More Than 10 People Feared Dead In Power Tools Bus Accident

More than 10 people are feared dead in a road traffic accident involving a Power Tools passenger bus and a truck on Great North Road.

The Kitwe-bound passenger bus is said to have collided head-on with a south bound truck near Chengelo School in Mkushi.

More details to follow


  1. Mpoli

    This is so sad reading. Heart felt condolences for the Zambian family as we go through this horror. Eish this life .

    • Chichi

      Edgar sacrifices more lives in a tragic road accident. His lust for human blood is alarming. If you notice, each time he returns from a foreign trip a fatal incident is reported somewhere. What a coincident!!
      Signs off cute Chichi girl


    Comment Power tools its too much of you anyway we can’t be surprised because its not the first time ,remember what happened last year in the same month,this symbolises that we are living in last days as stated in the the Bible Mat 24,I have rest my case.

    • Nathan mwape

      It’s just too much for power tools, fellow Zambian let’s unite in prayers. The devil is a liar

    • chita mpongoma

      it so sad for this,we should put everything in the hands of the who might!

  3. Peter nshindano

    Too bad

  4. Richmo

    that’s a very sad story. I pray for those who made it alive, that the Angels of God may 4ever be with them..

  5. mumba jefferson

    To bad

  6. vkk

    To sad

  7. Pascal Chishimba

    regret, too sad may Gud blessed them rest in peace.

  8. Momo

    Sad story may God strengthen our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus during the time of mourning and heal the injured

  9. chungu kasuba

    Powertools licence must be suspended/revocked with emediate effect for 1 year for employing unqualified drivers & every time scrifying the business b4 onset of rain season.very uncalled for!!!.

  10. chicago

    Powertools licence must be suspended/revocked with emediate effect for 1 year for employing unqualified drivers & every time scrifying the business b4 onset of rain season.very uncalled for!!!.

    • Muzo

      Am with Chicago these stupid buses licence should be terminated its too much. They should be revoked from operations. The owner is the satanist he sacrifices human blood so his journey for wealth should continue.

  11. Miracle

    Eish this is so sad my condolences to the families of the deceased….

  12. Sachalwa

    Too bad to the believed family I remember even last year same month this bus was in accident so may there soul rest in peace.

  13. kenneth

    To bad. RIP

  14. mmmmm

    Too bad chaipa zedi.

  15. Evangelist musopelo

    My condolences to the bereaved families. May God comfort your hearts.

  16. Robby k

    too bad

  17. Joseph

    Sad news

  18. eriq skyson

    Sad Indeed.
    Misfortunes befalls on us when we Least expect…#Mercy LORD

  19. Final

    Too bad for the souls lost mey the Lord be with them

    • Peter

      you know what each and every day the rtsa is always there checking the Rosa bus even the traffic please do same thing for big bus

  20. dempu k asheni

    I think.some buses should be burned especially these so called power too its to much of kiling a lot of souls

  21. George

    May the souls of our beloved departed RIEP

  22. benson

    its too bad where are going zambian

  23. devie chisala

    Sad news… May the good Lord comfort the deceased families in this trying moments

  24. norris kris

    Too bad

  25. Webson zimba

    Too bad

  26. mweemba

    too bad indeed

  27. njekwa Muhamubi

    sad news fellow Zambian let’s keep our countrie in player
    Only god knows

  28. njekwa Muhamubi

    Sad news fellow friends let’s put our country in player
    To the family members of the desist wi all very sad and it’s only god knows
    E×odas 14:14 god well fite for you but you stay cool

  29. Napatali

    Too bad,

  30. samlocco

    am very much disapointed on the bad things that are happening in our nation zambia.last year the same accident happend where we ar lozing our families,fire has also continued,wat have we done?? god help us!!! we really dont know what is causing these calamicious incidents.too bad…

  31. Kapema Clement

    Very tragedy to lost our beloved Zambianz M.T.S.I.I.P.

  32. Lasford Mweemba

    sad news

  33. Jonatha Kaemba

    wat a sad news this is,,my condolesence to the families whose lost their beloved ones

  34. Reagan Hachiyaya

    Too bad


    Lesa abena abapokelwe pamofye na icalo ca Zambia pali iyinshita yamasanso.

