats chipolopolo especialy Daka an other under 20.Fuse kalaba as a partner.

  66. Joe

    Proudly Zambian..

  67. Kalunga Aubrey masuzyo

    That’s the bullets I know, no animal can run with the bullet,not even a fox be it a forest or a desert fox.or from which ever terrain.

  68. The Sumba

    Bola na Lesa now we need CHILUFYA,Emmanuel Banda,and Solomon Sakala.go go go go go go Zambia chipolopolo

  69. AUSTEN


  70. taz

    Great work

  71. Kitwe funs

    Cinshi tamwalecitila ici pakubala!
    Anyway,go frward ,go Zambia …
    Congratulations to all….

  72. Lackson zulu

    well done Wada Wada for yo coaching.We shall hammer Algeria 2-0 at their home.

  73. Rabson Lungu

    Wel done guys, we really needed that win
    Let’s do it again

  74. oracle

    Thanks a lot Nafuti Nafuti until we make it Thanks 2 Stoppila Sunzu nice defence Thanks 2 Chisamba Lungu nice midfield Thanks 2 Kennedy Mweene nice goal keeper Thanks 2 All under 20 players nice play Thanks 2 Wada Wada nice coach Thanks 2 Zambian Funs and Thanks 2 All Team At Large may our Living GOD bless you “SIGNS OFF AN ORACLE???

  75. Laurette Mwansa

    nice play guys,all the best on Tuesday.

  76. vern

    Chichi, you’re to scrub the public toilet again.

  77. phiri peter

    Nice game,nimailo chabe

  78. TJ

    Excellent perfomance our Chipolopolo! Zambia is back as a power house of football in Africa!

  79. mr man

    Well done guys,but nyirenda pliz don’t include sunzu on tuesday or will be debated.otherwise keep up

  80. Daniel

    Well done to the boys

  81. chapman

    A big well done for boyz they’re indeed the heroes of Zambia

  82. Benjamin.

    Teach fashion sakala how to behave. He could have costed us with such unnecessary behavior. The first yellow he picked was unnecessary.

  83. kofu

    Well played guys,continue

  84. kofu

    Good work

  85. one xaag

    we ar behind u guys. go chipolopolo

  86. Christopher mwelwa

    You can do a surprise even in Algeria. Good combination.

  87. Boma Inonge

    Well done boyz!

  88. Ray Mulowa

    job wel done wada but the passes were poor work on the left defender kapumbu, the introduction of mwepe brought life.

  89. Banito Mazalini

    This team can only get better, better and better. I foresee a bright future and a couple of trophies in the near future.

  90. Joseph chongwe

    Well done boys and to coach he needs to strengthen the middlefeld as well as the left back in order to carry the results in Algeria, To f sakala i think he has lean one or two things for what happened to him.

  91. gotama

    Zambia will pull the biggest footballing surprise should they win.Nigeria will have to implode for this chance

  92. picks pie d

    Even although chipolopolo team going forward but look coach u not work well akusia ma player amene atchaya bwino bolo

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