OPINION: The Mutati Must Resign Calls Symptomatic of Bad Blood Between PF and MMD

The bad blood between the ruling Patriotic Front and their alliance partners the MMD faction led by Felix Mutati is not anything that should take anyone by surprise.

After all the vibe from within PF circles about being invaded by the MMD has been an on-going story. Expelled Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili had become a symbol of the crusade to weed out MMD members from the PF that had been awarded top posts in the government.

Kambwili had raised dust about seeing Dora Siliya, Bowman Lusambo, Vincent Mwale, Mutati and Vitoria Kalima among others sit at the high table whilst founder members watch from the sidelines. It seems even with Kambwili out of the equation the resentment of some MMD senior members in PF circles still has disciples.

It is a highly uncomfortable relationship given how far the two parties come in election rivalry. It is an illusion for the MMD members to imagine their stay in the PF would always be smooth as there are many in the ruling party who feel they have been pushed away from the high table in preference for MMD members.

Mutati has only become a target but no one among the MMD members should imagine that the subject is just a one off sponsored protest. The innuendos will continue and may be expected to heighten with the sponsors of the voice of dissent shuffling their cards.

Mutati has proved an excellent choice for Finance Minister but it should not be forgotten that he still remains president of another faction of the MMD. There are those in the PF that feel he could be quietly gunning to challenge President Edgar Lungu should the slot be put up for competition ahead of the 2021 elections.

Mutati has not been discreet about his presidential ambitions and few in the know are not fooled about the options open to him. So rather than be dismissive about the Mutati must resign chants there is need to reflect on what kind of relationship the PF and MMD want to have with each other.

After the MMD die hards still wonder what will become of their party as they prepare for the 2021 elections. The other half led by Nevers Mumba has auctioned itself to the UPND while Mutati is in bed with the PF. The MMD should reflect deeply on what kind of relationship it wants to have with the PF.


  1. Sakala Masulani

    What we zambians want is, let those with great ideas and expertise come on board and take Zambia to the levels it needs.

    • JOSEPH


    • Daywalker

      Stupid request for resignation. Which Africans resign from office. Even Pravin had to be fired.

  2. Christine

    He is a very hard worker and knows what is good for Zambia. Stop the hate. One Zambia one nation.

    • Franktok

      But he is also MMD and his party executive is waiting for him to stand as president in 2021 so they can also rule. And become MINISTERS!!!!

  3. Ndindindi

    Mutati must resign if he want respect from the general public, this is just the beginning, you will be embarrassed when Dr Kambwili with his mouth open attacking you in the press,,,,if you are old enough try to reason, you have stolen enough with your BR Emmanuel Mutati ,mufwaya ukunonka shani…

    • C J M

      Ndindindi, You are stupid with kambili. Cant u see that Mutati is working hard whats wrong with u people? Mutati was chosen on merit.

      • Zambian

        Which merit ,if you don’t understand politics try to do something you fully understand don’t pock your nose on things you don’t understand

    • C J M

      Ndindindi, You are stupid with kambwili. Cant u see that Mutati is working hard whats wrong with u people? Mutati was chosen on merit.

  4. mailon

    Ine ndemona kwati bakalipe pantu nabe sala ka tap.At the rate PF 1d….ts have been spending there money on prostitutes etc they must be broke by now and there only solution is to make more money so when Mutati tells them that there is no money there solution is to chase away so that a user friendly f00l can replace him and the looting goes on.Meanwhile they are broke,the Euro Bonds need to be paid now but to them chewing must continue.And when people go out there to complain they are branded as not being patriotic whilst those who are not as fortunate as those who can be invited abroad like HH etc,are quiete afraid of Article 31.


    Greedy is the only reason for all this bickering. All these ones quoted are not quality personel for Zambian political positions.

  6. Joe

    since RB & EL, their have made a partnership, in govt system. nothing it will happening.

  7. chitamawe

    Being finance minister doesn’t bar him from being mmd president. Wen tym comes 4 him 2 do mmd party mobilization, no one shud question de move. Every 1 knows, he still is mmd president despite being finance minister in of govt. Evn it meant contesting 4 presidency on mmd ticket shudnt warrant rising against him.

  8. Simz

    Mr President together with Finance Minister pay us our Long Service Bonus please,we are crying for that.

  9. Db

    Bakolwe muleke ukutukana pa media, mwanya nalamituka kanshi,mbuzi,bapusi,bakoswe,ala imwe ba idiots ba camileon kambwili

  10. Db

    Bakolwe muleke ukutukana pa media, mwanya nalamituka kanshi,mbuzi,bapusi,bakoswe,ala imwe ba idiots ba camileon kambwili

  11. Leon

    He is use less now Coz elections are far too far

  12. BRIAN

    In my opinions
    Mutati is seem to be a hard working ministry and everything is move fine within currently government..so no more required for move…you people of nowadays,you hate development and love to see others suffering…When God say ” yes” no body can never saying “No”

    • Young President

      It’s true big man that When God’s grace is shown no one can take it out of PF government

  13. chishimbafrancis

    No way!mrMutanti keep your position,bapf bamo bamo no bwinobwino

  14. chola bestone

    Comment i think he must we have a lot of our own who can do the job in pf

  15. silver chinyama

    Cjm very stupid with your fool ecl.

  16. Leon

    MMD is head less more money on one equally poor top member

  17. Thomas

    Be careful with Mutati. You never know what his plan’s is. Maybe, he is planing where to get the money for 2021Elections and he has seen where it is widely open. Free to walk away with a bag of Money.

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