FAZ Abandons Bogus Kit Supplier Mafro

FAZ has announced it is terminating the contract with kit supplier Mafro.

Mafro, a Singaporean firm, has embarrassingly failed to honour its pledge to dress the national team and meet other obligations.

The pretence by the Football Association of Zambia around the Mafro shirt deal came to an end with the contract terminated.

Since the launch of the deal with the Singapore based firm in May, FAZ has been putting up a false sense of serenity when the deal has proved mediocre with national teams not properly kitted.

In June there was a deal signed for supply of replica jerseys but to date nothing has been delivered.



Football Association of Zambia
PRESS STATEMENT (For Immediate Release)
Football House, Lusaka
8th September, 2017

FAZ terminates MAFRO deal

Following the agreement between the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) and kit supplier MAFRO signed in 2017, FAZ wishes to announce a review of the partnership
The contract between FAZ and MAFRO was based on the premise that either parties would meet their obligations to the other.

Despite agreement for the provision of playing kit and replica jerseys, MAFRO has only partially fulfilled its obligation with regard to playing kit and similarly not been able to meet their delivery schedule for replica kits.

MAFRO is therefore in breach of contract by their failure to meet these and several other conditions set out.
These matters have been brought to their attention and they have been given several opportunities to redress the situation to no avail.

In view of the current status, FAZ has begun discussions with other potential partners.
This decision by FAZ to discontinue the partnership with MAFRO will be followed by a claim for loss of business due to MAFRO’s inability to adhere to the contract and FAZ will be seeking legal redress.


Desmond Katongo


  1. mpandamwike

    We want Nike kit!!

  2. Mbayo Jackson

    That’s a good Idea, I wasn’t happy with what happened last time. And please before giving a contract make sure you at least know the seriousness of the company you are giving…

  3. Christopher mwelwa

    Good decision by faz. They supposed to kit players even us soccer followers.

  4. Peter

    Thats gud, it ws embarrassing to see a number at de jersey cumin out

  5. Mpelo saulo

    Good décision, i dont think our world cup bound team deserves takataka jersey like mafro.we are know for quality and not quantity.

  6. Big Locatol

    Good division

  7. devie chisala

    Nike is the key

  8. Habakkuk

    Yes because the design was not good at all so you should replace Nike or puma

  9. devy

    another wise decision…long overdue it was. let us get back to the basics to select the next suppliers

  10. Amigo

    Great news now go for classic sponsors like new balance or Nike ther good try them

  11. peter kalaba

    we want puma please!!!

  12. John Materazzih

    Just sign the contract with Nike or Adidas again

  13. Joseph

    Bamwine fez we need Nike or puma

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