MMD CEO Responds To PF Sponsored Attempts To Oust Mutati From Government

MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda has advised members across the country to remain calm and disciplined in view of what transpired on Friday when the PF petitioned their Secretary General against Finance Minister Felix Mutati.

Nakacinda says those who have sponsored the group from Eastern Province who petitioned Davies Mwila to force Mutati to resign were oblivious to the current political dynamics in the country.

“I want to assure the members across the country in view of the propaganda and some petty politics today they need not panic. Let them remain calm. What ever issues have been raised as MMD we are a disciplined party and we believe in resolving issues using superior logic. We will not engage in the internal politics of the PF and whatever may have motivated them to behave the way they have behaved today.”

He called on members of his party to lead by example by ignoring what happened and demonstrate that they are a mature and disciplined party and show the nation that as a party they are more concerned with the development of the country as opposed to fighting one another.

“MMD is a disciplined party and let discipline rein and let’s show maturity and wisdom in dealing with the situation that has been raised.

“Your President Hon Felix Mutati was chosen on merit to be minister of finance and it was understood that he was President of a political party and it was appreciated that as MMD we in good faith supported the candidature of Edgar Lungu and moving forward ours is to continue working towards reorganizing the ourselves so that even when it comes to our value in this relationship it is enhanced.

“I think we will not be drawn or distracted by any attempt by people who seem not to appreciate the dynamics of the country political scenario in this country in view of the amended constitution,” he said.

Hired PF cadres were bused to the PF secretariat last week in a well sponsored plot to send a message to President Edgar Lungu that his purse man was not welcome in the ruling party.


  1. herbert

    too bad

  2. Daywalker

    Mutati must not be judged in whether we like him or not. He must be judged on how well he is doing the job he has been appointed to do. We must judge Jim on how he has made every Kwacha more valuable and useful for the average Zambian. How much capital has been realised for Zambian entrepreneurs to access. How much debt to Zambian suppliers of goods and services have been discharged. How much has the household income levels risen against inflation. How much revenue and investment has his ministry attracted into the coffers and pockets and Zambians. How well has he followed the instructions of the appointing authority and and his obligations to the Zambian people.
    Let’s not judge the people who work for the Zambian people in high office by ngwangwazi standards. Give to a ngwangwazi what is due to a ngwangwazi. Give to Caesar what is due to Caesar and to the Almighty accordingly.

  3. Royd

    Everything is under control

  4. wizkid

    The p.f will be hijacked by M.M.D.You can’t a finance minister yet again you also president of the party.Already the MMD has started campaigns across Zambia.Ba E.C.L will release when it’s late and he will mourn like R.B.The same ladder that Laura miti spoke about will be taken by M.M.D.

  5. Matamanga

    Comment: Ba pf why have you decided to chase people who helped win the election? Easterners you are a problem with your WAKO NI WAKO.You will surely need the people you are chasing tomorrow.

  6. your son

    Stepe down papa Mutati leave the ministerial position for pf fast.

  7. Ndindindi

    Even a 7yrs old will sense that mutation was pumping colossal sums of money in his party,mmd has been revamped by this idiot, and BA chagwa is watching idle,is he the only one in Zambia who can run the affairs of money,(pf)let us fight hard before it is late,Easterners have sensed,while aba bemba they are late to realise on this matter.

  8. Db

    Mwalapena nama politics guys

  9. hehehe

    PF now is for the Easterners……lol viva Eastern

  10. Doris

    To bad

  11. Mr. BJ

    Icibemba citila, “Ukusengela uwe takolikulu: alapoka icifulo” Limbula isansa: talila limbs mishila!”

  12. somebade

    The big mistake we have is dat the current pf leaders dd not fight 4it. A gud leader is seen by the scars and not by the awards. Those who began it had plans, so let us wait

  13. Db

    Let us stop using abusive language pa media, mukobeko is waiting ka

  14. Ubuntu

    Does MMD still have any members?

  15. Franktok

    President minister or minister president, his greatest crime could be his failure to kill the MMD. It seems PF just realised he holds no usable influence in the party that thought he would take them back to State House. Instead he dumped them on the doorstep of Ministry of Finance. Mutati position is unenviable. On one side there is Lungu; on the other Nevers!

  16. mac-b $sign

    cheap politics! pf 4lyf baby.

