Fire Davies Mwila Instead, Send Him To Cambodia – Ngwale

A senior citizen Elijah Ngwale has described the anti-Felix Mutati protests engineered by some senior Patriotic Front officials as shameless.

Senior PF officials are sponsoring cadres to mount pressure on President Edgar Lungu to sack Mutati from the position of Finance Minister.

Contributing to Thursday’s edition of UNZA Radio’s the Lusaka Star radio program, Ngwale said the actions of the PF cadres were tantamount to economic sabotage.

He said he was one of the people who was initially opposed the appointment of Felix Mutati as Finance Minister but that he had no issue with the minister now because he has performed beyond expectations and turned around the country’s economy.

“These acts are tantamount to and in conformity with espionage and economic sabotage, it is political savagery of its worst kind.

“I was against the decision made by President Edgar Lungu to appoint MMD president Felix Mutati, I even wrote a letter to President Lungu at State House elaborating why I opposed it. Not because Felix Mutati was my enemy, actually he is my very good friend instead,” he said

Ngwale added that President Lungu should be proud that he appointed Mutati because the man has delivered.

He urged the President to instead fire PF Secretary General Davis Mwila and send him in diplomatic service, preferably Cambodia.

“President Lungu should be proud he appointed this guy. Felix Mutati has proven me wrong on all counts, the guy has delivered, the guy has changed the face of our economy in less than a year.

“The one who must be fired is the Secretary General Davies Mwila himself, in fact let him be shown the exit door, reorient him and post him into diplomatic service, throw him as far as Cambodia,” he said.

Other callers who included Mr Kazia from Kanyama Compound, a known UPND sympathiser, agreed with Ngwale that the country’s economy was doing fine under the stewardship of Mutati.

Featuring on the program was MMD Die Hard Youths National Coordinator Gerald Chiluba and Prince Ndoyi who noted that the reasons the PF cadres were giving for Mutati to be dropped were too petty and should be ignored with the contempt they deserve.

Chiluba said how can the nshima cooked at the MMD Secretariat be an issue that should take mature people to the streets to protest against a national leader.

He noted that reasons such as the one some PF youths are crying over that Mutati doesn’t give them audience did not hold water because the minister was a minister for Zambia and not a PF treasurer.


  1. bb

    ECL don’t make mistake firin Mr Mutati…..he is a good driver….economy

  2. kkk

    yes Mr Mwila must dropped….

  3. H1

    Ng’andu Magande & Felix Mutati, These men were the strong pillars of the late Mr Levy Patrick Mwanawasa in his reign. They worked hand in hand to revamp Zambia’s economy by then. I call them history makers & my hat shall always be off for them. Ask Rupiya Banda he’s gonna tell you.

    • Mr. BJ

      Chaona mudzakho capita, mawa cili pali iwe! Ministers b there for the other in gud faith. Remember us the masses are yo employers. 2021 is just bt a matter of months. Be Blessed!

  4. Professor

    Let them do what right and at end they will regret BA PF

  5. Minister for all

    Felix Kutati is a minister of all Zambian not for pf part just as ECL is president of the republic. As such firing him should the consert of all zambians not pf cadres. If the zambian people are satisfied with the tremendous job well done by Mutati, then why the minority selfish pf cadres wish to fire him? Such pf cadres are ant-development and they are up-to no good but destruction. President Lungu open yours and dont dig your own grave by burying the good works you have done in Kutati. Instead institute an internal investigation to scrutinise the ant-Kutati and bring them to book. Whoever dig a pit for others himself shall fall in it even you president you can fall in it so be careful not to be a man pleaser of no one can ever please man. Hear this prophetic advice.

  6. Vubwi boy 2012 exit


  7. Nasilele

    ECL please don’t remove honourable Felix Mutati. He has proven most of us wrong because the economic expectations of our countrymen is far beyond due to his stewardship. Signs are there to prove his adequacy (Mr Mutati)and relevance to this country not only political but economical as well as social. Your maintaining him as finance minister will vindicate you because you are assured of positive result at the end especially that political pressure from the opposition will be sized accordingly. Yes send others to Cambodia as suggested by Mr Ngwale for you to breathe fresh air. Thanx

  8. Advisor

    So some people think foreign service is a place to dump people you don’t want. …fools!!! Foreign service needs our most competent staff

  9. Ts

    Petty issues should not be condoned to derail the economy of this country. The indifferences between the so called interested parties should not be used as a reason to drop a man who is working so hard to change the countries economy. I feel PF should be greatful to have Mutati at this time as a minister of Finance. Otherwise it was going to take ages to grow our ecconomy the way he has done it in less than a year. Whatever the good reason as to why Felix Mutati should be dropped, I feel the man has done me proud and Zambians as a whole. Inflation rate was 15 which is a two figured number. Imagine kwacha was trading at K15 to 1 USA Dollar. Price for 25kg bag was K120 this same year January. Pump price for fuel was K15 per liter. look at what he has done now….. Talk of mealie meal price it’s K65. Fuel pump price is K9. Kwacha is trading at k9.3 per Dollar. Inflation rate is 4.3. These are the key perfomance indicators in the ecconomics. Let’s avoid politics in economics. The duo Magande and Mutati were a force to reckon with and changed things. The results were seen. Remember we reached HIPC completion point in the duos time. Solar kwacha was 3 to a dollar. The country won investor confidence. Mutati is simply the best DRIVER as at now.

  10. Kambole

    Yaba, I don’t know whether people are dim or dumb. The point we are making as PF grassroots is this; a. Resign as “MMD”, because us we know he is not the MMD president. This way he can continue with his “great” work but with clear loyalties. Or Resign as Minister and continue to mobolize MMD if they accept him back, since the records at the court suggest he is an expelled member of MMD. What we refuse is double tobela. We don’t like or dislike Mutati, we simply want order. This man does not know whether he owes his loyalty to EL, RB, or MMD. He just needs to come clean, he can keep his job. Just do what needs to be done.

  11. Lombe Kennedy

    Minister mutati dabo Felix tobela

  12. Phan'Davy

    The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know… Mutati for Zambia.

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