  36. mwiinga crydon

    So sad soon God will take care of them

  37. wiz tec jnr


  38. nuts

    This is sad news to the lost souls,my condolences to families. R.I.P

  39. Peter

    you know what each and every day the rtsa is always there checking the Rosa bus even the traffic please do same thing for big bus


    Too bad


    Too bad, only God knows

  42. Peter

    you stopped buses going at night but you will find that noah motor vehicles and private car

  43. Susan

    Very sad

  44. Pleito

    Satanists at work you pay to God power tool. Shonongo iwe


    Too bad in Zambia and their relatively

  46. Anthony Mwansa

    Bad news, condolences

  47. David

    Is Zambia still a Christian nation or not coz some accidents ar happening now and then, anyway may the Lord almighty abide the lost souls.

  48. Kelly k

    Comment its just too much for power tool it was happen again in the same month we cnt suprise
    God bless dead rest in peace

  49. colly

    we are in the last days, devil is at work let us pray hard like never b 4 and please
    God. Amen

  50. Clifford Simukoko

    Death is really sad a development.

  51. Nyambe

    God have MERCY

  52. Peter lishika

    To bad my condolences , may my Lord warp tears for the family’s .

  53. GIVEN Chola

    Too bad, God only know’s

  54. Musonda

    My there soul rest in pease. This page has mature people who ignore those insulting, please keep it up!!

  55. alick

    sad news indeed

  56. Dickson

    Be stronger in prayers for we may not know the devils plans, sad ending brethrens

  57. Hollywood

    To bad

  58. Hollywood

    Sad indeed

  59. Mrs NGULUTA

    May the mercy of God touch there families and give them strength as they’re passing through this trying moment. God allowed it for a purpose, for his glory and honor. For he takes and give. And no one can question him about it. Remember, there is a time to be born and a time to die. Naked I was born and naked I shall return. Blessed be his holy name.

  60. smokq kid

    may the lord heal the injured…. too bad it was really vital…R.I.P

  61. MR LEEVS

    Too bad

  62. JIMMY

    too bad may GOD confort the deceased families.

  63. Remmy

    I feel sad sure,where are we going kanshi

  64. chipo

    Too bad

  65. Peter

    So sad indeed

  66. maz power

    i think they should just bun this company to southern province otherwise we are going to lose our family members and friends

  67. joseph sakala

    What a sad news how many died and survivors??????

  68. Saviourd"The Remnant"

    The devil at work….

  69. Kabulo kelly

    We dnt know what happen in our land,zambia because last time catholic choir in kasama are in raod accident and 7 people have been killed again powertools
    People we suponse pray to kill the power of satanist only God iz our helper
    May God bless dead people rest in peace

  70. Jarsper

    They burned nyt travelling to avoid accidents bt I cnt still see the difference they ar jxt congesting the road……y cnt realize please?????????

  71. masauso tembo

    Earth!Earth!!when is this book of the dead going to be closed?mi condolences

  72. Man of peace

    Be prepared people n b in union with God.

  73. Nkonde Edson Chongo

    Too bad to all Zambia’s
    Anyway this company so called power tools mast be eliminated from our mother Zambia. M.T.R.I.P.

  74. lameck

    Too bad

  75. John kaunda

    Sorry ba people

  76. John kaunda

    Too bad

  77. Joe

    too bad

  78. ChaSim

    John 5:28,29

  79. Prince aron

    May the almighty God bless Zambia

  80. mak

    Hell nah too bahd

  81. peace

    Ends times

  82. Marvell

    Too bad, what’s happening kanshi? ?

  83. beautiful but dead

    My condelences….rest in peace

  84. natimibe

    It’s really sad that happened, praying for the family members. May God be with them.

  85. Mwila chikota

    Too bad

  86. Gibson Chisenga

    Too bad

  87. siamenzechi

    Don’t bleme badly road’s in our country they bad mostpecially the same road

  88. lazarous kembo

    we should all ask for Gods protection everyday G bless us all

  89. vern

    It’s power deaths!!!!

  90. Edward

    Too Bad?

  91. Sir B

    Sad Indeed. Where is the traffic officer when they are busy collecting money in townships streets.Ratsa help save life.That was not after 21:00hours.so ishita muyi bepeshafyee

  92. Ng'uni Japhet

    Too bad MTSRIP?

  93. chimwe

    lets lean onto God whenbad thing happens.politics will take us no where.too bad

  94. jairos

    please government help us burn this couch service every year sure awe twalapwa mwebantu mweee may God protect Zambia

  95. roza

    2 bad

  96. rozay

    2 bad

  97. rozay

    Comment So sad indeed

  98. Real man

    To bad

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