  17. kephas zulu

    Let’s be interactive

  18. Mr. BJ

    Uwaikete fibili afwile ntangalalo. Surely one can not save two masters at a tym. Such a one is likely to fail. The higher one goes, definitely da cooler t shud become. Ba Felix is mo comfortable where he is dan bu party president, dats a life factor my dear Zambians! Resigning mite not b on his cards as of nw! Forget, kkkikikikiki!

  19. Ndolola Rennox

    U See Mother Zambia ! This Is Not The Time To Fight Each Other In Order To Gain Milage Of Possion. If The Finance Minister Is Not Pleasing You, In The Work He Does To Nation. Let The President And Those In Authority Observe It. Remember What We Were Promised During Comphaigning. You Will Delay In Your Development If You Keep On Fighting And Changing These Sensitive Ministerials. Always Asl God’s Wisdom In Management Of Our Beuatiful Country.

    • Kerry Kunda

      Brother Ndolola, unless your advise can outlaw prophecy, it’s best to keep quiet. I love PF and Lungu, but revelation has revealed to me the opposite over which I have not control. It’s time for HH. Mark my words. It may even be before 2021.

  20. Political

    Felix and silia must Go!

  21. Kerry Kunda

    End of PF. Time for UPND. The writing is on the Wall for all to SEE

  22. John Mapulanga

    Lungu z just ok

  23. Chakwe

    Nakacinda and Mutati are stooges. They have no backbone and they are trapped. Lungu only wanted to use your gullible minds to divide and conquer MMD by sponsoring a “convention” led by expelled MMD members. Now that he thinks he’s sorted out Nevers he wants to finish of the illegal faction. Now how can you fight? If you try campaign the hearing will not be in your favour. All that hold truth know Mumba mwaume and is the right MMD president. Imwe you sold the party again to PF and you want to boss PF around today??? Wake up and grow up. The time is nigh.

  24. Ndolola Rennox

    Mother Zambia! Lets Love One Another. It Is Not A Mistake For Papa Edgar Chagwa Lungu To Appoint M M D Members To Serve In The Ruling Party As Ministers. It Shows The Love, Diginity , Consideration And Passion He Has In Other Political Parties.. That Is Unity. Debating This Issue Will And May Be Important After Nkowing In Detail The Agreement Made Between M M D And The Ruling Party. If The Loved Ones From M M D Joined P F And Are Not Going Back To Their Party. Why Chassing Them? Unless They Are Contesting In 2021 In Their Political Party! Yes They Can Be Released Peacefully Based On The Above Reasons. Otherwise Lets Handdle Some Of These Issues Diplomatically And With God’s Wisdom.

  25. joe

    PF & MMD, its wako wako parties. i wonder, those pfools cadre who say mutati must go. RB is a father of PF & MMD, so stop dream pf cadres.

  26. Phan'Davy

    The current financial affairs… are relatively good than wen we had the Chikwandas. They say experience is the best teacher. By that tym ECL got in Power, things were vry bad and that is the time even a 5year old child new about the Dollar. Everyone was complaining about the Dollar. This Dollar thing had almost reached buying it at K15. Debts were not touched. If we toss again and get to have a tail Zambia will perish. Some offices are sensitive & reshuffling is important but to be minimized. The Finance Ministry deals wth money and mostly people would want to temper wen one has left the office. Am nt MMD, PF nor UPND bt I feel the Big Mutati is doing all he can to benefit Zambia. He mighty be MMD bt I dont think he is feeding his party. If he is doing so then he is of a bad colour. Remember he worked hand in hand wth Mr Magande in conjunction wth Dr Mwanawasa.
    The Present is better than the Future.


  27. Phan'Davy

    One Zambia One Nation

  28. Ashok kumar soni

    lok menement

  29. Nelson s mbambo

    Its impossible for the big man to develop his part.for he is being fed by the ruling part as his parents.

  30. charles

    Mr Mutati is a good man.Let him be a full member of the PF.Dora and Lusambo have already done so.

  31. King Geezy

    P. F is now going out of normal leadership

  32. Pleito

    Mutati defect to of you work for mother Zambia not these partisan Zambians

  33. Christopher mwelwa

    Mutati doesn’t took himself there, no ! So those who are demanding that, it’s not for Mutati but the head of state to stape down.

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