UPND Weighs On PF Demos To Oust Mutati

The opposition UPND has come to the defence of Finance Minister Felix Mutati saying PF cadres should not be allowed to demonstrate while the nation is under the Threatened State of Public Security.

UPND General Secretary Stephen Katuka noted the selective application of the Public Order Act as evidenced by demonstrations against Mutati.

Katuka states that PF demonstrations have continued to take centre stage at a time when the country was under the threatened State of Public Security where such activities are not allowed.

The UPND CEO wondered why the PF continue to abrogate the law with impunity while the law enforcers pay a blind eye to them.

“..But our interest is on the usual selective application of the Public Order Act in the country where PF members can easily get into the busy streets without a police “permit” and start demonstrating.

“Of interest equally is how these PF members are being allowed to demonstrate especially at a time when the country is under the State of Emergency where such activities are not allowed,” he said.

The opposition SG hopes Zambia Police will not stop other political parties from exercising their democratic rights including that of holding mobilization meetings.

“We therefore wish to commend the Zambia Police Service for this seemingly change of heart and professional conduct and hope that from now onwards, they will also allow the UPND members who wish to hold thanksgiving rallies on the release of their party leader Mr. Hichilema to do so according to the provisions of the Public Order Act.

“As a matter of fact, the UPND intends to hold several thanksgiving rallies across the country some that will be addressed by the UPND senior leadership that includes the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his Vice-President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM).

“We believe that peaceful and lawful assemblies, demonstrations, meetings and rallies are part of the democratic tenets that must be allowed like the PF members have been doing against Finance Minister Felix Mutati of late,” he said.

Katuka is the latest to condemn the actions of the lawless behaviour of the PF cadres and the silence of the police service and party leadership.


  1. Michael MULENGA

    I can’t comment on this issue

    • Hummer where it hurts

      I need no ba pombozi’s permit to demonstrate.I’m in the streets of kalene this morning showing my displeasure on adaulterous men who are never satisfied. Wasn’t Mutati your darling yesturday? Why the loud cry to have him shoveled out now?.Ooooohh! I see because he is not part of your plunder machine ,he has hidden the keys for the state coffers between his*****”***where you can not reach.Bakawalala mulibe 2 koloko. Who told you that the country is yours and you can tough wherever your nose points. Chieeeee vilombo bati. Naimwe ba kokoshi musazi kala na sanko muzalila.

  2. chitamawe

    All animals r equal bt some r …..

  3. mulongoti

    True this is an internal political issue within pf let’s wait and see no smoke without fire

  4. Mukango

    Y Being Selective!We Promote A Balanced Regime N Nt The Biased 1.Take It It Was Upnd On Street About 500 Could B Arrested By Nw.But Remaember God Z Nt Slpng.He Does Nt Slp N Wl Nt Allow His Pipo 2 Perpetually Suffer.

  5. zuma

    I wander y i voted 4 pf this z not how we used to liv during mwanawasa, Rupiah nd Micheal Sataz tim, ma zambia a bicon of piece it z now a bicon of dictetorship

  6. boniface bwalw

    Reorganise the two parties

  7. wizkid

    What do u expect in a country where our police have been bought,courts,speaker and Electoral commission.Even jobs have been bought because of nepotism or tribalism.What a useless country.

  8. Shadrick Mwimanzi

    Waiting patiently to see how far they ll go with their demos

  9. Open Analyst

    Not all that appears black is dark…

  10. Peter

    Its nt fair y could the government allow it happen there must be something behindit…….

  11. Shabz

    No comment frm me on dis one

  12. okona nyundu

    It donst matter if u are black or white …..u r my brother ,,,,,,,,,,?????

  13. Musako sanny

    All Zambians are equal but p f members are mo equal than Zambians! Sure ! Is it a Zambia we bragged of.

  14. One H

    This is hw unfair this country led by ecl can be.

  15. apostle jimmy

    Nevertheless Zambia is a christian nation now does this coming from.psalms 133:1.

  16. apostle jimmy

    Nevertheless Zambia is a Christian nation where does this coming from psalms 133:1

  17. Webson zimba

    Tiyeni tiziyanganako cabe 2021 z around the corner and…………. wait loading……………………………………….

  18. Richard

    Let Felix Mutation himself respond to these domos. His the one at the centre of controversy. Keeping quiet won’t help matters let us know your position now because the aim of any political part is to form government. Is your aim to remain in alliance with PF or form government? Tell us.

  19. Zimandola

    Life yapa Zed ni So Che

  20. Zoona

    4 legs good 2 legs bad.
    Animal farm should end.

  21. YB banda

    If UPND is being sircere then it may conduct the public Reilly


    Tefintu pa zed

  23. John Kangwa

    Zambians believe it or not Mutati is right man 4 the job

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