Wedson Nyirenda Inspires Zambia’s World Cup Dream Back To Life

Zambia coach Wedson Nyirenda has posted a historic feat inspiring Chipolopolo to a first 100% record over Algeria in the Russia 2018 World Cup qualifiers.

Striker Patson Daka’s 66th minute goal confirmed Zambia’s back-to-back wins over Algeria in Group B of the qualifiers.

Zambia, who beat Algeria 3-1 on Saturday, now need victory in Nigeria on October 7 and in Lusaka against Cameroon to seal a spot for a place at the Russia World Cup.

Nigeria lead Group B with 10 points while Zambia is in second place on seven points with Cameroon in third on three points while Algeria occupy the bottom place with a single point.

It’s the first time Zambia has defeated Algeria over two legs in a World Cup qualifying series.

Source: bolazambia


  1. mpelo saulo

    This is exactly what we all look forward to and that is winning games both home and away. Lets maintain the discipline, focus, detemination and working together as a team. Nigeria you are next, here comes zambia wapya munzi go zambia go

    • Fash

      These Zambians are comedians…

    • Fash

      Dear supporters of the pitiful specimen (chipolopolo) of Zambia, I just want u all to understand that you can actually celebrate your victory without provoking the super eagles of Nigeria to widening the scoreline beyond your imagination…he who has ears let him hear o…

      • Zambian

        Why even come comment on an article praising Zambian football? The only clown here is you. Keep your juju to yourself

      • Napatali

        Let us wait for Oct 7,my bro

  2. Derick makasa

    well done guys you have made us proud once again .may god bless you all and nothing is hard if you trust in god.Go! go zambia go we are behind you .Good night mother zambia.

  3. Evangelist SAMUKONGA

    Many thanks to the Almighty God for his blessings upon this Zambian team, congratulations to the entire national team for the wonderful performance in Algeria , I am wishing you guys the best in future, Glory Be to God because to him alone nothing and I mean nothing is impossible,, praise chorus,, Twakwaaba uwalingana naYesu .

  4. Mussa Zambia

    Let’s go Zambia let’s go. Ask German about Zambia

  5. Naik

    Bola name lase, that was a great victory go Zambia go, all the way to the World Cup

  6. Kenkenene

    Its the under20 we’ve been telling you but you don’t want to listen. Those youngsters are hungry for success

  7. Kaela

    well Done!

  8. Bee Tembo

    Great game.Zambia go Zambia.
    Time has come for Zambia to play the first ever world cup tournament.Nigeria here we come Zambia is on fire

  9. LSK

    Comment. Dream realized go go go forward Chipolopolo we are on course.Our God is in control.

  10. Kalunga Aubrey masuzyo

    Well done gentlemen.

  11. TC2000

    Well done boys

  12. kelvin chipepo

    under 20 is de good nussary for Zambia,please use the under 20 material as many as u can evn Nigeria we’re going to wire them.

    • Sn

      wada wada chawamwa kolowesa bafana apa manje team yili solide and every were u go i win de game i hope dat russer 2018 i’wel go patson daka mwepu enock ammanuel banda sakala fashion adward chilufya plz co him may wan’t 2 see dat young boy adward againest nigeria on 7 october i wish u o de best chipolopolo ba mweene ba sunzu tembo kampumbu apa manje musebeza zoona.

  13. kitwe

    Go Chopolopolo go

  14. Jeff Banda

    Ni OG tabawina nafuti one Zambia one Nation

  15. LAMECK

    zambia and beat nigeria

  16. Napatali

    No more playing names, bola Ni 90mins plus, tepapa Zambia has humbled the so called best team in Africa, Bola na Lesa


    Glory Be To Almight For The Success Of Our Had Working Team Keep The Flag High We Love You Guys Keep Focused Till The Final Game. Chris Sills

  18. Purity

    well done guyz.

  19. isaac

    what were the scores?

  20. Dk lupupa

    This is great! We are hoping you to do the same even to Nigeria, come on put more effort.

  21. Chongo Gift

    Well done guys you have made us to be proud,We are behind you

  22. Laurette Mwansa

    Happy for you guys, uvu made us proud.

  23. Laurette Mwansa

    Happy for you guys, we er proud of u.

  24. chisila lucky

    Well done guys. Let’s fight hard. its not over yet, let’s be focused and remain determined to be the best zambian team. May God bless our Nation.

  25. Saxon Kings

    One Zambia One Chipolopolo.
    Bola Na Lesa.

  26. sn

    weldone chipolopolo young is very tough i lyk de game dat u play anway ndilo bola tifuna bazambia wada wada

  27. The Sumba

    Bola na Lesa thanks guys

  28. uncle k

    E life nfwaya iyii. Well done boys!! You have done us pride. You were just determined and humiliated Algeria at their home ground. Viva chipolopolo! Viva Zambia!!

