Hichilema Salutes Chipolopolo: Double Win Over Algeria Remarkable

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema says Zambia’s 1-0 win away to Algeria was remarkable.

Commenting on Chipolopolo’s revived dream of a maiden World Cup appearance, Hichilema says beating Algeria before their home fans was historic.

“What a remarkable and historic victory by our Chipolopolo boys against Algeria,” he said after a dramatic night for Zambia.

Striker Patson Daka scored the all important goal in the 66th minute.

Chipolopolo completed a double over Algeria winning 3-1 on Saturday and wrapping it with a 1-0 return leg result on Tuesday night.

It is the first time Zambia beat Algeria in World Cup pairings.

“It was exciting watching this game where history has been made as I think it has been over 30 years since we last beat Algeria at their home ground if my memory serves me right.

“Our boys need all the support especially that the group we are in has some of the highly rated teams in Africa,” he said.

Hichilema congratulated the team, the technical bench and FAZ officials for working towards the success.

Zambia can top Group B and qualify to the World Cup with victory over Nigeria in Uyo and Cameroon in Lusaka.

The team is second, three points behind leaders Nigeria.

PICTURE CREDIT: Musonda Chibulu [Facebook]


  1. light

    HH thanx for becoming a soccer fun now we see your love

    • abilima

      If only we had such a positive attitude in anything progressive happening in the country, we would make so much progress. Better to support our team morally and financially than give students money to make noise or cause chaos.

  2. isaac

    Viva hh

  3. good job

    Thanks guys good make chisamba mwepu and flant put patson fashion also chilufya and mwila.


    zambia is serious with what is doing this time and they will win this match and i mean it now.

  5. Joshua Moyo

    Thanks to the chipolopo team we salute you guys for yr success

  6. KAMBOLE Robinson

    Thanks guys beat them

  7. emma

    one zambia one maize

  8. Lovemore

    Football with God Zambia gooooo

  9. KAMBOLE Robinson

    We are very happy for your victory guys as nation. (country wide)

  10. Laurette Mwansa

    Thanks Guy’s.

  11. Leon


  12. Whyson mwanza

    Thank you mr HH for your support to the boys

  13. Mwampwe Sylvester

    Thanks sir hh for such an important encouragment. Thanks to chipolopolo guys by lifting our mother Zambia’s name higher.

  14. Chiziba mulambya

    Thanks hh 4 that we love u

  15. dean meekson

    see you in Russia ???????????????????

  16. dean meekson

    see you in Russia ???????????????????


    mbociyandika obu so, Hakainde Leza akuleleke, support ur local team kaili it’s one Zambia One Nation.


    mbociyandika obu so, Hakainde Leza akuleleke musa, kaili its one Zambia one Nation.

  19. Boma Inonge

    Go boyz Go!!!thanks for making us happy! From Tachila

  20. Mr. BJ

    Our soccer team, was previously known as KK eleven. I wonder if dat name wl av made sense in pipos minds, such as ds politicians of today! Taking a leaf from ftball organization, de one Zambia one nation wl go a long way. Abash tribalism aluta soccer circles!

  21. Susan

    That was lily nice, i enjoyed.

  22. lyton

    The game was nice though I only found it in second half

  23. bb

    thank u Sir Hh… u

  24. chishimba francis

    Big up bazed,nimwe mwabako

  25. CYRUS GK


  26. KAUCHO

    The power of sports which brings us together regardless of tribe should enter in our hearts even in politics.In sports, there are no bembas,tongas,kaondes,lozis,nyanjas etc.That is very encouraging.God help us to be one zambian family.

  27. King Shadizo

    HH for life

  28. Abraham Kaela

    Powerful Words Mr President Thats What We Need Here The Boyz Are Very Serious Now Congratulation

  29. Mabingo


  30. Brighton Mwelwa

    thnx guys for breaking new record we are proud of you.

  31. thanks gents for making as pround,the defence is still weak in one area,iam coming to football house for a chat with Wedson. Mweene has not finished. ng'onga should work hard

    commendable work done chipolopolo

  32. Peace marker

    It was a very good thing for the opposition party to salute for the chipopolo, salute even to the president but for the sake of peace in our native, thanks very much.

  33. Lyford

    Thanx father Hh continue supporting our team so that will wn again to Nigeria…

  34. Nathaniel

    Yeah, Zambia is now doing it, winning, breaking record and Coming out victorious…Zambia all the way??? ???✊⚽⚽⚽???

  35. picks pie d boy

    Petition to coach put more remarkable ,you see sir hh give an important encouraged


    The guys have done a good job.

  37. JMS

    HH has become soccer fun,Zambia will never lost any game l promise!!!!!

  38. Amigo

    Chipolopolo all the way thanx Mr Hilchilema ?

  39. norris Kris

    God is so tremendously, guys are doing well

  40. Hams

    well done guys

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    nice one guys

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  43. Chuundu

    Zambia forward congratulations chipolopolo.

    • Kalowana

      Ys we love you guys it was nice to watch that game of football mwandi mu Zambia naku Algeria winning
      Mmmmmmm ni ziiiiiiii

  44. Kalowana

    Ba chipolopolo ni ziiiiii Nigeria wapya baisa Zambia niku Russia ka nice one. Home and away

  45. Ian mwanza

    zambia will win bt some erupses need to be addresse.Nigeria they hv dangerous players like obi mikel,simon and victor moses and when u jst pin these guys it means that nigeria is toothless.We need to go and play a unison match and we will.Nigeria is jst a name.

  46. õñē zē çha

    Well done guys….I will support you till my last breath.

  47. One Ze Cha

    Well done guys….among supporter’s county me..

  48. Jonathan Lubala

    Bola na Lesa….. I believe that the chipolopolo will gallop nigerians

  49. yoram jr rain

    Go Zambia go

  50. golden muke

    thanks to Mr HH for that wonderful encouragement
    and for the chipolopolo guys we are proud of you,because you make our country to be known everywhere
    Go Zambia Go Chipolopolo

  51. Christopher Silwamba

    Super Performance In A Space Of 4days That Was Wonderful Guys It Is When You Are United Thats When Success Will Be Certain By The Gracess Of God Almight. Chris Silwamba.

  52. Botha Chunda

    Nice spirit

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