Chipolopolo: That Awkward Moment That Interferes With A Good Day

It was a good day at the office for Zambia’s Chipolopolo as they defeated Algeria 3-1 on Saturday. Congratulations FAZ and the boys for a fine performance.

The victory should have passed without any distraction. That awkward moment reappeared when the cameras zoomed in on Zambian defender Stophilla Sunzu.

Inscriptions on Sunzu’s jersey were dropping, literally. No one should seek to dilute that victory with anything else, but we have to face it. Mafro is a failed project.

The sooner we admit Mafro has ripped us off the better we can recover from this raw deal.

Let’s look at it this way. Zambia is 2012 Africa Cup champion, 2017 Africa U-20 champions and FIFA World Cup 2017 quarter finalists. The same Under-20 carry the COSAFA 2016 champions tag. Zambia is also Under-17 COSAFA champions (2017). Add 2017 COSAFA Senior Challenge runners up and 2018 African Nations Championship (CHAN) finalists. That’s not an average curriculum vitae.

And to end up with a kit supplier that is not ticking should worry us all. The Sunzu moment was nothing, but a very awkward moment with the potential to dent our image. It had nothing to do with the type of screen printing. A poor-quality outfit cannot be easily decorated.

Three months into the Mafro deal, the best the Singapore company could do for us is throw a jersey in our direction that make us look like a double orphan.

Coming to replicas, the streets of Zambia were littered with fong-kong.

There is no better moment to cash in on national team paraphernalia than when Chipolopolo is hosting such big matches.

With a game as huge a profile as Algeria in a World Cup qualifier, FAZ missed an opportunity to maximise on revenue.

Selling a minimum of 50, 000 (the capacity of Heroes) replica jerseys at K100 could easily have given FAZ at least K5 million revenue. We let it pass.

Congratulations to those genius entrepreneurs who littered Lusaka and other places with the unauthorised substitutes that helped us celebrate the win. It made us stand out in the absence of the ‘genuine’ replica.


  1. edgar chibuta

    i love The Zambia report because, unlike one online media house that literally take pride in petty issues,this vibrant organisation focus on real issues that add value to society. The MAFRO issue cant escape my antiseptic analysis as well and being a student,at postgraduate level,and a specialist in strategic thinking from a practical perspective i agree one more time with ZR that indeed MAFRO is proving to be a failed project and the earlier we accepted that the better. How was the selection criteria and what does the contract spell out on such debacles as the Nsunzu issue outlines? What are the penalties that MAFRO has to pay for such a reckless hard “tackle” on the team? Lets think outside the box and the earlier we had a deliberate proudly Zambian product tag the better. NAPWISHA

    • danny

      Mafro indeed has failed hope kamanga has no shares for them to for Chinese product

  2. Napoleon

    These men clad in suits and thinking their doing Zambia any good but want only to pocket money in their dirty corrupt pockets.What country are we that nothing good but greed can come out of our hearts.We have ignored the importance of transparency but linger on self gain and greed.This goes to F.A.Z to put it’s house in order by finding out which culprit made this deal possible and whose benefiting from this scam.

    • Sj

      Morality has become a joke these days, cutting corners seems to be an easy way out.Comment

  3. Napatali

    Ain’t things

  4. Ndindindi

    Congratulation boyz,can anyone on this platform educate me why these boys(BA ka player)do they pay (pay as you earned)though they play for mother Zambia, they get a lot of money in just 90minutes,ask a poor miner how much he pay monthly to the govt,help on this one, am totally blank on this one.

  5. nivlek

    nice ! we still support you

  6. Chris B

    Okey deservingly and truly speaking there are elements of drastic improvement, in the way Zambia Reports is offering news coverage, they seem to know and understand what fair coverage is. I however wish to state here that ZR must come up with a system that will trace or block completely people who insult instead of talking real issues otherwise ZR is good and can do better than what they are doing.

  7. Samigo

    The jersey made us look lost copper black shorts but why Putin white socks mmmmm Awe kuyweywefye Be serious

  8. Nicholas

    Guys you are the best of all

  9. mpelo saulo

    I totally agree with u samigo, our current jersey ni takaka just see the combination of the colors I think kappa was even far more better than what we are being sujected to. Please ba faz takataka jersey no

  10. Fridah

    Go go go!! Zambia we are behind you Go!!!

  11. Mpalasha

    What a shame

  12. Joel mambwe

    Faz should pull up socks

  13. Simon pieremaani

    That was bad

  14. man p

    Thank God for a draw to Nigeria that gives us hope to beat algeria tomorow

  15. Ginger Pensulo

    Its Kamanga to blame. Who else?

  16. Very Clever less

    All proper professional teams have player names on the back. Not Zambia 13 as if the jersey will be passed on to someone else to reuse. Atase! Be serious you useless FAZ

  17. Robert Chembo jr

    It’s cool buh kinda embarrassing

  18. Muller

    The bad part of us Zambian we have trusted china very much that even spoon (fake) are imported from there..

    • Sj

      In UK Chinese goods sold there are clearly labelled ‘Tested’ means they’ve been tried and ‘re up to scratch, with a long life span, but products landing here are compromised in some cases needing ZBS(ZAMBIAN BEAURO of STANDARDS) to intervene in checking durability, if it is in their line of duty. The British pound is hard to earn cheaply.

  19. Kaunda

    please next time when zambia is hosting the game at home, don’t let FRANKLIN TEMBO Jr to be at comenteting. last time he was to Algerian side. we want MATIMBA NKONJE.

  20. v

    Most Zambians are biased

  21. v

    Some Zambians are biased

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