  29. AK

    They can qualify on head to head, if they will score 3 goals in Nigeria

  30. Mwale guardiola

    Playing as a team is the most important thing in a game of football. Thanx be to u guyz for making the nation proud again. May the Good GOD Continue blessing and help us qualify to the wrld cup nxt year.

  31. support er

    weldone our team we need to beat Nigeria on 7 October at least Cameron ni walkover.

  32. Mbayo Jackson

    Guys God is the only way to any thing we think___We can even win a World cup for the first time. Bola na LESA. Let’s Go Zambia Let’s Go….

  33. Chipili John

    Comment Thnx Boys Nigeria Mark Your Space Here We Come

  34. fred

    Thanx chipolopolo for that splendid performance “twalebanaya bamukuta”.

  35. fred

    Thanx chipolopolo for that splendid performance “twalebanaya bamukuta”.

  36. lisa luena

    Go Zambia Go we ar behind u guys ad we ar proud of u

  37. pbeshem

    well done zambia am proud of you

  38. brian muleta

    CommentWell done boyz

  39. DANIEL

    the copper bullets of africa…!!!..all the best my brothers.

  40. Jendo

    Comment wel done ba wada we are behind u

  41. Dr Peace

    well done guiz …….

  42. Dj du


  43. Mgw Nyirongo

    Keep It Up Guys

  44. Mr cool sounds

    God bless you guys for making us smile once again, go Zambia go we are behind you. Together we stand

  45. Obed Banda

    Death without feat but defeat, go go go chipolopolo

  46. Philip Zumani

    Let’s give God All glory, we thank you Lord.

  47. proud zed

    behind u guys

  48. Tiyamike

    Congrats once again we can’t wait to seeing you winning the last two crucial matches

  49. Malcom Musonda Bwalya

    Well done our boys you have made us happy.

  50. Masa

    The toPolopolo have shown that they are willing to learn from their big brothers. .. .and just improve on their will to win!! Thank you to God He is still their to provide the way!!!!! Go Chipolopolo

  51. Mejo

    Ar All Th Remaining Matches Must Win Fo Th Bullets

  52. Hunter Shilesa

    If you had played the ever loosing mbesuma and his tp mazaembe counter part you would have lost

  53. Clement

    I Neve Believed That Zambia Would Do It

  54. Mr. BJ

    With God on our side, nothing is impossible! We would want 2c u guys remain focused and disciplind. Come on, bola na Lesa shud 4eva b our motto! Tis historic indeed, weldone wada and da boyz!


    Well Done Chipolopolo You Have Done Us Proud Keep The Fire Burning We Are Behind You. Chris Sills.

    • Naik

      Weda, you need to call mature players, from the 2012 winning team, the u20 winning team, and a few local based players, that Alex of yours and shunga never include them,,, call chali musonda junior, for a must win game, even tembo, Nathan and mbola

  56. mwenda muyupi

    Finally things are happening the way they AR suppoz to happy thank God for that
    congrats to copper bullets

  57. Maria

    Well done boys

  58. Bashi Money

    Bola na Lesa Go Zambia Go Nigeria watch out you are next………………………….

    • Fash

      I laugh in Zambian parlance… Who be Zambia where Naija dey yan? Oga pack well jare…

  59. Jimmy chulu

    Thanks for making making the country proud we appreciate the effort you had put in to show that you are nothing less but Zambians champs


    all the way guys we are behind you home and away games we are always proud of you may the good spirit start with FAZ then to us supporters ask Germany and Italy……..!

  61. sir jaybee

    well done God be the Glory.

  62. Isaac Mwila

    We are CHIPOLOPOLO.We ar united.we are Zambians…May the good lord guide us…

  63. Isaac Mwila

    Wēll done guyz

  64. Malakai

    may the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with u guys

  65. Tboy

    Good result ,,u 20 pali bola

  66. light

    Guys now Kennedy mwene has show his talent well done

  67. Chipolopolo

    Nice game it was. That Alex Ngonga guy should hit the bench come next game

  68. Eneya

    It was a good game but Ngonga don’t use him

  69. Prince

    We are proud of you guys. But Ng’onga is not striker it’s better you put him Ku defence coz he played like a defender. He missed three chances.we would have to win pliez make another good team who will play against Nigeria. Congratulations guys .Go Zambia Go!2018 Zambia Ku world cup.God Bless.

  70. Busola

    Good game Zambian Chipolopolo.WARNING!! The SUPER EAGLES ARE VERY SHARP ND ARE READY FOR THE KILL IN UYO,NIGERIA. Zambians…pls keep dreaming your dream of World Cup qualification is certainly not now..may be in 2056 by God’s grace Amen Hallelujah .

