Govt Backpedals on Constitutional Amendments

Government is psyching Zambians over its delay to tweak with the constitution by announcing that the amendment bill will not be presented in parliament at the next sitting.

Justice Minister Given Lubinda said that his office had received too many submissions from the citizenry making it difficult to push through the bill in the next session.
Lubinda said that the delay may force government to revise the constitution in batches.

The newly amended constitution has opened some legal controversies with the running election dispute mired in constitutional ambiguity.
Lawyers and the citizenry are stuck with lack of clarity in many key clauses in the amended constitution.

“The volume of work I think I may not be able to present the constitutional amendment bill in parliament. I have received too many submissions that I think we may have to do it in batches,” he said.

Lubinda has previously promised that government would present the constitution of Zambia amended bill to refine some contentious clauses in the document.


  1. Joe

    where is a referendum ? where the money, went. no one knows, but lubinda, knows.

  2. mambu

    A lot of contentious issues. Kindly ensure that they are rectified before 2021 election

  3. Db

    Lubinda is our next president, come rain or sunshine

  4. Franktok

    Imagine the colossal amount of money that this constitution makers have gobbled only to end up with a book nobody wants. And think of the pomp and ceremony that accompanied the signing ceremony at Heroes Stadium! Is it our skin, or brain or heart that is cursed or are we deliberately making errors so we can gobble some more sitting Allowances? Whatever the case, none of the guys who worked on this edition should come nearby as we panel beat it. They are either incompetent or unreliable to do a good job.

  5. Citizen2017

    What happened with the lisimba commission on violence prior and after the elections??? We all guesses ryt violence was sponsored and was a part and parcel of the pf campaign strategy. PF thrives amidst confusion, So don’t expect them to be in a hurry to rectify the flaws in the Constitution. How else can they retain power without confusion.

  6. BASHI Natasha

    I don’t really understand why delivering a people driven constitution has been a challenge with PF,,from the previous 90 days to more than 5 years now

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