  71. Munyeme

    Well done boys,you ve made our soccer loving nation proud… Ve never been so confident before but now cn see light at the end of the tunnel..Nija you are next

  72. Nchimunya

    When people said bring under 20 boys they knew what they were talking about. Don’t bring bena kalaba use those boys fuse them in they will qualify am telling you Mr coach

  73. Fredson Lambwe

    The Tupolopolo have made us proud showing the senior Chipolopolo how 2 go about it. Now Wada include Rainford Kalaba in forth coming game against Nigeria. We want a good showdown in Uyo. Take note; that must win game must be regarded as a Semi-final by the players. we are behind you boys. Go! Zambia Go!

  74. Mufana

    Peter Nyirongo
    Peter Nyirongo Congrats FAZ and the Boys, I was one of those who thought that the under 20 should remain in the under 20 team and now was proven wrong. Therefore I would like to urge FAZ and the technical bench in particular that the Nigeria game preparations should start now! you or the technical bench need to access all the prayers from the under 20 and senior team and pick those who can withstand the pressure that will be there in Nigeria. This will be our final throw of the dice. we need to prepare now. It will be a do or die encounter and I am sure Nigeria will throw everything at us and we should also do the same.

  75. cornfred sichuunga milimo

    masimpe mbalombwana aba

  76. Khaygee

    Well done chipolopolo…kudos to these youngsters for this spectacular away win but anyone who thinks these guys have what it takes to beat the almighty soaring super eagles at home will keep fantasizing until the super eagles get to the semis at the worldcup come 2018…once again,kudos to chipolopolo for at least raising a national hope for qualification that will certainly be dashed come October when the high flying eagles of Nigeria soar high over the chipolopolo “chickens” of Zambia by 5goals to nil…Proud of u Zambia for d hope rising…

  77. donald

    U ar great guys continue with same coordinatio

  78. Peter

    Bola nalesa Go Zambia Go ,Nigeria will fall.

  79. Robert phiri

    Good results guy you are have impressed us

  80. mwenya mwenya

    May the Lord God blssd our team .We ar rmng wth a strng team Nigeria. thnks guys , u ‘v wn bth home and away games wt a shame to Algeria.

  81. mercutio

    Comment: Alex Ngonga nimpulanga..he shu be replaced with rick rose…fwaya tembo is mo more agressive.

  82. Prince Mande

    Congratulations boys, well done. The infussion of the under 20 boys has worked wonders for zambia. Shame on those who were against the use of the under 20. Its not about age it’s skill and determination.

  83. Tubenenu

    Congrats guys u make Zambia happy


    chipolopolo will have to celebrate if they lose only 2-1 to the SUPER EAGLES, NIGERIA IS GOING FOR THE KILL NEXT MONTH

  85. Muhammad j banda

    Let’s show them Kuti pa Zambia pali bola go go Zambia looking forward to world cup chabe

  86. Christopher mwelwa

    Keep the fire burning to achieve yo dream. Congrats

  87. Franktok

    Congratulations boys! But just imagine how many goals we would have netted had the boys been a bit more composed throughout the game. Once the guys begin to pass the ball accurately and work on our ball control there will be no stopping Zambia. Coach Wedson you have homework to do.

  88. afcon phiri

    The biggest mountain was beating Algeria in Algeria. Its a near impossible for any team to beat ARABS in their own back yard. BEAT NIGERIA IS POSSIBLE. NIGERIA WILL BITE DUST.

    • mwenya mwenya

      Nigeria z de vry strong team , look at the way they play ftbl evn also they hv already beaten we need to tied up socks for us to win Nxt match.

  89. Fredrick- C Sampa

    Glory be to God, kept the sprit of togetherness and love. Thank gentleman you are gift to us from the Almighty.

  90. Fredrick- C Sampa

    Glory be to God, kept the sprit of togetherness and love. Thank guys you are a gift to us from the Almighty.

  91. Rapha muzo

    Job well done guys we are behind you go go go Chipolopolo

  92. matiyasi nkhuwa

    Go zambia go welldone guys GOD bless u.

  93. Ray Mulowa

    bravo guys

  94. Mabingo

    we are going to be there (Russia)

  95. yuda israel

    Comment zambia must very sharp especially at midfield,coz nigeria to tel they have game wedson fix pa midfield,make us proud as u are stil have games to play help us to watchng to russia next year ba daka,mwepu etc


    At zambia Any Any Any Any well done boy ⚽⚽

  97. Naik

    Though the coach has managed to lead the team to two victories, he needs to be fired, let’s found a white coach, this man is not trustworthy come 7th October he assemble a different team with new face, however nothing has changed in the Zambian football when you talk about the national team, otherwise with the u20 night bola name lase

  98. vern

    Come 7 October Mulase.

  99. Christopher Silwamba

    Lets Learn To Appreciate Where It Is Due,so That We Encourage The Team And Technical Bench For More Success In Future Engagemen Ts Ahead Of The Team. Chris Sills

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